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  1. meh...just a 5th place in the end for Ivan Federico... with the same score of the semifinals, he would have easily been second...
  2. 5 Star International Skateboarding Open of Nanjing, Men's Final Gold: Heimana Reynolds Silver: Luiz Francisco Bronze: Alex Sorgente The Full Results of the ISO Park of Nanjing are available in the result section of the WorldSkate website: http://www.worldskate.org/skateboarding/results/category
  3. Ueno, Kiefer, Zagidullina and Huo (who just upset Thibus) are the first 4 girls progressing to the quarterfinals...
  4. @heywoodu you'd better stop watching yesterday's stuff for a while and @ around 4.40 p.m. go live on Youtube (Yellow piste)... there's Verwijlen close to the medal zone (unfortunately, he has to face the home hero, who looks quite determined to give the hosts another medal)...
  5. men's individual Epee quarterfinals Yannick Borel vs Andrea Santarelli Gergely Siklosi vs Bas Verwijlen Igor Reizlin vs Ruslan Kurbanov Koki Kano vs Sergey Bida and now, ladies & gentlemen, some magic... did we have fewer Nations than expected in the top 16? sure, we did...but somehow, now we have 8 different Nations in the top 8 places...et voilà, voici la magie du jour!
  6. you should have definitely taken a bye on this one... just to update your infos... http://www.omegatiming.com/2019/18th-fina-world-championships-dv-live-results
  7. because I'm Italian... and Volpi isn't ill nor injured nor focused on Tokyo (she isn't even sure to be in the team by 12 months)...simply, today she wasn't focused enough in her match against Diaz and she hasn't been able to react to the problems the Spaniard gave her and change her attitude through the entire assault, which it's not to be expected from the reigning world champion...
  8. as expected, it's a Japanese clean sweep... in the Park discipline, they're miles ahead of anybody else... another amazing win for the Japanese sensation Okamura...but still, a 12 year young baby shouldn't be allowed to compete in a senior event, imho...
  9. 5 Star International Skateboarding Open of Nanjing, Women's Final Gold: Misugu Okamoto Silver: Sakura Yosozumi Bronze: Kisa Nakamura The Full Results of the ISO Park of Nanjing are available in the result section of the WorldSkate website: http://www.worldskate.org/skateboarding/results/category
  10. yes, but for now I only have the women's results...still waiting for worldskate to publish the men's final results (the event should be over right now)... the mistake on the day of the finals happened because of a copy & paste from yesterday's post...
  11. c'mon! the no.1 seeded just can't lose a match like that... it's not me having to relax, it's Volpi who should have been a lot more focused... she was just irritating in the way she lost (you can always lose...but there are quite a few different ways to do it...Volpi chose one of the worst of them all)......
  12. first, you don't have to look only at the medal table, but also at the top 8 (and beyond) and at the total number of Nations qualifying some athletes to the main draw (and in general, at the total number of participants...not only at the world champs, but also at the various world cup stages)... then, as I wrote, the stint I'm considering it's a bit longer (20 years and more)... until the Nineties of the last Century, it was almost impossible to find any Nation outside the usual powerhouses in the medal table, nowadays the situation is really different... on the contrary, we have some sports which are going in the opposite direction...we have always less competitive Nations and 1 of them going for an amazing but unacceptable clean sweep of the events (the first one that comes to my mind is Diving, as we're watching the world champs just this week)...
  13. you're a true fencing expert...
  14. and Santarelli is really lucky...he only has to win the "French championship" to win a medal...
  15. tell me that's just a nightmare...this can't be true...it's just a mistake...it was a fake video, a plot against me... p.s. meanwhile in the men's epee, which is supposed to be the most "open" weapon, with the most athletes and Countries with a chance to shine, we have 3 Frenchmen, 3 Japanese, 2 Hungarians, 2 Ukranians, 2 Kazakhs (and 4 others) in the top 16...only 9 Nations in the round of 16... I've never seen so few Nations represented at this stage of a men's Epee event in the last 20 years or so (and I just wrote that fencing is becoming more and more widely spread at the top level of play)...
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