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  1. Next events will finally count for the Olympic qualification. Everyone will start from zero but, just for the sake of it, let's see which teams would qualify with the current ranking: top 4 + best of each continent among those ranked 5th-16th + possible host quotas (max. 8 athletes) Men's foil: + (5th), (6th), (9th), (14th) Women's foil: + (5th), (7th), (8th), (6th) since no African is in top 16 Men's epee: + (5th), (7th), (8th), (6th) since no African is in top 16 + maybe as host Women's epee: + (5th), (7th), (16th), (6th) since no African is in top 16 + maybe as host Men's sabre: + (5th), (6th), (7th), (14th) + maybe as host Women's sabre: + (5th), (7th), (13th), (6th) since no African is in top 16 + maybe as host
  2. Someone from country X get a good result? Shame on them, they are part of an advanced doping program and stealing medals from honest and hardworking German athletes. Thankfully Germany is the only country where they care about the health of their athletes. A German is caught doping? It doesn't matter, countries X, Y, Z surely have far more advanced doping programs, Germans are victims of their system. (citation from "The world according to a great fan of the Olympics")
  3. PKF...and it's not really asking too much, considering that only the last edition inside the Olympic qualification period will count for the final Olympic ranking. In my humble opinion athletes should have known before this competition if it counted for the ranking or not (Europeans at least already know it).
  4. Do we know when the 2020 edition is scheduled?
  5. Maybe he's retiring, but also keep in mind that with Sobolev already out, Fischnaller could have finally won the "big" Parallel globe today (5 times second, 2 times third but he never won it).
  6. Yes, I also added the live results link now.
  7. Fiamingo in final, first podium in two years...
  8. Last World Cups before the Olympic qualification period starts: Chengdu, W epee http://www.jasport.com.cn/POINTRealResult/WeApp/index.htm Sint-Niklaas, W sabre https://www.fencingtimelive.com/tournaments/eventSchedule/B65542ED691944EAB97B380E7A7F598E Streaming https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRKcRBFMZyzW8Ko7qhI908Q Budapest, M sabre http://www.engarde-service.com/files/hunfencing/2019_sabre_vk/ Streaming https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCA40s4GODjkaJ9JeM0fBcdg Buenos Aires, M epee https://www.engarde-service.com/files/federacion_argentina_de_esgrima/550336/
  9. "My proposal" is to have another reaction, not posts with a hundred images. And I would imagine that people are more likely to not post anymore on the forum because they get tired of reading the same **** over and over from a few ******** rather than because they get a few thumbs down.
  10. ^This is an abuse of pics, and it already happens on the forum (people who post several images and/or videos in a post without spoilers, or people who quotes entire posts full of them)
  11. Since you are adding reactions, I think there should be one like this:
  12. Discarding the two worst results Wierer 846 Vittozzi 844 (already sure to gain exactly 8 points tomorrow, so she will be at 852) Olsbu 780 Kuzmina 779
  13. So many announcements from her and then she does the opposite of what she announced
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