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  1. Ik vrees juist dat de baanwielrenners te vroeg hebben gepiekt en volgend jaar volledig door het ijs zakken, maar ik hoop dat het slechts bij een vrees blijft, want ik zou ze het goud op de sprintonderdelen zeker gunnen. VDP maak ik me minder zorgen om, Hassan des te meer. In de Olympische jaren komen er altijd weer nieuwe Keniaansen en Ethiopischen bij, plus dat incident met Salazar. Aan de andere kant zie ik Dafne Schippers ook wel weer op topniveau komen. Alle sporten in -en op het water gaan goed (vooral roeien en zeilen), al moeten de waterpolosters zich natuurlijk nog wel plaatsen. Verder qua teamsporten staan we op 3 en hoop ik toch echt wel op 5 teams. Het genoemde waterpolo en handbal zouden voor die tickets moeten zorgen. Waarbij de handbalsters in een moeilijke OKT-poule terechtkomen als ze de finale van het WK niet halen (zeer likely). Als ze het WK-brons winnen, komen ze in poule 2 met Servië of Montenegro EN Zweden of Hongarije. Dat is gewoon zwaar moeilijk. Voordeel is wel dat ze het toernooi hoogstwaarschijnlijk thuis mogen organiseren. Komen spannende tijden aan!
  2. Netherlands is playing so bad again. They really don't deserve a spot in the semis. In the end they will finish this group in 5th place and 9th overall. And a very though OQT is incoming ...
  3. Despite is already assured of the OQT, I still hope we will finish top 4, because that gives us the right to host the OQT. We definitely need two wins out of two matches, otherwise it's impossible to finish ahead and . So @Vektor, I will cheer with you for the Netherlands :-)
  4. What a shame that the 7th spot at this WCh will be awarded with an Olympic quota (the two non-European nations won't have any chance in that OQT). In this format teams will be encouraged to lose a match purposely to finish 4th in their group.
  5. Japan had the right to choose a group. They decided to place themselves in group D with only two European countries, which means Japan chose a place in the main round. Therefore group A and C have 4 European countries. But still I think group B is the thoughest.
  6. So after one day we already can say that Romania and Netherlands are very weak this tournament. For both of them: they secured their spot at an OQT, unless there's no European team in the final here. But that's not likely. The other European teams (including Russia) will fight for the other OQT-spots. Hopefully Nycke Groot will play again for the national team at the OQT. We missed her so much today.
  7. Do you know if Christina Neagu is playing for Romania this championship? I was wondering, because Netherlands won a friendly match against Romania earlier this week (32-23). Normally Netherlands should not win with such a big difference. But if Romania misses Neagu?
  8. Not yet, but in the near future he will ...
  9. Tomorrow Ning from will destroy the field in the men's 1.000 metres, like he did today in men's teamsprint.
  10. I enjoyed this World Cup so much. An incredible world record for Ganna and good results for the Dutch sprinters, especially Lavreysen. But probably these were the last wins of the Dutch sprinters. Next week GB will ride on their new bikes, so no chances for the other countries anymore .
  11. Yeah!!! Finally the long wait is over! Enjoy
  12. Sloetjes is not as good as she was the last 4/5 years. Besides that the Dutch team showed an awful form this year. For me Turkey is the biggest favourite, , and are just outsiders.
  13. Finally our third team qualified (after women's football and women's hockey). It wasn't good this weekend, so a big relief they go to Tokio. A lot of work has to be done for winning a medal.
  14. Well, according to Dutch media Omnium rider Jan Willem van Schip enters the Men's Road Race, so the Dutch association is able to choose 4 riders for the Teamsprint/Keirin/Individual Sprint (Van den Berg, Lavreysen, Hoogland and Büchli).
  15. Well, I really don't know, but the KNWU says they read the qualification documents carefully and thinks that a Track specialist can get a Road Race quota ... to be continued!
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