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  1. Most people who die from this virus are indeed those who, if infected by it, would die for complications related to the next 15-20 years. Of course "only this year" it makes much more noise in the media, all of these people are getting killed at once where the virus spreads.
  2. How was the decision taken too late, one month ago it was still mainly a Chinese thing, two weeks ago there were plenty of people still mocking Italians since it was only "mass hysteria" and there were public events with 100k people going on as usual even in Europe...I'd rather say the decision was taken too early, they could have waited one month to evaluate the situation.
  3. It's going to be catastrophic if health workers of all people don't wear masks, one of them could infect hundreds. Just read yesterday of the second nurse in a few days that killed herself after testing positive. On another matter, I feel like living in a sci-fi dystopic movie...if you turn on the tv every few minutes in addition to or instead of commercials you'll see a blue screen with a creepy voice repeating "Stay home. Plan your day around cleaning your house, doing physical exercise. Stay home. Wash your hands,etc. " - voice over actors are really good.
  4. Well known kind of virus, some cases every year, high letality, transmissIon mainly through contact with rodent feces, urine, saliva. So stop eating rat's shit and everything will be ok. Worry about the other one.
  5. Not contagious between humans apparently. Thanks for the panic-inducing thread though.
  6. Probably no one...I am afraid the pandemic will slow down in the coming months and then restart forcing the IOC to cancel the Olympics. Also, we have to see how the qualification will work in many sports first.
  7. What if the situation gets better in summer/autumn but then worsen again next winter in some part of the's better to postpone the Olympics for a couple of months and then maybe to 2021 rather than missing the only opportunity to hold them.
  8. Thanks to an honest Czech researcher it has been revealed that a big cargo of ventilators and masks coming from China to Italy didn't simply disappear...the Czech government stole everything during the transit, despite it was clearly marked even with Italian flags, and distributed it all between their hospital without telling anyone: Poland also stole masks bought by the Lazio region: Now Italian government will directly send military planes to transport many supplies to avoid being robbed by other countries, including EU members.
  9. sorry I had no will to finish listening, you can cancel me
  10. [hide] IN : T. Giacomel OUT: Loginov Nation Captains ITA D. Wierer NOR J. T. Boe Nation Women GER Denise Herrmann SWE Hanna Oeberg CZE M. Davidova FRA J. Simon Nation Men FRA M. Fourcade GER Benedikt Doll SWE Sebastian Samuelsson ITA T. Giacomel [/hide]
  11. Now provide a link to a study providing evidence that vaccination for measles or rubella would help in preventing an infection by this coronavirus (otherwise it's just another "fact" pulled out of your ass). And also explain why South Tyrol, the only area with a disastrously low vaccination rate, is not the most affected.
  12. Idiot of the day award goes to:
  13. Everyone else voted against the Italian Federation which is the only one that proposed to held the races with no spectators but the Italians used coronavirus to protect Brignone's lead. IQ=0.
  14. [hide] IN : J. Simon, Hanna Oeberg OUT: A. Bescond, T. Eckhoff Nation Captains ITA D. Wierer NOR J. T. Boe Nation Women GER Denise Herrmann SWE Hanna Oeberg CZE M. Davidova FRA J. Simon Nation Men FRA M. Fourcade GER Benedikt Doll SWE Sebastian Samuelsson RUS A. Loginov [/hide]
  15. No ranking points will be awarded at the world cup in New Delhi after India suspended visas for Chinese, Italian, Iranian, Korean and Japanese citizens. So I guess the only events left for the rankings still in the calendar are, at the moment, the shotgun WC in Nicosia and (probably) the Olympic Test Event
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