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  1. Dunadan

    Athletics IAAF World Championships 2019

    IAAF changed their mind and reverted back to the old qualification system, World Rankings won't count (at least for 2019). Under the Doha 2019 entry system, athletes will be able to qualify in four ways: - By achieving the entry standard within the qualification period. - By winning the Area Championship in all individual events except the marathon, an athlete will be considered to have achieved the entry standard (subject to the approval of the Technical Delegate who will assess the standard of specific events). - By Wild Card, as the reigning World Champion, winner of the 2019 IAAF Diamond League or leader of the IAAF Hammer Throw Challenge, Race Walk Challenge and Combined Events Challenge (at the end of the qualification period). However only one athlete can be nominated per country under this clause as there is a limit of four athletes per country in total. - By being among the best ranked athletes on the IAAF Top Performance Lists within the respective qualifying periods (except in the 10,000m, marathon and race walks). https://www.iaaf.org/news/press-release/revised-qualification-system-for-iaaf-world-a
  2. Dunadan

    Doping Cases and Bans Thread (2018)

    here's the video http://dia-algerie.com/berraf-nos-athletes-realisent-de-bons-resultats-niveau-national-grace-dopage-video/ Everything confirmed, 578 Algerian athletes already banned
  3. Dunadan

    Doping Cases and Bans Thread (2018)

    Ooooooohhh scandal https://www.insidethegames.biz/articles/1072034/algerian-olympic-committee-president-claims-athletes-in-country-are-doping-to-qualify-for-major-events
  4. Dunadan

    Shooting CAT American Championships 2018

    And I think you are overestimating them for yesterday's results. Look at the qualification results...-10 from first place for Ruano, that's a huge gap... what's the chance of getting a quota in a world cup hitting 10 targets less than the first place? And 111 out of 125 seems to be by far her best result this year. There is a lot of shooters of this level around the world.
  5. Dunadan

    Shooting CAT American Championships 2018

    No doubt about that, but some of those who gained the quota yesterday (Guatemala and Mexico) are clearly not the best Panamerican shooters, they just got lucky in the final against better shooters like Carroll...and they reached the final only because the average level is very low. Without continental quotas Carroll would (and will) qualify, Ruano Oliva would not because she would never be close to the top 6, 10, 15 (or whatever you consider to be the minimum result to obtain at least once in order to gain a quota) in a global event.
  6. Dunadan

    Shooting CAT American Championships 2018

    Yes and I'd say this chance is >90% for the two shooters I mentioned. Top 15? These guys aren't close to the level needed to get one top 15 (that would be enough, there are very few people who are consistently in top 15).And not all World Cups are in Europe/Asia...Guadalajara 2018 https://www.issf-sports.org/competitions/results/detail.ashx?cshipid=2390&resultkey=Q10000_I_0503181000.1.TR125.0 102 for the Mexican (117 needed for a top 15).
  7. Dunadan

    Shooting CAT American Championships 2018

    I don't agree at all, much better shooters won't be able to qualify. Adriana Ruano Oliva has one appearance in a global event (World Cup) and she finished 45th out of 45. The Mexican is young but his only result this year is very bad. I don't think that these guys would be able to qualify through World Cups or World Championships, where you need to be at least once much closer to the top to gain a quota.
  8. Dunadan

    Shooting CAT American Championships 2018

    As usual in these continental events, a few quotas for low level shooters who won't be competitive at the Olympics
  9. 1) The Olympic standings are useless now because African and Asian athletes will lose all the points gained in their Continental Championships. Only the last Continental Championship held during the qualification period will count. 2) In this document https://wkf.net/pdf/FAQ_Olympics_may2018.pdf there's also the Olympic competition system, similar to the one used at the YOG, with two bronze medals awarded. What will be the competition system applicable in Olympic Games of Tokyo 2020? The system used in the Olympic Games of Tokyo 2020 is a Round Robin system. The elimination round consists of two pools (A and B) of five contestants. All contestants compete against each other within each pool (a total of ten bouts in each pool). The contestants are ranked according to the results achieved in their pool (number of points and scores). A contestant winning a bout will be awarded two points. The contestants will be awarded one point each in case of a tied bout. The top two contestants from each pool qualify to the semifinals. Semifinals and Final: The winner of pool A competes against the second ranked contestant from pool B, and the winner of pool B competes against the second ranked contestant from pool A. The semifinal winners compete for the gold and silver medals. The semifinal losers are both awarded bronze medals. Will the pools in the Olympic Games of Tokyo 2020 be seeded? Yes, the pools will be seeded as follows: - Pool A → 1 st and 4th positioned athlete as per Olympic Standing of 06.04.2020 - Pool B → 2 nd and 3rd positioned athlete as per Olympic Standing of 06.04.2020
  10. I don't like this at all, I would use the qualification result as tiebreaker.
  11. Dunadan

    Fencing 2018 Discussion Thread

    Reigning individual and team sabre world champion Kim Junghwan has retired.
  12. Dunadan

    [OFF TOPIC] General Chat

    Venice Marathon is more interesting The runner in yellow and green shirt at 0:44 has the best technique
  13. Dunadan

    Italy National Thread | Verso Tokyo 2020

  14. The document says: 2019 World Championships – Team Qualification (4 – 13 October 2019) Participation rights: Restricted NOC participation. The 24 highest ranked teams of the 2018 World Championships (including the three (3) teams already qualified for the Olympic Games), based on the results of Qualifications will be entitled to participate. If a continent is not represented among the 24 teams, the highest ranked team from the 2019 Continental Championships concerned will be allocated a team of five (5) athletes and one (1) reserve. In addition, in case no Championships take place in 2019 in the continent concerned before the provisional registration deadline of the 2019 World Championships, then the highest ranked team from the Continent concerned, based on the team ranking results of the Qualifications of the 2018 World Championships will be allocated a team of five (5) athletes and one (1) reserve but there's nothing about Taking away the spot of the 24th,23rd,...team