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  1. Nadal is going to surpass Roger in the slam count soon.
  2. I think the venues here are always full except the one in wuhan.
  3. New york crowd is gross and uncivilized, I feel sorry for the great champion Novak.
  4. Nigeria and their nba players.
  5. Asian teams are so bad here lol. Serbia and Italy are too strong.
  6. I hope she fully recovers, not only a great player but also a very entertaining one.
  7. Congrats to Sindhu! But what the heck happened to the MS match, 21-3?
  8. At least Europe can always depend on Denmark to have some good results in this sport.
  9. It will be a total domination for the Japanese team in next year's olympics, I predict at least 3 gold medals for them. Top Indonesian pair in MD and Chinese pair in XD should get to keep one each for their respective countries.
  10. With USA and Canada not sending their best players here, chance of the Philippines getting a medal had a miniscule increase.
  11. Biles is gonna sweep the gold medals in Tokyo.
  12. Chile is the team where a lot of players share the same surname right? If they qualify, it's going to be a one big happy family then.
  13. I think Milak will win a gold, he did phenomenal here.
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