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  1. Trump continues to find new enemies!! The WHO really blew it," the president wrote on twitter, "For some reason, funded largely by the United States, yet very China centric. We will be giving that a good look. Fortunately I rejected their advice on keeping our borders open to China early on. Why did they give us such a faulty recommendation?" India has banned the export of a drun hydroxychloroquine because we need it for our own response Trump also warned of retaliation if India did not take up his request to lift the hold on US orders of the antimalarial drug. “I said we’d appreciate you allowing our supply to come out. If he doesn’t allow it to come out, that would be okay but, of course, there may be retaliation,” Trump said. “Why wouldn’t that be?”. this man is so very obnoxious
  2. So sorry to hear that 😳...... I think this is the nightmare for all people who have family members in the medical profession...... I have a brother who is a doctor who is having a compromised immune system due to kidney disease and other cousins who are general practitioners........ It is so terrible to hear about your mothers hospital hope she is covid negative......
  3. In what appeared to be an unprecedented international heist, the Trump White House reportedly authorized a “diversion” to US from Bangkok airport of a flight carrying 200,000 N95 face masks bound for Germany, causing Berlin to go apoplectic and accuse Washington of “modern piracy.” The masks were manufactured in China by the US company 3M which been contracted by Berlin for the consignment meant for its police. 3M has been under fire from Trump, purportedly for its extra-territorial loyalties in time of crisis, although like with many US companies, manufacturing in China for the international market is part of its global supply chain norm. But the Trump administration, which famously proclaimed a “America First” policy, is now pulling out all stops to secure medical supplies after it has been brutally exposed for its lax initial response to the pandemic, the country's lack of manufacturing capability (which Trump blames on his predecessors) and the shallowness of its national strategic reserves of such material.
  4. This guy is like trump on steroids. ... 🤯
  5. The numbers are going up ........we were before going into the lockdown doing about a 100 cases a day ....... After one week of lockdown we are hitting 600 cases a day.... One good thing is number of tests have gone up as per ICMR our nodal body for testing we have done 50000 tests till March 31st ... .. ( almost double the tests done by Japan) Our average testing is around 4000 tests per day currently with around 100 private test centers doing tests ........ ICMR believes we now have a capacity to do 12000 tests a day which half what South Korea is currently doing....... I think two manufacturers have been given the license to manufacture kits each is claiming they can develop 10000 kits per day, also we are attempting to import kits.......... Will keep the group posted....
  6. I think places like Spain / Italy / Switzerland with 1 in 400 testing positive for corona, we probably have ( including asymptomatic cases many who may be cured close) 1 in 100 already infected........ By now most people have been exposed I think over the next 30 days or so covid would have run it's course in Western Europe in these countries ....... To touch 3-7 % infection rate...... For US, turkey, Iran, Canada on the ideal temp range for infection I think things are going to get worse as the number of people infected as a proportion of pop is still very low ....... For countries like India , Pakistan, Bangladesh, indonesia, a lot depends on whether covid is able to remain as highly infectious in the much higher temp range.......
  7. I think the end of the holiday will definitely create a spike in the next 5-10 days.... I think you cannot stop the virus in its tracks.... You only manage the spike into a lower but longer curve
  8. India more than 600 cases yesterday as worldometer.......... This is a huge jump from the 100-200 case range we were in..... I hope this is not the start of a huge spike..... India's spike can put the US spike to shame with the sheer size of population we have..... 🤞
  9. On a positive note...... India has ramped up its testing ability by inducting a large number of pvt sector labs..... For example my city Hyderabad has now 12 labs conducting tests for Covid...... Presuming each testing center can conduct a 100 tests a day...... We can do 1200 tests every day..... A huge ramp up capacity from just 100 or so tests we were doing earlier in Hyderabad ...
  10. No body coming in, no contact with anyone...... Sounds like a lockdown show....
  11. India has no internet shutdown in almost the whole country..... I personally have three internet connectors..... Two through my phone and 1 broad band at home........ There may be some Restriction in kashmir valley of 4G connectivity.......
  12. Just looking at number of countries like spain and Italy....... Close to 1 in 500 people tested corona virus positive ..... I feel the real cases percentage including the non symptomatic cases and including some who may already have recovered maybe 1 in 200 or even 1 in 100 normal seasonal flu ( with similar infective index as corona ) percentages being 1 in 30 or so as per Center for disease control infected in normal seasons ( without lockdown and special precautions) I guess we may be reaching a situation ( at least in a few week) where exposure to corona may be maxing out........ Ergo Everybody who could have caught it has already caught it . ..... This may be significant as even after lockdown is removed cases would not spike
  13. Yes even WFI had said he will be eligible..... His form after a 4 year ban is to be seen..
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