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    Alexander Karelin, Aldo Montano, Wayne Gretzky, Alexander Ovechkin, Stefania Belmondo, Federica Pellegrini, Vincenzo Maenza, Clayton Kershaw and many more...
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  1. Men's Baseball CEB European Championship 2019 Bonn/Solingen (GER) - 6 September 2019 - 15 September 2019 Official Website
  2. phelps

    Minor sports and television

    yeah, I have an Apple TV (and a sony android tv)...and thanks to them I have a variety of apps of almost any tv and sport service in the world (actually, I also have a bunch of subscriptions -american sports like NHL, MLB and NFL, amazon prime and a few others, which cost me a lot at the end of the year, but I can't live without them anymore, I fear )... I also have a motorized satellite dish (with a couple of subscriptions also for that, sky Italia, the Swiss public TV and the Czech/Slovak TVs from the skylink package)... so, my sport addiction is well supported by all that stuff...
  3. oh, yes...I totally missed those lines...I don't know why? sorry...
  4. phelps

    Minor sports and television

    maybe you could try the Eurosport Player (if you have a decent internet broadband connection)... it's very cheap (at least, here in Italy for our standard...until a few days ago we had it on offer for just 25€ for a full year, but even the standard 50€/year is absolutely worth the expense) and gives you full access to the 2 linear channels and many other contents... p.s. for those who watch the Italian raisport channel...if you only could understand a word in Italian language, you would get away from it as quick as possible (98% of the Italian sport fans just can't stand any "journalist" from our public tv, most of which just don't understand anything about any sport they talk of -and, strange to be said, those who follow football are among the worst in the world)...
  5. phelps

    Doping Cases and Bans 2019 Thread

    Kemi Adekoya and Lucy Kabuu provisionally suspended after testing positive for Stanozolol (the infamous steroid of the Ben Johnson's saga) and Morphine, respectively... https://www.athleticsweekly.com/news/former-world-indoor-champion-kemi-adekoya-provisionally-suspended-1039920034/ https://www.standardmedia.co.ke/sports/article/2001290684/kenya-s-kabuu-fails-anti-doping-test-suspended-from-athletics
  6. phelps

    [OFF TOPIC] Movies & TV Series Thread

    Le Bureau des Legendes (season #4 just bingewatched)...just wow! not to be missed for any reason (especially by those who normally love spy stories)... Mathieu Kassovitz is simply amazing...
  7. quite disappointing semifinal...the qualification was never in doubt for almost the entire 120 mins... Ryan Lasch really destroyed Pilsen in the double match-up...
  8. phelps

    Minor sports and television

    and as it happened until a few years ago with BeIN Sports, nowadays (in the past couple of years) in Italy it's a kind of fashion to subscribe to the Polish pay-tv networks (with Eleven sports option) to find a lot of football without spending the crazy amount of money sky Italia asks for... we have a full dedicated thread for that on the main Italian TV and Digital world forum... I think satsklep.pl has more Italian customers than Polish...
  9. phelps

    Minor sports and television

    the same happened here with Volleyball and Basketball...in the last 20 years they switch more than once between free TV and pay-tv and the audience has been fluctuating a lot... meanwhile the total number of people practicing the sport has not changed dramatically (as the results of our NT have, instead )...
  10. yes, it's 2 (I just misread the line and I did look at the African quota instead of Europe's)... however, it's not 1 per gender...it's 2 overall (it all depends on the final qualification tournament plus the qualification ranking and on the other Continents, as there are many parameters to be considered: max 12 quota in total, max 3 per class, each class must have 10 competitors and only 10 and the prority to the continental champions ahead of the siver medallists -and at last, the bronze medallists- must be followed...not to be mentioned that this is in any case the last part of the qualification after the OQT and OQR, which could easily make most of the EG theoretical spots already gone before they look at them)... as I wrote, it's a mess... thanks to WKF for that! if they think this is the right way to promote their sport at its first Olympic appearance...
  11. phelps

    Karate WKF Premier League 2019

    Karate’s biggest stars to gather at Karate 1-Premier League Paris The best karatekas in the world will meet next week in the opening event of the season. The Karate 1-Premier League Paris features the top athletes of the sport as first-class karatekas continue getting closer and closer to making their Olympic dreams come true. The Pierre de Coubertin sports hall in Paris hosts the first Karate 1-Premier League of the year from January 25 to 27. All the defending World champions and all but one of the Grand Winners are registered to participate in the anticipated tournament. The current leaders of the Olympic standings will also take part in Paris. It will be the first opportunity for the newly-proclaimed Grand Winners to wear the special karate-gi with the golden embroidery on the shoulders. After their successful campaign last year, the owners of the “Best of the Best” award will try to extend their victorious run in Paris now that they get to display the special Grand Winners’ karate-gi. The line-up of these first-class karatekas will be headed by the two local representatives, Alizee Agier and Gwendoline Philippe who hope to shine at home. The Grand Winners in Female Kumite -68kg and Female Kumite -61kg respectively lead the numerous delegation of 49 athletes representing France at the event. The new World champions will also debut as world title-holders in the first Karate 1-Premier League of the season after the historic 2018 World Championships in Madrid. All the attention of local fans will be put on Steven Dacosta. The young French karateka took the world crown in Madrid and now aims at using the home-ground factor in his favour next weekend. Sandra Sanchez of Spain who continues on her quest to become The World Games’ Athlete of the Year 2018, Japan’s World champions Ryo Kiyuna and Miho Miyahara, and the new generation of kings and queens of the sport spearheaded by Poland’s Dorota Banasczczyk and Italy’s Angelo Crescenzo, among others, will also attend the event. Karate fans will also have the opportunity to watch in action the current leaders of the Olympic standings since all the top-placed karatekas will compete in Paris, including World champion and Grand Winner Jonathan Horne of Germany, Japan’s Ken Nishimura, Ayumi Uekusa and Kiyou Shimizu, and China’s Xiaoyan Yin, in addition to Japan’s Ryo Kiyuna and Miho Miyahara, and Italy’s Angelo Crescenzo. The 2019 Karate 1-Premier League starts on January 25 at 09:00 (local time). The finals are scheduled for Sunday, January 27. All the medal bouts will be streamed LIVE on Karateworld.tv (and on the Italian website PMG Sport for free, but probably they will be geo-blocked...so, you also need a good VPN)...
  12. actually, the 2019 European Games and the 2019 Panamerican Games are at the moment the only 2 Continental tournaments entitled to award direct Olympic spots (criteria is very complicated...the most recently updated version can be found here: Olympic Karate Qualification)... and it's not 1 quota per gender, but for both Europe and Americas is 3 quota overall (and at least 2 different NOCs) based on the Olympic Qualification Ranking of all the Gold medallists of the respective Continetal tournaments)...see criteria at the above link... meanwhile, if Continental Games are not approved as a qualification event on a specific Continent, then the highest ranked athlete not yet qualified from the Olympic Standing on 6 April 2020 from that specific continent, will obtain the quota place, respecting the maximum quota per NOC. on the other hand, all the last Continental Championships held before the final qualification deadline through the Olympic ranking (6 April 2020), will count towards that same ranking... p.s. as we wrote before, for Europe the 2019 EChs will count, as the 2020 champs are scheduled after the April deadline...
  13. phelps

    Fencing FIE World Cup 2018 - 2019

    Women's Team Epee (La Habana, CUB) Final Results Gold: Estonia Silver: Poland Bronze: Russia Semifinals: Estonia b. China 45-23 Poland b. Russia 44-43 Bronze Medal Match: Russia b. China 42-35 Gold Medal Match: Estonia b. Poland 34-33 Here is the Full Final Ranking (and Results) from Today's competition: http://fie.org/competitions/2019/452/results/rank
  14. phelps

    Fencing FIE World Cup 2018 - 2019

    so, nothing new...
  15. 2019 Short Track Speedskating European Championships Final Overall Medal Table HUN, 4 / 4 / 2 NED, 4 / 1 / 1 RUS, 2 / 2 / 6 ITA, 1 / 1 / 0 POL, 1 / 0 / 0 GBR, 0 / 1 / 3 BEL, 0 / 1 / 0 FRA, 0 / 1 / 0 ISR, 0 / 1 / 0