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  1. Faris

    Commonwealth Games 2018

    What do you mean? https://www.iaaf.org/records/toplists/throws/hammer-throw/outdoor/men/senior/2018?regionType=world&page=1&bestResultsOnly=false
  2. Janne Ahonen carried Finnish flag also 20 years ago in Nagano!
  3. Faris

    Summer Universiade 2017

    What a low level competition in Men's weightlifting 94 kg. Finnish athlete, who placed 15th at European championship this year, is leading after snatch.
  4. Faris

    Summer Universiade 2017

    Is there any list of multiple Universiade medalists, and how high is Verniaiev on that list?
  5. Faris

    Summer Olympic Games 2016 Team Sizes

    Finland 54 athletes. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Finland_at_the_2016_Summer_Olympics off: w10,000m Peiponen (injured) on: m400h Oskari Mörö mHT David Söderberg mJT Ari Mannio or Teemu Wirkkala (after Nationals, July 24th) w100h Nooralotta Neziri wHJ Linda Sandblom wJT Sanni Utriainen wWeightlifting 63 kg Anni Vuohijoki
  6. Do you see notable miscalculations? http://www.sportsbet.com.au/betting/olympics?LeftNav
  7. Faris

    Athletics Qualification for Summer Olympic Games 2016

    Not enough for Swedish OC, they demand 4.55m http://www.svt.se/sport/friidrott/svenska-friidrottarnas-tuffa-vag-till-os/
  8. Faris

    Athletics Qualification for Summer Olympic Games 2016

    FYP http://www.sport.fi/olympialaiset/olympiakisat/rio-de-janeiro-2016/suomen-joukkue/yleisurheilu