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  1. Aminatou Seyni is entered in the 200m but not in the 400m, her best event (but also one of the events in which athletes with DSD are not eligible...)
  2. The list of teams qualified for the FIBA Olympic Qualifying Tournaments: Angola Brazil Canada China Croatia Czech Republic Dominican Republic Germany Greece Italy Korea Lithuania Mexico New Zealand Poland Puerto Rico Russia Senegal Serbia Slovenia Tunisia Turkey Uruguay Venezuela http://www.fiba.basketball/news/field-set-for-fiba-olympic-qualifying-tournaments-2020 Pot 1 for the OQT draw should be Serbia, Greece, Lithuania, Russia
  3. Entry lists: By event https://www.iaaf.org/download/downloadresultinfo?filename=567633ac-0fdd-4cf1-905f-d3d9cb40ef07.pdf&urlSlug=athletes-by-event-and-seasons-best By country https://www.iaaf.org/download/downloadresultinfo?filename=ae2f1d32-f762-4ffa-a79f-7aef579c7816.pdf&urlSlug=entries-by-country-and-event
  4. You can't have NED-BEL in the next round because all hosts have been granted to play at home. If NED finish 3rd, they will face Serbia (which is a stronger opponent ) in Apeldoorn. The same happened in the women's tournament with Slovakia.
  5. incredible...Romania-Portugal 3-1, both of them are eliminated and Greece advance to the next round thanks to a better points ratio for one single point: Greece 386 / 432 Portugal 386 / 433
  6. Which other federation organizes tournaments with 4 groups but in which the top 2 of a group will meet each other again in the quarterfinals? All because of this stupid obsession of having 4 hosts. And in NED they used a hall in Rotterdam (16000 seats according to Wikipedia) for the first part of the group phase but they will play eight and quarterfinals in Apeldoorn (2000 seats)
  7. Slovenian coach probably thought that some players could rest for tomorrow but now they have to play 5 sets
  8. Kind of expected but the Netherlands finally managed to beat Brazil...they were on a losing streak of at least 19 matches against them after the 2007 World GP finals.
  9. Same, but I just add "www" in the address bar to make it work (I don't know if it is safe) W skeet final results: 1 BARTEKOVA Danka SVK 0 0 56 2 ELEFTHERIOU Andri CYP 0 0 55 3 SUMOVA Barbora CZE 0 0 42 4 BACOSI Diana ITA 0 0 34 5 MALOVICHKO Iryna UKR 0 0 24 6 OZPAK Nur Banu TUR 0 0 13
  10. Way worse imo...apart from the usual stuff on the court (including threatening commentators, spouting racist shit, telling fans to suck his genitals and then complaining that they boo him in reaction- even his own team's fan) he's famous for his driving incidents while playing for Modena in Italy: first he was caught with a fake driving license, then he run over three people (probably while intoxicated), didn't stop and disappeared for days. When he reappeared instead of apologizing he attacked the media that criciticized him, because "he had done nothing wrong". One of the victims almost died and had permanent injuries but who cares. Ngapeth was sentenced to 1 year and something in jail (suspended) plus fines, but then was caught again driving like a madman with alcohool levels 6 times over the limit. When another trial was looming, his performance misteriously dropped during the playoff, the team was eliminated early and he immediately flew to Russia and signed a contract there. The robbery I mean was in the last minute against Lithuania, they should have been tied with 30 seconds to go. Refs of the game have been suspended.
  11. And NED won. So I believe Netherlands-Belgium and Israel-France are the first known quarterfinals.
  12. I had no doubt, otherwise you wouldn't have felt the need to mock me in reply to a simple comment.
  13. you can eat all the fries you want, I'll never support a team who advanced thanks to a robbery (not a dubious call, a plain robbery). PS: I warn you that I'll also hate France men's volleyball team until they get rid of Ngapeth, a criminal who should rot in jail, it makes me puke to see him free to play.
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