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  1. No idea. But anyway in many countries you can sue anyone, and if you are wrong you'll have to pay or you can get sued back. Gunmakers having a special law that protect them from being sued tells a lot.
  2. https://time.com/5725068/sandy-hook-remington-supreme-court/
  3. New Zealand is named after a Dutch province after all. They don't care about promoting the sport, if the athlete can't reasonably guarantee to get a top 16 result the quota will be refused.
  4. Only world ranking quotas go to the athlete, reallocated quotas go to the NOC.
  5. Men's foil, Bonn - live results and streaming: http://www.fencingworldwide.com/en/competition/17817-2019/tournament/ https://fie.org/live
  6. I think there is a mistake in tissot page that says Belgium is qualified for the final in women's...from the pdf it looks like they were lapped by GBR (which is more realistic)
  7. Melbourne - Stockholm distance: 15604 km Paris - Tahiti: 15709 km NEW OLYMPIC RECORD
  8. Not sure it's only a direct elimination phase from the link above. It looks like playoffs, then 2 pools of 4, then semifinals.
  9. Looks like it's getting worse though: 4 years ago (in the same city, Sydney) 16 regulars in men's trap for example...3 FIJ, 3 PNG, 3 SAM, 1 GUM and it's not like they had chance to win, now there are 8 in total. Non AUS or NZL also competed in pistol (and double trap), now they are disappeared.
  10. This is even worse than I thought...in every olympic events only 6 official entries (3 AUS, 3 NZL) except men's trap where there are also 1 FIJ and 1 PNG.
  11. Why 2 quotas in rifle 3 positions, one free quota was not enough?
  12. South American teams already lost to teams from
  13. That would be a good solution in all sports and for all world and continental qualifiers that are not world or continental championships but you need IFs and the IOC to enforce it, with the threat of a long ban.
  14. Not sure, I would need to have a look at all team sports through the years to see how many extremely low-level countries who have been "gifted" a spot at the Olympics have significantly improved in the following years. Beside, the quota is "reserved" for South Africa because they are dominant in Africa (and it's not sure that they will refuse it), how would you reserve a quota for the other African countries? Another continental quota for Africa? I have big doubts that Ghana/Namibia/whoever would start investing time, resources, money needed to improve if they simply remove the "top 20 in the world ranking" part from the qualification system, since they would still depend on South African performance and their NOC mood.
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