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  1. Taekwondo today: 3 gold for 1 gold 1 gold 1 gold
  2. Gold for Niger in taekwondo he destroyed the Egyptian 17-2
  3. A look at 5 prominent doping incidents involving Canadian athletes Russian race walker Bakulin gets eight-year ban for doping
  4. can anyone explain these bizarre results ; EL = eliminated , why he is ranked first ?????
  5. the first African record by Sahnoun 100 m freestyle 48.97
  6. we lead the general table of medals i hope they stop the games now
  7. the medals of swimming RSA is not leading anymore
  8. anyway i think that we have the Gold of 100 m freestyle
  9. the people working on this website are drunk , they don't stop changing the results of swimming
  10. the table of medals , someone asked ; is this arabic games ?
  11. oh nooooo another shark fails in the beach , this is the mega giga SIGN
  12. with 31 athletes , all of them amateur Lutte (4 messieurs), Tennis (2 messieurs et 2 dames), Triathlon (2 messieurs et 2 dames), Canoë et Kayak(3 messieurs et 3 dames), Aviron (1 monsieur et 1 dame) et Subaquatique (5 messieurs et 6 dames).
  13. for the Men's 4x100m Freestyle Relay , there is one serie only , why is it Preliminaries also in women's , very strange
  14. south africa will explode the table of medals tonight in swimming while Morocco is the weakest one
  15. after the mysterious apparitions of sharks in the beaches , here is the swordfish , crazy people
  16. for the first time i see our team of football U20 , the number 3
  17. Daniel Craig won the role of the next James Bond " No time to die "
  18. this is how is our Traditional architecture , this is for heywoodu ( apparently he doesn't like the modern one)
  19. imagine if sagan plays the role of the seller of soap in one Publicity certainly hckosice will buy everyday 100
  20. boxing and tennis table rescheduled very bad organization
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