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  1. Oh, how jealous I am now that I know that @dezbee2008 lives in Florida But luckily I will be there for a week in October too as part of my US holiday trip this year
  2. Thanks to the Italian jury forthe 5 points @Henry_Leon
  3. Thanks @Griff88 for this couple of points
  4. OMG, thanks I never saw that coming
  5. @vinipereira How can I copy your template as I just following the Final through my mobile phone
  6. Wohoo, thanks Brazil for the point
  7. Thanks @vinipereira for delivering such an extraordinary and great opening ceremony, thank you, you have already done an amazing job and now I am really looking forward to today's Grand Final and to finally reveal the votes of the German jury as well as get to know the votes casted by other juries Let the magnificent show begin in just a few hours after months of waiting for it
  8. Boban, buddy, you are in my group
  9. OMG, the Spot of Death of the ESC