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  1. Oh yes, I really will cheer for Bulgaria tonight!!! Europe deserves having at least 5 teams at the Olympics.
  2. Last year I was impressed by Slovenia, but I think there's no real favorite. I presume Netherlands and Belgium have the smallest chances.
  3. According to the well informed WorldofVolley the European qualifier for women definitely takes place in ..... Istanbul . Not a great surprise, Dutch federation doesn't want to spend money again.
  4. Final tournament for European teams in Germany (Berlin): or What a line up
  5. But Netherlands did a very good job. Unfortunately the didn't surprise with an Olympic ticket, which was actually not so far away (they led by a 3 points margin in the 4th set).
  6. Oh no, I'm not from Friesland, so no fierljeppen or skutsjesilen for me. You became national champion fierljeppen @heywoodu? :-)
  7. Congrats Italy! Very deserved win and hopefully a gold medal next year ... Egonu is outstanding!!! Very sad about the Dutch performance today, hopefully Sloetjes will find her shape back for the European Qualifier in January (Turkey).
  8. Thanks for the positive vibes!! Hahahahaha. We need this positive vibe right now, because Italy won the first set
  9. Yes, still possible, but not a lot of confidence in a Dutch win tonight. Italy will be too strong for us. And Serbia in trouble against Poland .....
  10. Hopefully Korea can recover from this third set, because Russia doesn't deserve to be in the Olympics again.
  11. Oh no Korea, losing 7 points in a row ... how is this possible???
  12. Indeed, Italy/Netherlands is important, but Italy/Netherlands and Turkey are way better than the Russian team. So only three European teams at the OG: Serbia, Italy and - most likely - Turkey.
  13. Most easy group is for Russia. Russia isn't that good anymore, but because of the money they are still higher at the World Rankings. In all major competitions from August 2016 (Olympic Games, European Championships, World Championships and all Grand Prix/Nation Leagues) the team of The Netherlands ranked higher ... how is it still possible that Russia is higher on the World Rankings and has such an easy group? They must have paid for keeping their World Cup Results from 2015 ... otherwise they should have big trouble to qualify for the 2020 Olympics.
  14. How is this possible? Really ITA, NED, ESP and ISR in the same group? Those four countries are - by far - the best teams in Europe!
  15. Hopefully Italy will win the quota, they are way better then GB for years, so it would feel unjustified when GB grabs the spot.
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