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  1. I think in general the concept that some disciplines are going to in at one Olympics, cut in the other Olympics and later reinstate again are OK. The problems is in schedule. Athletes have to know about it at least 7 years before the Olympics. The other problem is the sport (federation) concept which IOC use. They are going to do changes only inside additional sports. But there are many disciplines in the core sports which look worse, but they are stay in because it's core sport. And any core international federation want to bring all disciplines which they have to the Olympics. So there are less space for the others. For me will be better if IOC forget about the sport concept and will do itself list of disciplines for every Olympics. Not a problem if something will shake up if the most interesting and competitive disciplines will stay in the programme every time and if athletes will know the list maybe 7-8 years before the Olympics. But some core federations can be angry with this.
  2. And another thing in the rules for OQT Look at the rules 4. "Qualified .. to the Games or what" So for example Man's team qualified to the Games through the ranking. And Woman's team of the respective NOC is in the last 10 berths. So woman's team can't play in the OQT? But if man's team and woman's team from the same country are in the 16 which can play in the OQT, they still both can qualified to the Games?
  3. I think continental representation will enough in this case too. But this UOQT is a monster. "Only NOC (other than Host Country of the Olympic Games) who have not been represented in Basketball (irrespectively men or women) in the past 2 editions of the Olympic Games are eligible to participate in the UOQT"
  4. Universality-driven Olympic Qualifying Tournament is just
  5. Dmitry

    Water Polo 2019 Discussion Thread

    It's hard to find how Women Water Polo World Leagues 2019 system will work for European countries? http://www.fina.org/event/women-european-qualification After first round of qualification only 2 teams from Group A and 2 teams from Group B goes to Europa Cup Final? And later 3 or even all of them qualifies to Superfinal?
  6. Which team will play in the Olympic qualification events if Japan finished in top-2 in their pool at Hockey Series? May be third but I can't find a proof.
  7. Dmitry

    Ice Hockey 2018 - 2019 Discussion Thread

    But the goalie stopped the puck and Chelmet didn't score. And he stopped both penalty shot... It's interesting to see 3 penalty shots in the same play one day...
  8. Dmitry

    Ice Hockey 2018 - 2019 Discussion Thread

    2 penalty shots in the same play was in the game Lada vs. Chelmet in VHL in September. There were foul and the goalkeeper come in before 6th player got away. Chelmet missed both chances but they won anyway.
  9. Russia scored two goals on Czech power plays, Czech player scored with his face.
  10. Dmitry

    [OFF TOPIC] General Chat

    I remember that commentator prefer just to ignore athletes from at the swimming world championships.
  11. Dmitry

    [OFF TOPIC] General Chat

    They need this manual: Australia ≠ Austria Slovakia ≠ Slovenia Iraq ≠ Iran Sweden ≠ Switzerland Dominican Republic ≠ Dominica
  12. Dmitry

    Biathlon World Team Challenge 2018

    Officialy, Biathlon World Team Challenge 2018 will be the last race for Shipulin.
  13. Dmitry

    Figure Skating 2018 - 2019 Discussion Thread

    Shocked results in the women competition at the Russian championship 1 Anna Shcherbakova 229.785 (14 years old) 2 Alexandra Trusova 229.712 (14 years old) 3 Alena Kostornaia 226.543 (15 years old) 4 Stanislava Konstantinova 212.924 5 Alina Zagitova 212.031 (Olympic champion 2018) 6 Sofia Samodurova 209.776 (Started in the Grand Prix 2018 final) 7 Evgenia Medvedeva 205.901 (Silver olympic medalist 2018). Elizaveta Tuktamysheva didn't participate. No one from top-3 can't start at the European Championship 2019 because they didn't reach 15 years old for the moment of the official start season (1 July 2018)
  14. Dmitry

    Biathlon IBU Cup 2018 - 2019

    According to rumuors Anton Shipulin can finish his career after Biathlon World Team Challenge 2018. But nothing is confirmed.
  15. Dmitry

    X Games

    X Games Sidney 2018 Winner's runs Friday, October 19 BMX Street Women's Skateboard Street Saturday, October 20 BMX Dirt Moto X Freestyle Skateboard Big Air Sunday, October 21 BMX Big Air Moto X Best Whip Moto X Best Trick Men's Skateboard Street