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  1. Tough group, I think and will progress. Did anyone else's livestream go haywire at the end?
  2. Thank Arsenal youth player Glenn Kamara. UTA
  3. 2-3 = That means we have to hope Croatia do us a favour and then we beat them at Wembley. I've got my ticket there. 1. 6 2. 4 3. 1
  4. Which has the same tune to God Save the Queen. hmm
  5. FT 0-1 What a huge result for Gibraltar!
  6. 0-0 I'm very disappointed about how that went. We should have won the game easily. Now we must beat to have even the smallest chance of victory. Group A4 after 2 games 1. 6 pts 2. 1 pt 3. 1 pt
  7. 7-0 1. 23 pts 2. 14 pts 3. 14 pts 4. 12 pts 5. 3 pts 6. 2 pts We've qualified to Italy 2019 with a game to spare!
  8. Mkbw50

    Summer Youth Olympic Games 2018

    Now they are showing the 2010 Opening ceremony?
  9. Mkbw50

    Summer Youth Olympic Games 2018

    No, I don't believe in God and I don't like the Queen. So it's a 0/2 from me
  10. Mkbw50

    Summer Youth Olympic Games 2018

    Most people sing their countries anthem, I sing along the Olympic Hymn
  11. Mkbw50

    Summer Youth Olympic Games 2018

    "Korea do well in breakdancing"
  12. Mkbw50

    Summer Youth Olympic Games 2018

    I kind of like this Parade of Nations, normally it's tedious