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  1. DAY TWENTY ONE 241-6 van der Dussen 67 lost to 245-6 Williamson 106
  2. DAY TWENTY 397-6 Morgan 148 Bairstow 90 beat 247-8 Hashmatullah 74
  3. DAY NINETEEN 321-8 Hope 96 Lewis 70 lost to 322-3 Shakib 148* Das 94*
  4. What's the difference between this and indoor field hockey?
  5. You don't remember the big Kabbadi scandal of 2010? https://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/national/canadian-athletes-nabbed-in-doping-scandal-at-kabaddi-world-cup/article4179953/
  6. I would hate to be the people who own the horse food company, They're going to be sued by hundreds of horse owners
  7. https://www.olympic.org/-/media/Document Library/OlympicOrg/News/2019/06/ANNEX-1-Tokyo-2020-Qualification-System-Boxing.pdf
  8. To be fair they improved today. They scored 11 all out against Tanzania
  9. World Record time Women's tournament in Kigali 6 all out 7-0 Mali's is the lowest score in 170 years of international cricket
  10. It looks the total may rise to 60 and that about 20 of them may be under 18 years of age
  11. Have the current Olympic qualifying rankings been published yet?
  12. DAY EIGHTEEN 336-5 Rohit 140 Kohli 77 beat 212-6 Fakhar 62
  13. DAY SEVENTEEN 334-7 Finch 153 Smith 73 beat 247 Karunaratne 97 Starc 4-55 125 Tahir 4-25 lost to 131-1 de Kock 68
  14. Note - The 200m at the Boston Games was not eligible for Olympic qualification times as it was run on a straight 200m not a curve. Zharnel Hughes ran 20,00, Kyle Greaux 20.09
  15. I think the big problem here is the fact there are 3 groups of 4 at the Olympics. Having a team that is much weaker than the other 11 gives a big advantage to the other teams in their group. A 60 point win virtually guarantees one of the best 3rd place finishes.
  16. I think the problem came from the last Sevens World Cup where Mexico qualified as North American group winners but lost all 4 games, scored no points and conceded nearly 200.
  17. 1 of the European teams will qualify at the Euro Qualifier and probably 2 more at the final qualifier.
  18. Looks like the European qualifier will feature the 5th,6th, 7th and 8th best teams in the world...
  19. I'm not sure if this the right place to post this. One of the big problems in the UK in the last years is the increase in people insulting and abusing Muslim people in the street. The one big exception has been the city of Liverpool where this abuse has dropped by more than 50%. I wonder why? Sport can do good things sometimes...
  20. Transfers now open for Rabat DL.
  21. My prediction is that GBR will get around 45-50 places via the automatic standard (not counting relays and those who qualify via world rankings) I'd also predict Germany to get around the same number.
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