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  1. Excuse you sir, KJT won the Commonwealth Games!!
  2. There could be so many reallocations in women's kayak that we could potentially see two non-continental boats from B Final advancing.
  3. I believe canoe also has a pool of quotas? So all extra places will be put together to give as many C2 places as possible.
  4. 85.5% for Reynolds... Speechless. Grand Prix Freestyle Isabell Werth (Bella Rose) - 90.875% Dorothee Schneider (Showtime) - 90.561% Jessica von Bredow-Werndl (TSF Dalera) - 89.107% Full results
  5. Oh, look, Brits have Deborah Kerr herself in their K4 team.
  6. Ugh, freestyles are such letdown for dressage. Judging rarely makes any sense. Carl Hester basically made mistakes at every single movement, including the collected walk which looked more like a piaffe (for such mistakes you should get 0s accross the board). And, still, he got 76% as artistic mark? What the hell does that even mean??
  7. Therese Nilshagen completely missed the form for these championships. Cheap mistakes in all tests.
  8. Meanwhile, looks like Africa missed out on quotas in both K2 events and women's C2. Oceania missed out on men's C2 spot.
  9. First Olympic quota for Chile since 2008. Early investment into a new event paid off.
  10. Canada will qualify, and probably Puerto Rico based on recent form.
  11. Team jumping Belgium - 12.07 Germany - 16.22 Great Britain - 21.41 Olympic quotas for .
  12. Belgian chokers actually did it. I can't believe it.
  13. Yap, compared to what we saw at WEG, today's course is schoolplay.
  14. Grand Prix Special Isabell Werth (Bella Rose) - 86.520% Dorothee Schneider (Showtime) - 85.456% Cathrine Dufour (Atterupgaards Cassidy) - 81.337% Full results Medal for Denmark. Also, epic 5th place for Reynolds. @OlympicIRL
  15. No clean sweep for Germany. But finally individual medal for Schneider.
  16. 81.3% for Dufour. Had she done that in the team event, Denmark would have celebrated silver. But now she can hope for individual medal. Always interesting when someone improves so much after the team test.
  17. 78.2% for Reynolds. Just wow. Her scorecard included 81% from the French judge.
  18. Based on the performance here, we could potentially expect to qualify at the African Games next week.
  19. For some reason the commentators keeps pronouncing Henri Ruoste like a French name. I'm confused, do they speak French in Finland or something?
  20. Now I wonder how reallocation works if "qualify" in both. One more place in K1?
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