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  1. Sweden completely destroyed us on the 2nd half and they managed to draw with one player less. It's a pity we didn't win this math considering we were 8 up, but it's still incredible that our team is competing against more talented teams. Good job, Guerreras!
  2. Halftime: 14-8 Come on, girls! A victory today would be very important to advance to SFs!
  3. 3 quotas but no medals for Spain... It has not been our best championship, but we accomplished the main goal, so I'm happy with the performance. I hope next year Botín/López could do it a little bit better and Paula Barceló is fully recovered of the injury.
  4. If I am not mistaken, it will be the first time that we send 3 males to the Olympics! Since Sidney 2000 we had always qualified 2 men.
  5. I don't know how you have lost today, but youth Hungarian players are very talented and I'm sure they will be a very successful generation for Hungarian handball. And maybe you are lucky and you still qualify for OQT...
  6. Olympic qualification standings after Day 4: 49er (4 quotas): 74 78 89 89 -------------- 90 98 106 131 49er FX (6 quotas): 63 81 81 89 90 92 -------------- 93 97 128 133 Nacra17 (5 quotas): 55 70 80 88 125 -------------- 146
  7. 27-26 5th victory for las Guerreras and the team advances to the Main Round with 4 points, so we are very close to qualify for the OQT. It's incredible that a team with such poor technical level compared to other teams have options to qualify for the semifinals without Carmen Martín, but the strongest point of this team is the competitiveness.
  8. 29-20 Very good 2nd half of Las Guerreras to assure the third victory in a row and qualify for the Main Round. The next game should be the easiest, so probably the best players will rest before the important match against Montenegro.
  9. Hungary has not played well today, but the team is very talented and I would say that you are in the big group of 8 teams that could earn a medal. The best moment of Spain has already passed, with only a few players remaining of the team that won the bronze medal 7 years ago and the youngers aren't as good as the veterans, so I think that the difference in terms of quality is so big that despite not being in the best form, you were still favorites.
  10. Thanks! I was expecting to lose against Romania and Hungary and playing against Montenegro for the 3rd place of the group, so these 2 victories are completely unexpected. A few days ago I thought that going to the OQT was impossible, and now at least we have some options to qualify, so let's see how the rest of the tournament goes. After watching both games, Hungary-Romania will be a very interesting match and I'm not sure who is the favorite right now, so good luck!
  11. Another surprising victory for Las Guerreras. Hungary has not had the best day and our team has been pretty consistent. Furthermore, we are very close to advance to the Main Round, which was the main goal of the tournament.
  12. Are you sure about Spain's quota? I was reading the qualification system and it says "The eight (8) highest placed male and the 8 highest placed female athletes based on the results of the Finals", so I think that only those gymnasts qualifed for the final could obtain the quota, and the rest are reallocated to World Cup ranking. Furthermore, our national federation has not said anything about the quota (but they tend to ignore trampoline, so I wouldn't be surprised if they didn't notice).
  13. Congrats @bestmen! I am looking forward to see what you will prepare.
  14. Our team is not strong at all... The victory today against Romania has been a surprise, but Hungary and Montenegro should win against Spain.
  15. I think will qualify instead of an Asian team. British girls played very well last summer and I think they could even beat Spain in a good day.
  16. According to our federation, FIBA miscalculated Czech points. http://www.feb.es/2019/11/26/baloncesto/seleccion-femenina-3x3-buscara-india-pasaporte-tokio-2020/80632.aspx
  17. 2-0 Roberto Bautista 2-0 (7-6, 6-3) Félix Auger-Aliassime Rafael Nadal 2-0 (6-3, 7-6) Denis Shapovalov I don't know if it is because of the format or because the final has only lasted 4 sets, but I have not celebrated this victory as much as I did the previous 4 times Spain won the Davis Cup... Anyway, Nadal is simply incredible, but today, the star of the team has been Roberto. His father died 5 days ago and this game was very emotional for him.
  18. María Teresa Díaz has reached T16 for the 3rd time in a row (European, Worlds and WC El Cairo) and she is now 9.3 points in front of the best Polish fencer (8 if we consider only 3 results) and only 1.7 points behind Fanny Kreiss! If tomorrow Germany or Hungary are able to overcome Poland in the team's event, she would provisionally get the 2nd European spot to Tokyo, which would be a very huge surprise. I hope she could make it! Furthermore, Yulen Pereira and Araceli Navarro have also reached T16, but it is not enough to get the Olympic spot. Pereira is now 12 points behind Verwijlen, while Araceli would need a medal to catch the Greek fencer, which is very unlikely, so probably both will have to go to the Pre-Olympic. Anyway, I'm glad to see how our level has increased during these last few years. 5 seasons ago, reaching a T16 was almost impossible for us and now we have had 3 in the same day (and Carlos Llavador T8 in Bonn).
  19. The official version is that Carreño is injured, but it seems the captain was not very happy with the 3rd set played by Carreño yesterday, so he decided to select an experimented player as Feliciano. It has not been a very good idea. Anyway, I did not expect to win that point.
  20. No, surprisingly he won't (some media here say that Luis Enrique was "angry" with him because Moreno didn't follow the advices/instructions Enrique gave him while he was out). Apparently, Moreno was told just after the game that he will not be part of the staff and he was so shocked that he couldn't speak publically to explain what happened. It's a pity for Moreno, because although it's true he was not experienced enough to be the main coach of the team, I hoped he would remain as 2nd coach.
  21. This format is a shame. Nobody is going to pay 45€ on weekdays to watch a game that could last 8 or even 9 hours!
  22. 5-0 Furtehrmore, it looks like we have fired our coach
  23. Wow! That quota would be completely unexpected and I don't think we deserve it considering how our federarion doesn't care at all about eventing...
  24. ¡Felicidades @mrv86! I was rooting for Mexico here, so I'm glad you won against the US. I hope next year Cuba could also qualify, although I'm not very optimistic.
  25. Nadal Amazing comeback today against Medvedev!
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