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  1. only Angola has qualified today , the rest for tomorrow
  2. LOL no , you are new in this forum sindo removed it in the beginin for the same reason
  3. these guys are such strong
  4. World champion walker Ivanov banned for doping Danish footballer suspended for doping in Australia
  5. no ,people will abuse and imagine if you get much for sure you will leave the forum
  6. Build Big Swimming Pool in 15 minutes
  7. I'm watching 'Shining' this how becomes Jack Nicholson photo 2 month ago
  8. the cyclone Idai destroyed s/w of africa
  9. yeah this one of many metheods ; they also hacked the phones / sites of high responsibles and revealed many scandals some of them ran away to europe , catch them @heywoodu
  10. people are not going to pays the electricity/Gaz/Water/tax bill , it's the war People vs Government for the match today vs Gambia no one bought tickets and today another enormous protest yesterday ; much fissures in the first party ,battles i mean
  11. the last 10 qualified will be known today and tomorrow
  12. the magical work of the government , they block internet facebook youtube everywhere because of protesting , hacking , many videos / docs of corruptions have been released ..... they are scared
  13. Doping probe of German doctor leads to 21 athletes from 8 countries The ring is believed to have been run out of Germany and allegedly involved boosting the red blood cell count of the athletes from Germany, Austria, Italy, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Croatia, Slovenia, South Korea and the US. and here
  14. youtube becomes crap you can't search the videos by date
  15. the first day of spring , it's very cold and snowing here
  16. it's snowing , thx god i have one window
  17. it's not in but imagine in the presidential palace
  18. it's snowing again in some part of country
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