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  1. How about shooting? Did ISSF officially confirm and release its qualification criteria for Tokyo 2020?
  2. Where did you get the information about the qualification criteria in sailing for Tokyo 2020? Source please?
  3. Hi Mateusz, I've noticed that you named the flagbearers without any citation or source? How did you know this?
  4. Olympic official website. Not the Rio 2016.
  5. Before the ceremony. It happened at the previous Games before.
  6. Because we still have one more day to spot and search for the most direct sources and cite them instantly on the forum. For example, Germany will announce its flag bearer within today. Surely, the sources related to the announcement will be identified and trending. Once we found it, we place it here.
  7. Most likely. Tomorrow morning (Brazil time). Dunno what hour. But I assure the IOC will publish the list on that day itself. Patience is a virtue.
  8. Guys! For those who are able to contact the NOCs regarding the names of flag bearers during the opening ceremony, let's just wait for the sources to be cited. If not, the official list will be released by tomorrow.
  9. MantaRaymarc

    Summer Olympic Games 2016 Team Sizes

    In what sport does she play?
  10. MantaRaymarc

    Weightlifting at the Summer Olympic Games 2016

    I did not see ALB and GEO on the list of female athletes. Something's wrong.
  11. MantaRaymarc

    Summer Olympic Games 2016 Team Sizes

    Worse, parts of the athlete profiles are missing unlike London 2012 (no club, no coach name, no picture)