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  1. There will be a few Europeans happy he has qualified. He would have been top seed at the European qualifiers.
  2. Thats a big surprise albeit a very welcome one. First ever Irish qualifier in Taekwando.
  3. Going by the draw it seems Liang only has to defeat two fellow Chinese to qualify for the final and get the quota. Barring a miracle it seems Woolley is heading for the European qualifiers.
  4. Best we can hope for is that NED and POL acheive a quota and gives us a better shot at winning the one remaining spot at the European qualifier. Even then its a slim enough chance.
  5. If Australia finish in one of the 4 spots here and no African team enters then are those two spots allocated to the next 2 NCOs at this regatta? Also as Brazil have already qualified would a reallocation take precendence over the Regional games?
  6. Heartbreaking but at the end of they day we were three goals clear on aggregate and blew it. It’s as simple as that. No excuse for throwing away that large of a lead. It’s so typical of Ireland.
  7. We do! Looked a better team in fairness but still will be a nail biter tomorrow.
  8. Nothing in Track Cycling qualification for the Olympics is easy! Einstein would be confused.
  9. What are the chances of the alternates getting a quota? Ireland are first alternate.
  10. I think Megan is first alternate. If any of those above her get injured or are not chosen by their NOC than she's in. Not over yet.....
  11. So for example it could be 48 qualify direct for 800m and than say 5 universality bringing the total to 53? Its just I dont see where on the qualifying document it says this. For Doha Ireland nearly lost a place because a bigger mumber of universality places opted for the 800m. The number qualifying was limited to a TOTAL of 48.
  12. I am not so sure about that. For example there are 48 places available at 800m. If say 30 meet the qualifying time and 6 athletes are selected based on universality that would leave just 12 places based on Worl Rankings.
  13. Such a nail biter that I won’t watch. Will lie low all and maybe sneak a peek here!
  14. Hi All, have been following this site since before Rio but have only recently started engaging. Great to find fellow Olympic fans from all over the world.
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