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  1. Bronze! Not what we wanted but a medal to be proud of
  2. We won due to having the most boundaries which is the next tie-breaker
  3. SILVER I never would have predicted bronze for Mexico
  4. Hahaha if they fuck this up they're on a one-way trip to Xinjiang
  5. Jeeez Koreans getting a lot of points... bet this will come at our expense
  6. Personally I predict a very close run thing with China just missing out on the medals Then I woke up
  7. I wonder who's going to win this one then
  8. All athletes improving quite a bit. Obviously I don't watch much Artistic swimming but when I do it's amazing, Kate Shortman especially made me wonder... how the hell do they even do that
  9. Great Britain came 4th and missed out by 2 points in both Diving competitions
  10. People's Republic of China very strong in the diving competitions so far as always
  11. Men 5km Gold: Kristof Rasovszky 53:22:1 Silver: Logan Fontaine 53:32.2 Bronze: Eric Hedlin 53:32.4
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