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  1. Hm, mixed relay have planned at the last World Cup stage... And in this season will be new competition: 4 continents championships
  2. Is Mixed relay will be at the World, European and new 4 Continents championships? I can't find any information about it.
  3. Russian Olympic Committee showed new mascots of the Russian Olympic Team. They are cat-ushanka-hat and bear-matryoshka-untopply. The names will be create later.
  4. Kazakhstan's capital Astana will be renamed to Nursultan after the first president of the country Nursultan Nazarbayev has leaved the office. It will be the fifth name of the city which was created in 1830.
  5. Some big names which will start in the figure skating include Alexander Samarin, Matteo Rizzo, Mai Mihara, Elizabet Tursynbaeva. Dmitry Loginov and Natalia Soboleva will participate in the snowboard and Maxim Burov in the freestyle.
  6. It was in the news at the official website in the Russian language. Now there is a news about cross-country skiing and ski-orienteering. 27 countries will participate in the cross-country. The biggest teams are (16 athletes), (15), (13), (12). , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , will start too. And , , represents with only 1 athlete. The competitor from Australia is Katerina Paul, which was 3rd in the qualifying race at the Seefeld WCHs some days ago. 21 countries in the ski-orienteering. The biggest teams are (16 athletes), (12), (11), (11), (9), (9). , , , , , , , , , will start too. And , , , , represents with only 1 athlete. Two athletes from Romania will be the only representatives of their country at the Universiade.
  7. 38 countries expects in the alpine skiing. There are no full list but it can includes , , , . In general expects 58-60 countries. and participation were under question. , , have to start first time at the Winter Universiades.
  8. Team sports at the Winter Universiade 2019 Men's ice hockey Group A Group B Women's ice hockey Men's bandy Women's bandy Men's curling Women's curling
  9. Huge crash of Piquet and win for Di Grassi at the last metres.
  10. Ovechkin sets NHL points record for Russians players during the game Washington Capitals vs. Vancouver Canucks (3-2). Ovechkin, who assisted on T.J. Oshie's first-period goal, has 1,180 points (644 goals, 536 assists) in 14 NHL seasons, one more than Sergei Fedorov (483 goals, 696 assists) had in 18 seasons.
  11. 5:6 Russia lost most part of the game but won at the additional time. 8:2
  12. 12:6 First game against Germany was the best for the Netherlands at this tournament. Today they were very close to Germans during 50 minutes but later missed a lot.. Next year they go back to Div B. 9:3 6:2 2:2 after the first half but two fast goals at the start of the second half have a negative impact on the Finnish team. 20:1 Medal games tomorrow.
  13. There are national federations, players, fans which like this sport. And international federation, which organises the WCH. In general there are no inconsistency between them about necessarity of this tournament. What is the problem?
  14. 2:3 22:1 14:0 7:7 Pen. 2:0 The most sapid part of the championship have started. Russia had a very tough match against Finland. The United States won very important game against Germany only on penalties and go to the play-off. Germany led 2:6 in half an hour before the end of the game. Play-off starts tomorrow. vs. vs. and qualified to the semifinals.
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