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Everything posted by dcro

  1. Yeah, exact same nations would be top 10 with or wirhout any secret programs. Medals and economy go hand in hand.
  2. Yeah, Mendes broke the popularity curse, so I guess skeletons will be flying out of closet come Amsterdam.
  3. @heywoodu lives in a windmill.
  4. Same as Senorita. Would be impressive if Shawn Mendes could get two TISC victories in a single year, and with one more contest to go.
  5. To be fair, we may never get a chance to have Rihanna at TISC otherwise (unless we get a Barbadian user, in which case we will have Rihanna at every edition).
  6. Speaking of second choices, my were Turkmenistan (duh) and Saint Pierre et Miquelon (just for the heck of it).
  7. I guess Groups B & F would be the lucky ones if this was a sport competition. Group E would be a group of death?
  8. Imagine a qualiciation system with 9 spots for Africa, 7 each for Americas and Europe, 6 for Asia and 1 for Oceania.
  9. Problem with margherita is, once you eat it, you are already more hungry than before.
  10. I don't like his kind of pizza without any toppings. I mean, I used to like it, but only until I discovered the ones with salmon, truffles, pineapple and so on...
  11. Yeah, that front is coming our way tonight. Gonna be 'fun'.
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