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  1. Women's Individual Sabre (Moscow, RUS) Final Results Gold: Sofya Velikaya Silver: Shao Yaqi Bronze: Sofia Pozdniakova & Liza Pusztai Semifinals: Velikaya b. Pozdniakova 15-13 Shao b. Pusztai 15-9 Gold Medal Match: Velikaya b. Shao 15-8  Here is the Full Final Ranking (and Results) from Today's competition: Coming Soon...
  2. 2019 World Cup, Stage #6 (Munich, GER) Women's 10m Air Rifle Gold: Apurvi Chandela Silver: Wang Luyao Bronze: Xu Hong Olympic Quota: Romania, Hungary
  3. yeah, it's a real shame...the other federations try to improve their online service and those guys make worse and worse each time...
  4. 2019 World Cup, Stage #6 (Munich, GER) Women's 10m Air Rifle, Shooters Qualified to the Final Apurvi CHANDELA* Elavenil VALARIVAN* WANG Luyao* Laura-Georgeta COMAN XU Hong* Franziska PEER Eszter MESZAROS Jenny STENE *NOT eligible for Olympic Quota
  5. Stage #2 (Nove Mesto, CZE) Women's Cross-Country Race Gold: Kate Courtney Silver: Rebecca Ellen McConnel Bronze: Haley Smith
  6. this week's Short Circuit events go to: Women's SC X-CO Gold: Chloe Woodruff Silver: Annie Last Bronze: Jolanda Neff Men's SC X-CO Gold: Mathieu Van Der Poel Silver: Maxime Marotte Bronze: Henrique Avancini
  7. exciting last lap, with a lot of position changes (some due to pure luck, many others not)...
  8. bottom of this post... https://totallympics.com/index.php?/topic/1410-skateboarding-2019-dicussion-thread/&do=findComment&comment=210833
  9. right now...but later there's also the boys' race... by the way, I fixed it...hope you like it more, now...
  10. top of the top...all the best skateboarders were there... this is the first (of very few) global events where to sum up big points for the Olympic Qualification...
  11. No, it's both the Biathlon and MTB people going to the Moravian Forest Hills and using them for their pleasure...
  12. London 2019: half-way to the end of WS/SLS Stop 1 With the men quarter final and the women semi final, we just reached the final phase of the first Olympic qualifying event of street skateboarding season #1. The Japanese guy, Sora Shirai made the cut from the Open Qualifier to the Semi final. In the women competition, the Brasilian Jhulia Mendes Leal, the youngest skater on the course, won a spot in the final: here we can see the true future of skateboarding. We got a foretaste of what's to come tomorrow, with the quick cut ad thrust of the best tricks by Aori Nishimura and Leticia Bufoni: the two of them were in fact protagonist of a similar tit-for-tat in Rio during the 2018 World Championships. and for the joy of @heywoodu, here are the 8 girls qualified to the Final (there's also a Dutch in it!) 1 Aori NISHIMURA 2 Hayley WILSON 3 Jhulia Rayssa MENDES LEAL 4 Pamela ROSA 5 Leticia BUFONI 6 Candy JACOBS 7 Alexis SABLONE 8 Funa NAKAYAMA women's Semifinals Full Ranking http://www.worldskate.org/skateboarding/results/category/563-london-2019-stop-1-results.html?download=3447:london-2019-semi-final-women-resuls meanwhile, for the joy of @hckosice, here is the men's Semifinal Heats start list (there's also Richard Tury among the top 30) http://www.worldskate.org/component/phocadownload/category/562-world-skate-sls-world-tour-stop-1-program.html?download=3446:semi-final-men-heats men's Quarterfinals Full Ranking http://www.worldskate.org/skateboarding/results/category/563-london-2019-stop-1-results.html?download=3445:london-2019-quarter-final-men-results
  13. Sassari Freestyle Champions 57kg: Azamat Tuskaev 61kg: Mohammad Yakhkeshi 65kg: Sonba Tanaji Gongane 70kg: Nurkhoza Kaipanov 74kg: Frank Chamizo Marquez 79kg: Khalil Aminov 86kg: Ahmad Yousef Bazri 92kg: Alireza Karimi 97kg: Hamed Talebi 125kg: Pavel Krivtsov
  14. wow! sometimes miracles happen! what a day for Bolade Apithy!
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