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  1. Gold for Russia here will be shame... It's time to predict he same unfair scenario!
  2. Bulgarian girls made "The greatest show" during this competition. They are the real diamonds .
  3. The only reason I still do it is because Bulgaria has the strongest team in the world with the most difficult and beautiful performances and despite the judges mafia we are still a force in this sport
  4. Dimitar Berbatov was and still is the best Bulgarian football player for the 21st century. It has been a privilege and an honor to watch this true football genius for the past 20 years
  5. already has one quota after first group in women"s individual all-around competition
  6. I agree with you, but it's still better bronze than a pumpkin medal, even though it's in the non-Olympic weight
  7. Actually the result in 2nd set was 28-30. I know that it's a mistake but looks funny
  8. 28-20 seems pretty good It`s a joke of course
  9. Athletics: 0-1 Boxing: 0-2 Gymnastics - Rhythmic: 1 Judo: 0-1 Karate: 0-1 Shooting: 0-2 Weightlifting: 0-1 Wrestling: 2-5 Total: 3-9 medals
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