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  1. Men's Park Semifinals Results http://www.worldskate.org/component/phocadownload/category/643-stu-rio-de-janeiro-park-2019-results.html?download=4396:oi-stu-open-men-s-park-semifinal-results Men qualified to the Final 1. Alex Sorgente 2. Ben Hatchell 3. Jagger Eaton 4. Pedro Barros 5. Thomas Schaar 6. Cory Juneau 7. Gavin Rune Bottger 8. Oskar Rozenberg Hallberg
  2. Women's Street Semifinals Results http://www.worldskate.org/component/phocadownload/category/644-stu-rio-de-janeiro-street-2019-results.html?download=4395:oi-stu-open-women-s-street-semifinal-results Girls qualified to the Final 1. Pamela Rosa 2. Rayssa Leal 3. Gabriela Mazetto 4. Mariah Duran 5. Aori Nishimura 6. Roos Zwetsloot 7. Virginia Forte Aguas 8. Alexis Sablone
  3. that's sure... I was just a bit sarcastic about their 4 & 5 mistakes...and they were the only guys to miss so many targets among the top 50 finishers (maybe there were another 1 or 2 with 4 misses in the first 2 pages of the results sheet, but surely no one else with 5 -of course I'm not counting those who ended up after the fat lady stopped singing)...
  4. Windisch and Hofer must have skipped some shooting training lately... Men's Sprint Full Results, here: https://sesongstartskiskyting.no/wp-content/uploads/sites/2/2019/11/sprint_menn_resultater.pdf
  5. full written recap of Sun Yang's hearing... https://swimswam.com/live-recap-wada-vs-sun-yang-fina-cas-hearing/
  6. Men's Individual Sabre (Cairo, EGY) Final Results Gold: Vincent Anstett Silver: Luigi Samele Bronze: Kim Jung Hwan & Fares Ferjani Semifinals: Anstett b. Kim 15-14 Samele b. Ferjani 15-8 Gold Medal Match: Anstett b. Samele 15-14  Here is the Full Final Ranking (and Results) from Today's competition: https://fie.org/competitions/2020/164
  7. Super-Round Final Standings 1st, Japan, 4W - 1L 2nd, South Korea, 3W - 2L* 3rd, Mexico, 3W - 2L* 4th, United States, 2W - 3L** 5th, Chinese Taipei, 2W - 3L** 6th, Australia, 1W - 4L * = won the direct match-up **= won the direct match-up Bronze Medal match (also playoff game for the Panamerican Olympic spot) Tomorrow @ Noon local time, 4 a.m. CET: United States @ Mexico Gold Medal match Tomorrow @ 7 p.m. local time, 11 a.m. CET: South Korea @ Japan
  8. Final score: Japan, 10 b. South Korea, 8 Boxscore https://premier12.wbsc.org/en/2019/schedule-and-results/box-score/3969 tomorrow for sure it won't be another game like this...luckily...
  9. damn! Kim won 15-13 against Aldo...
  10. nothing new for a Cairo world cup stage... however, it looks that we're having a lot of upsets and quite a few Italians already making the top 16 (and not out, yet)... among the big names, only Kim Jung Hwan, Oh Sanguk, Veniamin Reshetnikov and Max Hartung are still in (and Kim and Hartung are going to face each other in the last 16 round, if they win their next respective bout...with Kim fencing against Montano right now)...
  11. the Italian girls look already in good shape... Lisa Vittozzi won today's Sprint race with some margin over the surprising Swede Ingela Andersson...and Dorothea Wierer came 3rd... Women's Sprint Full Results, here: https://sesongstartskiskyting.no/wp-content/uploads/sites/2/2019/11/kvinner_sprint_resultatliste.pdf
  12. a 1-RBI single and a 3-run shot in the bottom of the 8th inning did it for Chinese Taipei against Australia, killing the hopes of the Aussies to play for Bronze and at the same time giving the US boys another chance to play for Bronze and, above all, for the Olympic spot tomorrow against Mexico... Final score: Chinese Taipei, 5 b. Australia, 1 Boxscore https://premier12.wbsc.org/en/2019/schedule-and-results/box-score/3968
  13. don't worry...this venue wasn't built because of the Olympics (it was already there well before) and will be used a lot also after the Olympics (there are quite a few teams in the area...baseball is the Japanese National Team Sport)...
  14. Group B, Day #3 Nigeria vs South Africa 0-0 Ivory Coast b. Zambia 1-0 Group B, Final Ranking Ivory Coast, 6 Pts (Q) South Africa, 5 Pts (Q) Nigeria, 4 Pts (eliminated) Zambia, 1 Pt (eliminated)
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