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  1. The IHF will give Poland a wildcard for the WCh for sure (like last WCh).So nothing to worry about for the Polish fans.
  2. Don't forget Turkey. They already won a silver medal in de VNL last year, have some big talents and the best coach in the world (Guidetti). My prediction: Serbia, Russia and Italy win a quota in the WOQT; Netherlands, Turkey and Germany fight for the last European spot.
  3. qualifies for the Final Round (9-6 win over Spain)
  4. Dutch media claims the opposite. Only when he doesn't participate for the team, he has a chance to qualify through the World Cup. But hopefully you are right!
  5. Epke Zonderland wins on high bar. Now he is the overall leader after three stages (Cottbus/Melbourne/Baku), but presumably Zonderland will participate in the Dutch team at the Worlds in Stuttgart, so no Olympic ticket for him through the World Cup. Still risky to put everything on team qualification for Zonderland, but that's just the way it is. Hopefully Zonderland chooses for his World Cup chances, but that means on the other hand he won't participate at the Worlds in Stuttgart.
  6. Was the score of Hans Peter Minderhoud overscored as well? Normally he, his friend Edward Gal (Glock's Zonik) and Emmelie Scholtens (Apache) will participate in the Dutch team at the Olympics
  7. Really? Dutch equestrian (dressage) does not mean anything at the moment. Time for Anky van Grunsven (triple Olympic champion) to come back!
  8. Yes, that's still possible. But indeed, very unlikely that Büchli will race some MTB race. Anyway, one of the Dutch world champions won't compete in Tokio :-(
  9. If you pick the first three, they don't have a starter for the teamsprint. I hope Lavreysen, Hoogland and Van den Berg will qualify, and maybe Netherlands can use a quota from another cycling discipline to qualify Büchli as well (for example mountainbike).
  10. Next year both riders will finish behind Kenny ...
  11. Epke Zonderland has a problem. Competing in this year's team competition at the World Championships means he really has to medal there. Otherwise he can't compete at the Olympics (it's very unlikely the Dutch men's team finish top 12). If Zonderland doesn't compete at the World Championships, he has to win the World Cup. But Miyachi from Japan will be a very strong competitor for Epke. Such a fail from FIG to make an Olympic qualification procedure like this, with several medalwinners NOT to compete at the Worlds to increase their chance of reaching the Olympics. Sounds like the FIVB made this Qualification procedure.
  12. The prediction for The Netherlands - 12-12-13 - is ridiculous. I think Netherlands will be happy with 20 medals (1 more than in Rio).
  13. Did l'Equipe forget Belgium? Several world champions (Nafi Thiam/Heptathlon, Emma Plasschaert/Sailing, men's hockeyteam, Nikki Degrendele/Track cycling), but no medals? Belgium has very talented athletes in track cycling, athletics, sailing and basketball. I predict at least 10 medals for them.
  14. FIVB again. Madness!! Still nice Netherlands host the men's tournament, quite unfair the Dutch NEVOBO choose to bet on the men's team and not the women's. Women's team will face Italy in Italy
  15. Netherlands still has to qualify for the Women's 470. After Afrodite Zegers broke up with Anneloes van Veen, suddenly Lobke Berkhout (38) planned a comeback. She is a 5 time World Champion and winner of two Olympic medals (silver and bronze) in the 470. Berkhout wants to qualify for Tokyo together with Zegers. Today they sailed their first races together; an eight and tenth place in Miami - very promising!
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