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  1. Duplantis 6.00,no failed attempts before 6.07, in Swe-Fin national athletics team match in Stockholm, to be compared with the DL tonight
  2. Finally a swede overperforming in this competition..
  3. Read that italian NOC may be suspended. Could this mean they would be taken away the 2026 games?
  4. Sjöström, despite her terrible championship, won the award best Female swimmer of the Championship first ever to medal in the 50,100&200 free in the same championship, and 5 in total, I guess is the motivation since she was far from those 3 golds, and 2 WR (one of them in the event she only took silver in) in 2017
  5. 24.05 15 minutes after the gold for Sarah but Will be tight tomorrow
  6. How come only 100 and 200 m has fly, breast and back in the olympics? would rather see that than mixed relays. Not only because of Sjöström getting one more gold Also I see the 50m distances more interesting than 200
  7. About Sarah Sjöströms championship, she is now tied with Hosszu as the Woman with most individual world Championship medals. Intresting to see Who Will have the record after the championship is over.
  8. good that Sarah saved some energy now. 1.55.14 was unnecessary fast in the morning
  9. One year remaining as junior and with focus on long jump with a SB of 6.73, Tilde Johansson wins the 100m hurdles with 13.16!
  10. Daniel Ståhl just had 4 discus throws in a row over 70.36!
  11. Cool to see Rissveds back in 5th place after a long depression and eating disorders. Maybe she can actually defensiv the title in Tokyo
  12. So tired players in the end. And so tough after losing both our best players early in the game but how great!
  13. Summary of yesterdays game: -Sweden dominating first 70 minutes and it is bad that they couldnt score during that time - Sweden deserved a penalty, don´t remember the time but it was in the 2nd half I think. Very strange after all the use of VAR that they didnt even look at the situation. - Last maybe 25 minutes the Netherlands was instead dominating and they continued in the whole extra time. - Terrible referee. "Fortunately" both teams suffered from that.
  14. Sarah Sjöström 23.78 in 50 free at Swedish nationals, 0.11 from her world record.
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