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  1. Apparantly some IOC delegates where sleeping durinf the final presentations and some didnt know which the candidates were until they arrived in Lausanne
  2. Really disapointing to hear about. Both since that was my pwn goals for the next season but also for the sport. I think the world cup was important to create more attention for curling between the championships.
  3. Good for Chile is that their goalie is one of the best in the tournament, best in French league at least!
  4. Now this is embarrasing if they cant win, but with a win over Thailand it is not impossible even if Chile lose against Thailand and USA? And some 3rd place teams Will also advance.
  5. Dominating but having much trouble to score..
  6. I haven´t been very active on this forum for a few years but some of you knew, when I had another user name, that i play curling (I even organized an online curling tournament for the totalympic users). Focusing on gym and running now in the summer but during season I practice curling a lot and compete at swedish top-elite level. Have been competing at the World juniors and Curling world cup.
  7. Huge throw by Ståhl but a faul
  8. ”I’ve thown 73 meters in training”, says Daniel Ståhl before tomorrows Diamond league in stockholm!
  9. 1,5 million swedes (out of 7,3 million eligible to vote) have voted before the election day today. around 4 millions and 55% are expected to vote.
  10. And now a swede singing for Estonia
  11. No, for example Niklas Edin has had much problems when he had played the national mixed doubles. One medal in 3-4 tries I think. But Oskar and Anna had 4 national titels but this is the first international md championship. They won over two of the Swedish teams from the world cup in China and USA earlier this season (including myself😄) to get here
  12. If any swede would beat Johaug in a distance race this season, I thought it would be Andersson, Kalla or Karlsson but it was Nilsson
  13. This is how the World championship could have been if the Swedes wouldnt destroy for Each other
  14. Öberg with most WC-points in the Championships? 1-4-4-5 individual and 2-3-5 in relays
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