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  1. I am sure the W4 will be attempting qualification at the final regatta. I think they have a great chance too.
  2. 2 Gold for and hopefully 3 Olympic quotas. In fact Ireland have a chance of 5 quotas but that would be asking too much surely?
  3. If she keeps improving at this rate Reynolds will be an outside chance for a medal in Tokyo.m
  4. Two clears for Britain and Belgium and a clear and a 4 for France. Ireland reply with a 12 and a 16. Shocking collapse. Out of it already barring a miracle.
  5. FFS! Look like we will be relying on the one place available in Barcelona. Still early days thogh.
  6. Portugal look very good. I can see Ireland passing Switzerland but knowing our luck the French or Belgians will catch us.
  7. Going by the rankings one would expect Denmark, Austria and portugal to gain the 3 team spots at the upcoming European championships. Outside chance for Ireland and Belgium.
  8. I will be amazed if they qualify. We need two clears unless the course rides very tough. Can see Britain and France overhaul us and cant see any weak teams ahead that we can pass. At least if 5 European teams qualify we have a better chance at Europeans next year.
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