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  1. Poor Slovenia, the stupid system in basketball will give them a big chance to go to the Olympics even if they didn't bother qualifying for the World Cup. And the European title won in 2017 won't qualify them to the Olympics that are held three years later, what a scandal. Something similar is happening for Italy, that won't be in Tokyo despite winning the 1999 Eurobasket.
  2. well then he must be lying, that was the source of the articles anyway - I don't know if they can or not or if the (N)OC were involved. Anyway it seems obvious to me that Italians will at least try to add natural track luge and ski mountaineering.
  3. Actually Flavio Roda, the president of FISI - Italian Winter Sports Federation said that "as a federation we have submitted an application to the IOC in order to have natural track luge as an Olympic discipline in 2026" https://www.fisi.org/slittino-pista-naturale/news/20646-il-presidente-flavio-roda-in-val-passiria-per-la-tappa-di-cdm-uno-sport-che-mi-affascina-lavoriamo-per-farlo-diventare-disciplina-olimpica so unless he's lying they've started taking the first official step- if this application will be taken into consideration by the IOC or not is another matter.
  4. Or if you give one star (=total trash) to Joker then you have never watched any really bad movie
  5. With serpentine system without ranking Japan number 1 the only changes in group B would be Serbia instead of China (no big difference, they are the 2 strongest teams) and Japan instead of Russia (again no big difference, currently Russia is not better than Japan playing at home)
  6. Apparently the semifinals are: UKR-EST ITA-FRA Final EST-ITA
  7. Am I wrong or did they increase the time to 15 seconds per question instead of 10?
  8. News from Cuba from https://www.facebook.com/FencingTokyo/ Quarter finals: POL-UKR EST-USA CHN-ITA FRA-RUS
  9. And we can add as mathematically qualified Italy and Egypt (men), Japan (women)
  10. Regarding water polo, IOC had reduced team sizes from 13 to 11, but FINA seems to have reached an agreement with them to bring team sizes to 12 + 1 substitute - it's not officially confirmed by IOC yet as far as I know https://www.wpdworld.com/en-news/tokyo-2020-12-players-roster/
  11. 9/10 for me, but I'm out of the race having missed the first quiz.
  12. Kenya beat Cameroon 3-2 and they only need a (sure) win against Nigeria to qualify.
  13. [hide] IN: Tarjei Boe OUT: J.T. Boe Nation Captains NOR Tarjei Boe ITA Dorothea Wierer Nation Women GER Denise Herrmann NOR T. Eckhoff CZE Marketa Davidova FRA Anais Bescond Nation Men FRA Martin Fourcade GER Benedikt Doll SWE Sebastian Samuelsson RUS A. Loginov [/hide]
  14. yeah but you must have read them somewhere given that you know the prize for the winner
  15. where do you see the prizes? The "prizes" page on that link is empty.
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