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  1. bad knee injury for Danioth good results for the Italian girls (3rd, 4th and 5th place at the end of the day)... and overall, very entertaining competition with a lot of surprises (if someone did dare to bet on a gold medal clash between Direz and Moerzinger, probably right now he/she'd be preparing his/her luggage to fly to the Caribbean for the rest of his/her life)... p.s. first ever WC podium for both the finalists...
  2. Los Cocodrilos de Matanzas are the new Cuban Champions, as they won the Grand Final of the 59th Cuban National Series, the top level baseball tournament on the Isle... This is an amazing surprise and a great turnaround, as last year they were dead last among the 16 teams of the Cuban Major League...meanwhile 12 months later they're just enjoying their first ever win in the SNC (the acronim with which the Cuban National series is known)... The losing side of this final series are Los Toros de la Llanura de Camagüey, that entered the final series as the big favourites, but their pitching staff couldn't handle the hot bats of the most classical sports "Cinderella" and they had to surrender in 6 games... 59th Cuban National Series, the Grand Final Coodrilos de Matanzas b. Toros de la Llanura Camagüey 4-2 (5-3; 0-8; 6-1; 5-3; 6-9; 11-2) All about Cuban Baseball (in Cuban slang Spanish)... http://www.beisbolencuba.com/ Match Replays Game #1 Game #2 Game #3 Game #4 Game #5 Game #6
  3. should they race consistently year aftyer year in Lillehammer and Sigulda, we would likely see more races with no Germans on the podium (and hoping that soon also Cortina becomes one of those tracks)...
  4. yeah, but that area was also the main cradle of the Resistence against Napoleon and actually the Italian Flag as all the people know nowadays was created in Reggio Emilia on January 7th, 1797, in open opposition to all those who wanted to adopt the French Tricouleur following Napoleon's will...
  5. Matteo Pellicone Tournament (Ostia, ITA) Final Day Recap men's Freestyle Wrestling -57kg Gold: Thomas Patrick Gilman Silver: Joseph Daniel Colon Bronze: Liu Minghu & Stevan Andria Micic -61kg (Round Robin tournament, only 4 starters) Gold: Kumar Ravi Silver: Nurislam Sanayev Bronze: Nurbolat Abdualiyev -65kg Gold: Bajrang Silver: John Michael Oliver Bronze: Selahattin Kilicsallayan & Zain Allen Retherford -74kg Gold: Kyle Douglas Dake Silver: Soner Demirtas Bronze: Fazli Eryilmaz & Daniyar Kaisanov -79kg (Round Robin tournament, only 3 starters) Gold: Vasyl Mykhailov Silver: Ahmedkhan Tembotov Bronze: Carmelo Lumia -86kg Gold: Zahid Valencia Silver: Alexander David Dieringer Bronze: James Patrick Downey III & Fatih Erdin -70kg and -92kg not contested
  6. we have a dedicated thread for both the men and women's Pro League...
  7. you're lucky...the Italian Anthem is never played in the full version... you can either listen to the short summary (first stanza + refrain) or the long summary (first stanza + refrain + sixth and last stanza + refrain once again)... but there's no way they're going to play the entire Anthem (which consists of 6 stanza with the refrain in the middle of any of them and as the "gran finale")... p.s. and there's no way that any Italian knows the Anthem in full...normally they teach only the "long summary" (1st and 6th stanza + refrain) even at school (when they teach it, because it's not mandatory and many teachers don't want their students to learn it because they believe it's a political thing connected to the righties )... and people are still trying to understand why Italy is just a "mere geographical expression" (cit. Prince Klemens von Metternich, Congress of Vienna, 1814/1815) and a bunch of selfish idiots living in the same area and not a Country with the Capital "C" and there's no way to put the Italians all together to make an effort to improve the critical situations in the whole Nation...
  8. Matteo Pellicone Tournament (Ostia, ITA) Day #3 Recap women's Wrestling -50kg Gold: Sarah Ann Hildebrandt Silver: Emilia Alina Vuc Bronze: Oksana Livach & Victoria Lacey Anthony -53kg Gold: Vinesh Silver: Luisa Elizabeth Valverde Melendres Bronze: Katherine Grace Shai & Pang Qianyu -55kg (Round Robin tournament, 4 starters only) Gold: Vanesa Kaladzinskaya Silver: Iryna Husyak Bronze: Stalvira Orshush -59kg (Round Robin tournament, 4 starters only) Gold: Anhelina Lysak Silver: Yuliya Pisarenka Bronze: Eman Essam Guda Ebrahim -65kg (Round Robin tournament, 3 starters only) Gold: Inna Trazhukova Silver: Oksana Kukhta Herhel Bronze: Pai Hsin Ping -72kg (Round Robin tournament, 4 starters only) Gold: Maria Selmaier Silver: Anastasiya Zimiankova Bronze: Nadine Weinauge men's Freestyle Wrestling -97kg Gold: Mohammad Mohammadian Silver: Aliaksandr Hushtyn Bronze: Kyle Frederick Snyder & Murazi Mchedlidze -125kg Gold: Amir Zare Silver: Bilial Makhov Bronze: Amarveer Dhesi & Yusup Batirmurzaev
  9. Frank Chamizo pulls out of tomorrow's -74kg tournament in Ostia because he hasn't fully recovered from a knee injury yet... He said that the situation is not worrying at all, but he prefers to take a little bit more rest and focus on the upcoming European Championships...
  10. Honeyland was included in last year's Sundance Festival, so it should be available somewhere (in Italy it's not, instead)... are you talking of this one, right? https://www.imdb.com/title/tt8991268/?ref_=fn_al_tt_1
  11. Matteo Pellicone Tournament (Ostia, ITA) Day #2 Recap women's Wrestling -57kg Gold: Odunayo Folasade Adekuoroye Silver: Anshu Bronze: Linda Morais & Allison MacKenzie Ragan -62kg Gold: Aisuluu Tynybekova Silver: Liubov Ovcharova Bronze: Long Jia & Yuliia Tkach Ostapchuk -68kg Gold: Zhou Feng Silver: Tamyra Mariama Mensah Bronze: Danielle Suzanne Lappage & Blessing Oborududu -76kg Gold: Erica Elizabeth Wiebe Silver: Zhou Qian Bronze: Natalia Vorobeva & Aline Rotter Focken men's Greco-Roman Wrestling -72kg Gold: Mohamed Ibrahim Elsayed Silver: Selcuk Can Bronze: Cengiz Arslan & Maksym Yevtushenko -77kg Gold: Zoltan Levai Silver: Yunus Emre Basar Bronze: Wuileixis De Jesus Rivas Espinoza & Sajan -82kg Gold: Gurpreet Singh Silver: Burhan Akbudak Bronze: Florian Neumaier & Salih Aydin
  12. not to mention that we are not playing the men's Football tournament since Beijing 2008 despite we won the Gold Medal in 1936!
  13. a few updates... Michelle Lee Ahye: 2 year-ban https://www.stabroeknews.com/2020/01/15/news/regional/trinidad/trinidad-olympian-michelle-lee-ahye-banned-for-two-years/ Kateryna Tabashnyk https://www.google.it/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=11&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=2ahUKEwiq2Y2di4jnAhWLYsAKHT0_D40QFjAKegQIARAB&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.athleticsintegrity.org%2Fdownloads%2Fpdfs%2Fdisciplinary-process%2Fen%2FAIU-19-47-Katerina-TABASHNYK-Decision_FINAL.pdf&usg=AOvVaw0zrAydYGAtxzTZ3ufqC5jN Alfred Kipketer https://www.reuters.com/article/us-athletics-doping-kenya/kenyan-athletics-authority-says-top-athlete-escaped-from-anti-doping-testers-idUSKBN1ZF1DO?feedType=RSS&feedName=sportsNews&utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+reuters%2FsportsNews+(Reuters+Sports+News) finally, also the Moroccan Marathon specialist Al Mahjoub Dazza is going to face a 2-year ban https://www.athleticsintegrity.org/disciplinary-process/provisional-suspensions-in-force
  14. yeah, I know the guy (or at least, his public image) and some of his "masterpieces"... however, it would be interesting to see him competing...just to make the tournament more interesting...
  15. don't underestimate the guy and his background... we already have the example of Jemyma Betrian, who switched with success from Kickboxing/K1 disciplines to Boxing... and considering how poor is the current heavyweight lineup among the aiba boxers, I wouldn't be surprised if he can knock all those Kazakh, Uzbek, Russian overestimated cheaters (well not them, actually, but all of their entourage and officials) around comes the Tokyo OQT time...
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