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  1. Felt sorry for Sindhu yesterday, seemed she is suffering from mental fatigue, no clarity of thought, unable to clear her mind from previous points lost, giving up much before the match was lost, extreme low confidence and cluttered mind, I hope the federation realizes the need for good sports psychologists at least for such big players in India, she clearly needs a lot of counselling.
  2. We have achieved 18 NRs in short course with 1 day to go in this event. Likith have also created 3 NRs like Srihari, I don't think Khade has improved though. If its not an overall improvement our Swimmers must have always done very poorly in short course swimming in the past.
  3. Yeah specially in the long distance ones, but there's reason to be excited about our swimming now, they are breaking NRs like anything definite to improve in Long course too.
  4. Another 5 out of 7 events India best timing achieved today, NR in short course, this is amazing, Srihari timed 53.63s in 100m bk in long course OQT is 53.83s, really great news in swimming, anticipating the real rise of this key sport in India.
  5. O Ok that's sad, thanks for the information, but I hope these count as NRs in short course.
  6. New Swimming national records galore at South Asian games, multiple OSTs achieved, almost unreal. Perhaps the biggest news in the recent months.
  7. From the screen grab she seems 3rd as 201kg is higher than 188kg in terms of higher weight lifted.
  8. I hope common sense prevails here and they look at things objectively, can't believe Valarivan can miss out, she is also such a wonderful finals shooter.
  9. Ok, which means Anish needs to do well his recent form has been really bad, hopefully he improves.
  10. Aishwarya & Tejaswini have got quota no exchange required, if Vijayveer really does well and I understand Anish might get the quota, depending on form Anish/Vijayveer can go.
  11. More to come in early tournaments 2020, watch out for Aishwarya Tomar(Men's 3P), Vijayveer(25m) and btw Tejaswini scored 1171 in Asian championship(3P) that score should take her to the finals in Olympics, let's wait and watch.
  12. But why not Valarivan in mixed, shooting though mixed(team event) is still pretty much an individual sport and her scores are currently far better than Anjum. Btw on another note Mehuli Ghosh is also a possibility in individual depending upon early performances in 2020.
  13. 7000 points if he wins tomorrow and his least scoring tournament points will be deducted, assuming his score increases by 6000 points he will be very close to 16th(qualification) rank in Race to Tokyo, hope he wins tomorrow.
  14. Sathiyan played really well in game 1 and won that game, post which his coach seemed to give him a lecture of 5 mins to assure him that he won that game by fluke and thus he needs to do a lot things differently from game 2(Timo Boll kept waiting for Sathiyan to come back to the table), definitely our coaches need psychological counselling, Tino Boll improved his game from game 2 and Sathiyan looked confused in taking decisions, anyway really appreciate Sathiyan he has done well here.
  15. Just watched Rituparna loosing in the semis, almost embarrassing watching her, no backhand, no smash, very slow on court, couldn't believe she reached semis, if this is the standard of our ladies after Sindhu and Saina, I'm afraid there's not much light under the tunnel.
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