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  1. p.s. the 3rd phase groups will be played with the good old classic round robin format...3 matches per team (against all the other pairs in the same group)... the top 2 in each group advance to the semifinals... the winner of the semifinal matches earn an Olympic Quota Place for their respective NOC...
  2. Men's Tournament Third Phase Draw Pool I Gerson / Heidrich Semenov / Leshukov Nicolai / Lupo Kantor / Losiak Pool J Brouwer / Meeuwsen Andre / George Plavins / Tocs Berntsen / Mol
  3. Women's Tournament Third Phase Draw Pool I Hermannova / Slukova Wang / Xia Liliana / Elsa Wojtasik / Kociolek Pool J Menegatti / Orsi-Toth Schützenhöfer/Plesiutschnig Ittlinger / Laboureur Graudina / Kravcenoka
  4. Men's Tournament Pairs qualified to the Third Phase Gerson / Heidrich Nicolai / Lupo Andre / George Berntsen / Mol Semenov / Leshukov Plavins / Tocs Brouwer / Meeuwsen Kantor / Losiak
  5. Women's Tournament Pairs qualified to the Third Phase Hermannova / Slukova Wang / Xia Schützenhöfer/Plesiutschnig Menegatti / Orsi-Toth Liliana / Elsa Ittlinger / Laboureur Graudina / Kravcenoka Wojtasik / Kociolek
  6. and as expected... "South-Africa Italy will resume from the exact point of suspension on Friday, 20 September, at 11 a.m. CET. This will modify the schedule of the whole day in Parma. Game 7 South Africa-Czech Republic will now start at 2.30 p.m. CET. Game 8 Israel-Italy start time will remain at 8 p.m. CET as scheduled."
  7. Men's Freestyle Wrestling, Day #7 Finals -57kg Gold Medal match: Suleyman Atli vs Zavur Uguev Bronze Medal match #1: Nurislam Sanayev vs Stevan Andria Micic / Givi Davidovi / Liang Shaofeng Bronze Medal match #2: Kumar Ravi vs Reza Atri / Mahir Amiraslanov / Bekhbayar Erdenebat Olympic Quota so far: / / / -65kg Gold Medal match: Gadzhimurad Rashidov vs Daulet Niyazbekov Bronze Medal match #1: Iszmail Muszukaejev vs Haji Mohamad Alì / Takuto Otoguro / Amr Reda Ramadan Hussen Bronze Medal match #2: Bajrang vs Tulga Tumur Ochir / Alexander Semisorow / Chang Yu-Hsuan Olympic Quota so far: / / /
  8. Women's Wrestling, Day #7 Finals -62kg Gold Medal match: Taybe Mustafa Yusein vs Aisuluu Tynybekova Bronze Medal match #1: Marianna Sastin vs Henna Katarina Johansson / Kriszta Tunde Incze / Luo Xiaojuan Bronze Medal match #2: Rim Jong Sim vs Yuliia Tkach Ostapchuk / Yukako Kawai / Alejandra Romero Bonilla Olympic Quota so far: / / / -68kg Gold Medal match: Tamyra Mariama Mensah vs Anna Jenny Eva Maria Fransson Bronze Medal match #1: Anna Carmen Schell vs Sara Dosho / Blessing Oborodudu / Michelle Yvonne Montague Bronze Medal match #2: Alla Cherkasova vs Battsetseg Soronzonbold / Koumba Selene Fanta Larroque / Buse Tosun Olympic Quota so far: / / /
  9. Updated after this morning's repechage rounds...
  10. we should learn quite a few things from Hungary (and no, I'm definitely not talking of the Orban's politics towards immigrants and even less of his relationships with the media -actually, in this field it's huim that learned by our former prime minister Berlusconi )... p.s. my favourite protest it's still the Mongolian coach stripping off in Rio...
  11. yeah, this is a huge disappointment... even Caneva lost badly in Round #1... I fear that no Italian is well prepared for this event...they just can't win a match and lose also to people they already defeated in the past tournaments this season...
  12. women's -49kg Group B Full Video (only the W -49kg Gr. B, despite what they say in the title)
  13. yeah...here in Italy, the worst enemy is Italy itself! I mean, all the robberies, the corrupted (and the stupid) politicians, all the idiots with racist ideas...they are all Italians, but they are always acting against their own Country... until we get rid of that sh*t, we just can't think abount the rest of the world...we are just not entitled, we don't deserve and we can't afford to do it...
  14. yeah, it's the regular format for world beach volleyball...the pairs are seeded according to their world ranking and the best faces the worst (and of course the 2 in between face each other) in the group's semifinals, then the winners are already through to the next ranking (but play for the group win and to have a better seeding in the knockout stage) and the losers play for the 3rd and last qualifying position in the group... now here we have an abnormal situation because only 2 pairs advance to the semis, but in any other tournament all pairs still get 2 chances to go through (but of course you can be safe already at the firstr try, if you win the first match), so it's not so unfair... the idea is to save some time (less matches in the schedule of the tournament without cutting the number of participants) and also to have all pairs playing 1 less match than what would need with a round robin preliminary stage, so to have the top pairs less tired and in better shape for the final phases of the tournament...
  15. no, baseball has a long tradition also here in Italy...but nowadays it's declining more and more...there are always less kids playing, so we have to go with a lot of guys with Italian heritage, but not born and raised here... it's the same for many disciplines (also Ice Hockey has this same problem, but I could name quite a few more)...
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