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  1. How many skaters qualify to semis? Thanks!
  2. Is the Pam's quota of Hugo Calderano reallocated to Jiaji Wu (Dominican)?
  3. In men, I understand that Luxembourg and Algeria lost their place in time trial to Japan and Iran, ¿or not?
  4. How is it possible for Algeria to classify 2 boats?
  5. Now, 101 countrys are in Tokyo2020. Monaco will be the 102th nations
  6. T three best combined score for each athlete at the end of the competition
  7. Wang Qiang (People's Republic of China) win the women individual Asian Games and obtain a quota in Tokyo 2020 (if his ranking is within the top 300 on the Singles Rankings of 8 June 2020)
  8. PRK is in mixed team event final in Asian Games against Japan, thus they have 2 quotas (one for women´s individual event and one for men´s individual event)
  9. Is available some start list of any cycling´s discipline? Thanks
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