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  1. Lamar Odom Reveals He Used a Prosthetic Penis to 'Pass a Drug Test' for the 2004 Olympics
  2. Sinden won an European medal and 3 or 4 Grand Prix medals last year, he is 4th in the weighted olympic ranking, how is he not even considered of enough level to be a medal contender? If WTF wanted to guarantee him a medal, why would they fix the semifinal where a medal is already certain? He won the other matches with a big margin, was he also helped by WTF?
  3. Two people were already banned from last year. One of them remains banned, the other one gets his ban cancelled. If you want to count, this counts as -1 doping case for Italy in 2018, not +1
  4. yes, saying it over and over will make it true. I give you guys the task of reminding me daily that the British are the worst in case I wake up one day forgetting that the British are the worst of the worst because whatever happens it's very important to always keep in the mind that the British are worst.
  5. Nah, the British don't have a blanket ban on all Iranians, the worst are those countries that organize European or World Championships despite already knowing that all athletes of a recognized national federation won't be allowed to enter.
  6. No, he's not thrown out at the moment, he has sidelined himself for a while (officially he said that he must go home to work on his defense with his lawyer). Garzelli is not a new recruit, he's been working at RAI for years. And for sure they'll never hire Riccò, interviews are enough to understand that he's an unique combination of ignorance, stupidity and madness
  7. Women's trap: quota for (Ashley Carroll) and (Melanie Couzy).
  8. The "real" olympic ranking is here (you have to consider that points gained in previous years will be reduced by 25, 50, 75% at the end of 2019): https://clasificacionolimpica2020.blogspot.com/search/label/Taekwondo?m=0
  9. The Giro is a Grand Tour, not a classic. And in general it's not weaker than the Vuelta (maybe on a given year it is, but certainly not always) but always several levels above the Tour of California.
  10. Ackermann is certainly not a bigger favourite than Viviani for sprints. Anyway Gaviria won.
  11. The blue jersey was at stake and Ciccone is a good climber, it makes sense for him to be extremely slow (slower than the Japanese guy who ended up last) and rest in the first part and then give his all on the climb.
  12. https://www.iaaf.org/competitions/iaaf-world-relays/news/broadcast-intentions-iaaf-world-relays-yokoha
  13. Maria Guadalupe Gonzalez (race walker, Rio 2016 and London 2017 silver medal) - 4 years disqualification starting from 16 November 2018 for using trenbolone...she fabricated restaurants' receipts in order to prove that the presence of the substance was caused by the fact that she had eaten, among others, 5 "tacos al pastor". It's not a joke, here's the document with the full decision https://www.athleticsintegrity.org/downloads/pdfs/disciplinary-process/en/190509-IAAF-v-Gonzalez-Romero-Final-Decision.pdf Tacos are the new tortellini
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