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  1. 2019 Sport Climbing World Cup, Stage #5 (Munich, GER) women's Boulder Gold: Janja Garnbret Silver: Fanny Gibert Bronze: Mia Krampl
  2. and against the odds, Fanny Gibert gave Garnbret quite a scare...it took all of Janja's class not to lose today's competition... moreover, with the 5th win out of 5 boulders, Janja Garnbret has already won the discipline's World Cup trophy...
  3. 49er, 49er FX & Nacra 17 Open European Championships 2019 (Weymouth, GBR) Medallists Recap men's 49er, European Ranking Gold: Dylan Fletcher & Stuart Bithell Silver: James Peters & Fynn Sterritt Bronze: Diego Botin Le Chever & Iago Lopez Marra women's 49er FX, European Ranking Gold: Annemiek Bekkering & Annette Duetz Silver: Helene Næss & Marie Rønningen Bronze: Vilma Bobek & Malin Tengström mixed Nacra 17, European Ranking Gold: Ben Saxton & Nicola Boniface Silver: John Gimson & Anna Burnet Bronze: Lin Cenholt & Cp Lübeck men's 49er, Regatta Overall Results Gold: Peter Burling & Blair Tuke Silver: Dylan Fletcher & Stuart Bithell Bronze: James Peters & Fynn Sterritt women's 49er FX, Regatta Overall Results Gold: Martine Grael & Kahena Kunze Silver: Annemiek Bekkering & Annette Duetz Bronze: Helene Næss & Marie Rønningen mixed Nacra 17, Regatta Overall Results Gold: Ben Saxton & Nicola Boniface Silver: John Gimson & Anna Burnet Bronze: Lin Cenholt & Cp Lübeck Full Results https://49er.org/event/2019-european-championship/#49erresults https://nacra17.org/events/2019-european-championship-2/#results
  4. 2019 Sport Climbing World Cup, Stage #5 (Munich, GER) men's Boulder Gold: Jakob Schubert Silver: Adam Ondra Bronze: Jan Hojer
  5. Ondra had it in his hands, but he just missed out on the final hold... exciting finish for a nice men's final in Munich... in absence of the best Japanese climbers, the women's final looks really one-sided...Garnbret can only lose because of a full series of bad mistakes by herself, today (the women's final is comin'up in a few minutes)...
  6. if only we had a coach capable of choosing the right guys for the men's team event... and if only we could keep Fiamingo away from the women's team event... 2 Bronze medals that could easily have been 2 Gold ones...
  7. shame on Tita & Banti...in the last 2 days with light wind they literally threw the European title in Naxra 17 away...
  8. European Cup 2019 (Alytus, LTU) quick recap... men's 50km Gold: Yohann Diniz Silver: Dzmitry Dziubin Bronze: Joao Vieira Team Title: Ukraine women's 50km Gold: Eleonora Giorgi Silver: Julia Takacs Bronze: Inès Henriques Team Title: Ukraine men's 20km Gold: Perseus Karlström Silver: Vasily Mizinov Bronze: Diego Garcìa Carrera Team Title: Spain women's 20km Gold: Zivile Vaiciukeviciute Silver: Laura Garcìa-Caro Bronze: Raquel Gonzàlez Team Title: Spain men's Sub-20 10km Gold: Riccardo Orsoni Silver: Pedro Conesa Bronze: Lukasz Niedzialek Team Title: Italy women's Sub-20 10km Gold: Meryem Bekmez Silver: Evin Demir Bronze: Pauline Stey Team Title: Turkey
  9. Karate1 Serie A, Stage #2 (Istanbul, TUR) Medallists Recap women's Kata Gold: Sandra Sanchez Jaime Silver: Kiyou Shimizu Bronze: Grace Lau Mo Sheung & Hikaru Ono women's Kumite, -50Kg Gold: Serap Ozcelik Arapoglu Silver: Gu Shiau-Shuang Bronze: Bettina Plank & Selvanur Akkurt women's Kumite, -55Kg Gold: Taravat Khaksar Silver: Wen Tzu-Yun Bronze: Irina Sharykhina & Shiori Nakamura women's Kumite, -61Kg Gold: Merve Coban Silver: Alexandra Grande Bronze: Barno Mirzaeva & Anita Serogina women's Kumite, -68Kg Gold: Marina Rakovic Silver: Irina Zaretska Bronze: Elena Quirici & Kayo Someya women's Kumite, +68Kg Gold: Hamideh Abbasali Silver: Ayaka Saito Bronze: Sofya Berultseva & Chahnez Jami women's Team Kata Gold: Iran Silver: Australia Bronze: Peru & Egypt men's Kata Gold: Kakeru Nishiyama Silver: Emre Vefa Goktas Bronze: Damian Hugo Quintero Capdevila & Alì Sofuoglu men's Kumite, -60Kg Gold: Eray Samdan Silver: Yerkinbek Baitureyev Bronze: Alì Meskini & Sadriddin Saymatov men's Kumite, -67Kg Gold: Dionysios Xenos Silver: Hiroto Shinoara Bronze: Devid Nhuyen & Hesham Abdalla Abdelgawad men's Kumite, -75Kg Gold: Bahman Askari Silver: Luigi Busà Bronze: Mamduh Abdelaziz Abdalla & Gabor Harspataki men's Kumite, -84Kg Gold: Mahdi Gararizadeh Silver: Ugur Aktas Bronze: Ivan Kvesic & Mahdi Khodabakhshi men's Kumite, +84Kg Gold: Saleh Abazari Silver: Gogita Arkania Bronze: Alexandr Kolikov & Alparslan Yamanoglu men's Team Kata Gold: Turkey Silver: Italy Bronze: Iran & Italy
  10. Men's Cross-Country Race Gold: Mathias Flueckiger Silver: Mathieu Van der Poel Bronze: Jordan Sarrou
  11. Foconi finally wins it! by what a scare against the young US prodigy Nick Itkin...he did really have to use all his experience to edge out the American...
  12. Inna "the Queen" Deriglazova at the moment is just too strong for anybody...even with a good start, Alice Volpi couldn't do anything against her class...it's 6 wins out of 8 events for her this season... but let's see if she can lose the most important competition of the year once again later this Summer...
  13. Women's Cross-Country Race Gold: Kate Courtney Silver: Jolanda Neff Bronze: Yana Belomoina
  14. Men's Team Epee (Paris, FRA) Final Results Gold: Switzerland Silver: France Bronze: Italy Semifinals: France b. Spain 45-26 Switzerland b. Italy 36-27 Bronze Medal Match: Italy b. Spain 39-37 Gold Medal Match: Switzerland b. France 45-32  Here is the Full Final Ranking (and Results) from Today's competition: http://www.engarde-service.com/files/ffe/sncfreseau2019/sncf-eq/index.php?page=clasfinal.htm
  15. and the real drama is that she did it against the team that probably will end up being our main rival for the last Olympic spot, Poland (unless some serious underperforming by France and Estonia also in the next OQP events)...
  16. Women's Team Epee (Dubai, UAE) Final Results Gold: Poland Silver: United States Bronze: Italy Semifinals: USA b. China 45-35 Poland b. Italy 36-30 Bronze Medal Match: Italy b. China 30-29 Gold Medal Match: Poland b. USA 41-28  Here is the Full Final Ranking (and Results) from Today's competition: http://www.engarde-service.com/files/fie_fencing/dubai_2019/epee_women_team/index.php?page=clasfinal.htm
  17. Men's Individual Foil (Shanghai, CHN) Final Results Gold: Alessio Foconi Silver: Nick Itkin Bronze: Ryan Choi Chun Yin & Timur Safin Semifinals: Itkin b. Safin 15-7 Foconi b. Choi 15-11 Gold Medal Match: Foconi b. Itkin 15-14  Here is the Full Final Ranking (and Results) from Today's competition: https://fie.org/competitions/2019/145/results/rank
  18. Women's Individual Foil (Shanghai, CHN) Final Results Gold: Inna Deriglazova Silver: Alice Volpi Bronze: Lee Kiefer & Arianna Errigo Semifinals: Deriglazova b. Errigo 15-10 Volpi b. Kiefer 15-9 Gold Medal Match: Deriglazova b. Volpi 15-10  Here is the Full Final Ranking (and Results) from Today's competition: https://fie.org/competitions/2019/457/results/rank
  19. well, last year Alessio competed in the Rome GP in the -68kg class...so, it's not sure he has to go up to 80kg... now I don't know if he can still make that weight or not, so we can only sit down and wait to see what he and his technical crew decide to do...
  20. and finally Eleonora Giorgi proved she was just controlling the race...she did even accelerate over the last couple of kilometers and not only won the event (at the end, she still is 56 seconds ahead of Julia Takacs, who also set a new PB and NR), but she also set a new European record destroying by more than a minute the older European best time, held by Inès Henrique, who ended up 3rd in today's race, almost 4 minutes behind Giorgi...
  21. European Cup 2019 (Alytus, LTU) as expected, Yohann Diniz dominated the men's 50k...he won with more than 8 min-margin over Dzmitry Dziubin...3rd was Joao Vieira further 1min40secs behind... but the most interesting race is the women's 50km, with Eleonora Giorgi leading from the start with good margin, but now Julia Takacs has cut down the distance to 1 minute with 3kms to go...and it looks that we're going to have an amazing head to head finish...
  22. he's only 19 years young... he was European Youth champion in 2017 and last year his best result was the Grand Prix tournament in Rome (he participated in the -68kg class, thanks to a wild card), where he reached the quarterfinals (beating the Brazilian Edivaldo Pontes among others)...then he lost to the great Lee Dae Hoon (with a reasonable margin, 36-20)... this year he won the Cyprus Open and the Africa President's Cup... and now he's the first ever male senior world champion for Italy! p.s. and yesterday it was almost a perfect day for Italian Taekwondo, if only Roberto Botta in the -80kg didn't lose in the quarterfinals to the Greek guy (who then easily reached the Gold Medal match, where he's going to face Milad Beigi) by a small point, taking a kick to the head with less than 2 seconds on the clock...
  23. First Cross-Country races of the season in Albstadt, GER... and the Short Circuit events go to: Women's SC X-CO Gold: Kate Courtney Silver: Jolanda Neff Bronze: Kathrin Stirnemann Men's SC X-CO Gold: Mathieu Van Der Poel Silver: Lars Forster Bronze: Nino Schurter The "classic" races will be held Tomorrow, the women @ 11 a.m. CET, the men @ 2.15 p.m. CET for most people, Live Streaming on the Red Bull streaming website/app...
  24. awful results for Italy...probably the worst tournament in the last couple of years... and Crescenzo lost again against a Kazakh guy...and not the usual ones, today he was beaten by their 3rd tier guy! give us a psychologist...but a really good one...
  25. Karate1 Serie A, Stage #2 (Istanbul, TUR) Tomorrow's Gold Medal matches women's Kata Kiyou Shimizu vs Sandra Sanchez Jaime women's Kumite -50kg: Serap Ozcelik Arapoglu vs Gu Shiau-Shuang -55kg: Wen Tzu-Yun vs Taravat Khaksar -61kg: Merve Coban vs Alexandra Grande -68kg: Irina Zaretska vs Marina Rakovic +68kg: Ayaka Saito vs Hamideh Abbasali men's Kata Emre Vefa Goktas vs Kakeru Nishiyama men's Kumite -60kg: Eray Samdan vs Yerkinbek Baitureyev -67kg: Hiroto Shinoara vs Dionysios Xenos -75kg: Bahman Askari vs Luigi Busà -84kg: Mahdi Ghararizadeh vs Ugur Aktas +84kg: Saleh Abazari vs Gogita Arkania
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