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  1. Will definitely Block the time to watch him..... Unless it clashes with one of our top shooting events 🤩
  2. woooooooo ................................... looks like they were saving the very best for the very last event and tossed the monkey off their shoulders ................. looks like both have qualified
  3. thats really optimistic ........I think best case situation for India should be One quota ......... but after watching the Indian Shotgun shooters burn out in critical stages , maybe even none .......though that looks really difficult to finish with no quotas
  4. well the sius website is now showing both angad and mairaj in the finals...... if that is correct ......... will not be suprised if they finish 5th and 6th to miraculously miss out on any quota places like kynan did in trap ....or even more agonisingly 4th and 5th just to rub it in
  5. Indian Woes in the shotgun section continue , after Kynans disaster in reaching the final at second place and then shooting a disastrous 19 to crash out last and just miss quota , in mens skeet both mairaj and Angad were well ahead ( 2 and 3th ) , then they both shot identical 22s to fall to to the shoot off 120 score , lets see if any of them survive the shootoff.......... will not be surprised if they fail and we end up with no shotgun shooters at all in the finals ....... and also in tokyo
  6. yes Tomar wins quota place in rifle 3 positions ........ one more youngster pushing the way into the seniors, I think this was his debut this year ?
  7. Yes IND , KAZ , IRI have won the quotas ...great job by Tomar to win Indias 13 Quota
  8. getting into the single shot standing eleiminations I think and almost surely unless one of IND , KAZ , IRI score an absolutley impossible 4-5 kind of score they should win the quotas
  9. at the end of the prone Thai and MGL seem to be fading .......unless one of the other three shoot really badly from here they should get the quotas
  10. Good to see Tejaswini finally crack the quota...... She is close to 40 and probably would be one of the oldest debutants at the Olympics....
  11. Tejaswini wins quota in 3 positions. indias 12th
  12. They have reached the semis now beating the 3rd seed Chinese pair....... They will be facing world number 1 INA pairing, the same pair they lost the finals of the French Open to
  13. Yes I understand that the quota exchange has to be the same gender...... Since the 3 position women event still is to run hope sunidhi gets a quota of her own...... Hard luck to chinki who has shown very good improvement this year
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