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  1. Qualification Systems for Cycling Road Road Cycling Tokyo 2020 Qualification System.pdf Track Track Cycling Tokyo 2020 Qualification System.pdf Mountain Bike Mountain Bike Cycling Tokyo 2020 Qualification System.pdf BMX Racing BMX Cycling Racing Tokyo 2020 Qualification System.pdf BMX Freestyle BMX Cycling Freestyle Tokyo 2020 Qualification System.pdf
  2. Yeah. That was such a pity, but Erdmann/Matysik played not at their best level for quite a while.
  3. Draw CEV Continental Cup Finals http://www.cev.lu/BeachVolley-Area/CompetitionNews.aspx?NewsID=23376&ID=704
  4. After the quarterfinals it looks like Spain against Samoa in the final, but it is still hard to say who will win the quota.
  5. That's the thing about rugby. There are always surprises.
  6. Great victory against Canada. Unfortunately it looked like Germany lost one of their best players (Sebastian Fromm) with a knee injury. It is still close between Ireland, Samoa, Canada and never forget Hong Kong. At the end I also think Ireland will win the last quota place.
  7. Germany at the 2016 Summer Olympics Athleten für Rio 2016
  8. Unbelievable. Germany gave away a 4-0 lead. Two of the three shooters with no mental stability. What a bummer.
  9. The German Cycling Federation (BDR) annouced the riders for Mountain Bike Cycling. Official announcement by the NOC will be on Jun 28th. (source) Women: Sabine Spitz Helen Grobert Men: Manuel Fumic Moritz Milatz
  10. Paul Kohlhoff/Carolina Werner managed to earn an astonishing 2nd place in Nacra 17 at the Sailing World Cup Weymouth & Portland in a field with nearly all Rio top boats. Now they have to wait if the NOC will follow the recommendation of the German sailing federation (DSV). Announcement will made either on Juni 28th or latest on Juli 12th.
  11. It seems to me that it does matter, because of the following facts: 34 Single Places (including the 5 Continental Representation Places) + 1 x Host Country Place (HC) + 3 x Unused Athlet Quota Places from Doubles (UAQ) + 3 x Reallocation of Unused Tripartite Commission Invitation Places (RUT) Place 1-32 (including Continental Representation of Asia, Europe, America) (without following the Continental Representation)/with Continental Representation (33) UAQ - - Sabrina Jaquet (34) UAQ - - Chlor Magee (UAQ) UAQ - - Telma Santos (UAQ) AFR - - Kate Foo Kune (Continental Representation of Africa) (UAQ) RUT - - Kati Tolmoff (HC) HC - - Lohaynny Vicente (RUT) RUT - - Laura Sarosi (RUT) AUS - - Hsuan-Yu Wendy Chen (Continental Representation of Australia) (RUT) RUT - - Akvile Stapusaityte so no place open, correct me if I'm wrong
  12. just a little correction on that one that means just the reallocation of the mens single quota place
  13. A little correction on that very hypothetical occurrence: LEHTONEN/LAHTI: finish in 2nd place, if the Chinese pair doesn't advance to the 2nd round of direct elimination; finish in 3rd place, if the Argentinian pair doesn't advance to the 2nd round of direct elimination; Russian pair doesn't advance to quarterfinals; Vanuatu doesn't advance to semifinals.
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