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  1. Possibly Honduras. I'm not sure, but I guess they can only use regional games results as there is nobody left in the World rankings.
  2. Korean coach is creeping me out...
  3. Aaaand it was over before it started. O'Shea had the first fence down, how very Irish of him.
  4. and meet each other in Sopot jump-off for gold. It will be a jump-off between two big time chokers.
  5. So despite walking/running/walking/running in the final stage, you still went faster than predicted 2:05. Well done.
  6. Guatemala declined a spot in dressage. They will be competing with a team of 3.
  7. Tim Price wins, and defends the title that his wife Jonelle won last year.
  8. Interestingly, graphics had heywoodu about 1.5km ahead of Bruna, but not anymore. Both are going together it seems, at 1:56 pace.
  9. Approaching the half-way and still going at 1:45 pace.
  10. 1:45.30 is an estimated race time after 3 km.
  11. Good start! At this pace he should finish well under two hours!
  12. I'll be damned. I always thought you were Heywood.
  13. Pascal Luiten? Is it a mistake?
  14. Highly interesting cross-country at Luhmuhlen 4*. Six in a row failed to complete.
  15. Yes, that was the currency from Yugoslavia.
  16. I meant hyperventilating in terms of hyping.
  17. Remco Evenepoel achieved his first pro victory this week. I'm surprised that @heywoodu isn't hyperventilating yet.
  18. If it was looking good for Latvia last week, then now it's looking seriously good. Few days ago Neretnieks won Poznan Grand Prix, and this week he already added another 1st and 2nd place in Sopot. With all that he earned 260 points in just 5 days! Holy shit.
  19. You guys should cheer for Algeria btw. If they stay within Top 50, then Burkina Faso gets to go to the Olympics. So... Reguigi.
  20. Oh, the lovely times when San Marino ans Belize having relays was a common sight. Too bad we'll never experience that.
  21. Colombia announced its dressage team. Notably, they have no big tour combinations entered, what automatically makes them ineligible for the Olympic quota.
  22. So much for your trip to Den Bosch apparently...
  23. New Olympic formats are being tested at Hagen Future Champions event this week. Dressage is using the heat system, which in retrospect I kind of like. There were 6 heats, with Top 2 + 6 lucky losers progressing to the individual final. Jumping will only have two individual rounds, so I am expecting a big jump-off, unfortunately.
  24. I'm surprised that Salvador Onate isn't on the team (jumped double clear at Langley Nations Cup). I guess that shows the current strenght of Mexican team though.
  25. That's pushing it. It's not like scoring a 10 is a given in archery. It's far from it.
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