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  1. you are probably watching the European Championships final...they didn't face each other yesterday.
  2. Algeria must use blood magic then...100 of their best men must be offered as a sacrifice to the old gods. Don't be afraid, it will be over in a few seconds.
  3. It wasn't a mistake...Wanderer told me he could do like this because of the spreadsheet used for points calculation (it is not set up for two bronze medallists)...nothing irregular as far as I see, it's written in the rules. And there are people who follow fencing all year long here, it's a big exaggeration to claim that nobody knew about the two bronze medals.
  4. Security has improved a lot since then, I don't think it would be less safe than Paris or anywhere else. But choosing 2036 would be more dangerous even from that point of view...honestly I would have never thought that there were suggestions to host on the 100th anniversary on purpose.
  5. I don't get it...I hope Germany will host the Games in 2032, that would also be a chance to be proud of themselves and their history, why choosing 2036 on purpose? It would of course cause a lot of comparisons to that dark past, and a lot of celebrations worldwide by a certain kind of people...the bid would have no chance, the IOC surely doesn't want this kind of attention.
  6. [hide] Women's Tournament - Knockout Round July 20th - July 26th, 2019 12 Nations, Play-Offs, Quarterfinals, Semifinals, Third Place Match and Final Playoffs  Date & Time (GMT +9)  Nation 1 T1 T2 Nation 2 July 20th 2019, h. 14:00 Netherlands 6 Canada July 20th 2019, h. 15:30 New Zealand 12 Hungary July 20th 2019, h. 17:00 Greece 1 China July 20th 2019, h. 18:30 Kazakhstan 10 Australia [/hide] 
  7. I haven't watched it yet but seeing the results the last German was Muffels, who was anything but fair in the last part of the 10km and got away with only a yellow card...apparently he is another one who likes to play dirty.
  8. Good, I hope for surfing in Tahiti, skateboarding in Guadeloupe, breakdancing in French Guiana...so we can forget that they're part of the Olympics.
  9. It's all included in that one starting at 6:00, it's 6 hours long.
  10. Tier 1: Athletics, Track Cycling, Fencing, Football, Volleyball, Water polo Tier 2: everything not mentioned in 1,3,4 Tier 3: Artistic Swimming, Sprint Canoeing, Handball, Rhythmic Gymnastics, Badminton Tier 4: Trampoline, Skateboarding, Surfing, BMX (freestyle)
  11. RUS-KOR only 30-1, FINA must have had a word with the Russian, I'd like to see how the Korean managed to score
  12. A couple of top teams would be in group B so that wouldn't change much in terms of very large scores...
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