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  1. Apple closed all their stores worldwide for at least two weeks, only those in China will remain open.
  2. I remember quite a number of people in social media mocking China and wishing the spread of the virus there to continue, looks like the rest of the world will suffer the same faith.
  3. True, if trump got a cover just because he's trump, then the hero doctor deserves it so much more.
  4. China did great in stopping the spread of this virus. Kudos especially to the Chinese doctors/nurses working 24/7, they deserve nobel prize and a cover in time's magazine.
  5. Chinese short track speed skating athletes are currently competing in Germany.
  6. Chile too is going to have a leftist government after the millions of protesters there kick out the current right wing government.
  7. I'm rooting for Thailand to snatch that Asian olympic spot.
  8. Leftist conquering south america once again. I feel sorry for Argentina though, another country destroyed by imf.
  9. A gift from Putin so his agent will once again be reelected, politics in the usa is very entertaining to follow. (Anyway, I hope the isis guy is truly dead tbh, one less bad guy in the middle east. )
  10. I'm not allowed to have another sporting event other than the olympics to be my favorite? Is totallympics a dictatorship?
  11. That isis guy must have nine lives, he's being killed every year.
  12. Way better than the olympics, world military games is now my favorite sporting event. Congratulations China for the 100+ gold medals.
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