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  1. frantic13poland

    Fencing 2017 Discussion Thread

    The International Olympic Committee June 9th approved the program for the forthcoming Olympic Games - Tokyo 2020. We are extremely pleased to announce that all the fencing competitions have returned to the IO program, which means that in Tokyo, medals will be presented in 6 individual and 6 team tournaments. Since 2004, the International Fencing Federation has been forced to use a rotating system to remove team competition from the program.
  2. frantic13poland

    Shooting at the Summer Olympic Games 2016

    IOA no Kuwait
  3. frantic13poland

    Football at the Summer Olympic Games 2016

    Sweden - RSA 1-0
  4. frantic13poland

    Poland National Thread | Droga do Tokio 2020

    Witam wszystkich ponownie na Forum