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  1. What a horror day in Badminton, lost all 5, quitting on a Thursday is very sad.
  2. Can we watch multiple sports, I guess watching multiple sports during the event television maybe the best option, anyway will think about it
  3. The next 7 weeks are key for badminton qualifications, we have non stop high level tournaments, Super 300 or higher really key we do well, Saina and Srikanth need to cover some ground.
  4. Yes, but Neeraj needs to throw a 90m before the Tokyo Games.
  5. This is good for promotion of Basketball in India, hope we do well.
  6. Yes I'm aware of that, what really appears funny is that she can still participate in the individual 400m. I guess avoiding the team suspension for an individual, but then they shouldn't have sent Anjali Devi at all.
  7. Not sure why Anjali Devi was not included in the relay team, this was a really poor quartet of 400m women, still we are banking on Povamma time and again she has proved to be a failure. Let's hope the men do better.
  8. Very strategic and matured performance, never tried to compete with the big guys just followed them from behind, saved his adrenaline till the last, knew what he wanted to achieve and delivered. So came down by 7.5s in this WC tournament itself, needs to double that if he can do so come down by 15s in the next 10 months he can have a medal chance too outside chance, anyway should make it to the finals in Tokyo.
  9. I agree with you Siddhartha, not sure what some of us are expecting from our athletics team members, lets be realistic I would say we have done well till now.
  10. Congrats guys, we have good news from athletics, watch out more to come, does anyone have the time break up for our athletes in this relay?
  11. We are in the easier heat in the Mixed Relay tonight, need to finish 3rd to qualify for the finals also qualify for Tokyo at he same time, maybe an outside chance.
  12. In table tennis are there any chance of our players to qualify for world grand tour finals in Dec? There are 4 mixed doubles quota from that event, not realistic for us to get though but where at we in terms of partipation?
  13. Yes, it gives us an opportunity before the Asian games, we can try our 2nd level athletes in some sports like badminton to avoid fatigue in these years. But I agree our current standard is compatible to CWG games only, don't see any reason to not participate, maybe countries like China(though not a CW country) can be selective, not us.
  14. What about Thailand, any chance of their competitor coming back?
  15. Yes, I saw the match Amit seemed to be a clear winner at least on the 1st 2 rounds. Strange he lost by 5-0
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