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  1. Yaroslava Mahuchikh became the youngest female DL winner ever and got the Olympic standard (1.96)
  2. Has IAAF added field events to that rule? Women with high levels of testosterone got 3 times bigger advantage in Hammer Throw than in 800m. Otherwise it's even more uglier and obviously aimed at particular athletes rather than fighting for clean sports. Thankfully I'm not a racist or homophobe Asians from those sports are admired in ex-USSR. Football and athletics walk hand-in-hand in racist department here, especially if you're black.
  3. Black athletes should be next according to such logic. The ex-Soviet camp (especially Russia and its satellites) talks all the time that black athletes have physical advantage over white athletes No black marathoners, no black sprinters. Yeah, it's discriminative, but... we won't win otherwise. "We aren't racists... we just want to ban all blacks". It's not a sarcasm, this is real attitude even among certain coaches & athletes. The laboratory can issue "the right" decision and the case is closed. They would have done it already if not USA. Btw, one of our current F800m runners wrote "Those blacks!" in her FB after she lost and then deleted it. She also liked a racist comment.
  4. There's always a "brilliant" statement: "such discrimination is a necessary, reasonable and proportionate means of achieving the IAAF's aim".
  5. Yulia Levchenko jumped 2.00 in France
  6. Yaroslava Mahuchikh refused from taking part in major senior events and she will stick to her age group. Women's high jump at the National Indoors Championships. 1. Yulia Levchenko - 1.97 2. Iryna Herashchenko - 1.97 (she found her mojo back ) 3. Kateryna Tabashnyk - 1.97 (she almost cleared 2.01 twice) Yuliya Chumachenko almost had 1.95 (the bar fell in the last moment). Oleksandr Sokolov from my city won men's 60m (6.68). ps. As for 50km drama - Start the riots! IAAF became 1 huge circus
  7. 17 years old Yaroslava Mahuchikh jumped 1.99 in Czech Republic =U20 Indoors World Record. She refused from jumping 2.01. https://twitter.com/emenews/status/1089246239860969473 Another Ukrainian, Kateryna Tabashnyk won these competitions with 1.99 (PB). Very close attempt at 2.01.
  8. Svitolina is dating Gaël Monfils The guy keeps slaying those tennis players
  9. Bohdan Bondarenko has had his first competitions this year already. He jumped 2.10 at the regional competitions, wearing ordinary sneakers & sportswear, using a short run + There was a 10-15cm margin.
  10. "Christmas Starts" in Minsk: 1. Maria Lasitskene - 2.00 2. Kateryna Tabashnyk - 1.98 (PB) 3. Yuliya Levchenko - 1.98 4. Yaroslava Mahuchikh - 1.96 (=U18 WB , U20 ER) ..... horrendous 1.80 for Iryna Herashchenko. quite modest 1.80 for Alina Shukh from heptathlon. Yaroslava Mahuchikh: Maksim Nedasekau won men's competitions with 2.30.
  11. Austrian police came to Russians few hours ago & blamed people from this list in anti-doping rules violation during the WCH 2017:
  12. Athletics. Mahuchikh has just set the new PB of 1.95 The 3rd best U18 result in history. edit: can't believe she refused from 1.97
  13. 2 athletes have been provisionally suspended: Glory Onome and ECH silver medalist in 50km race walk Alina Tsviliy. Alina's failed test was taken in less than a month after the ECH She was clean at the ECH. The meds weren't prescribed by the team doctor so my guess is that she wanted to find allowed substitude for meldonium and failed to check the WADA list.
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