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  1. Maybe Argentina will beat the US just for Canada to lose to Argentina in another sport.
  2. This is the first time I've ever watched it and it's very difficult to understand without commentary.
  3. I wasn't expecting her to even medal here!
  4. I'm not expecting much after seeing his freestyle split on the relay last night.
  5. I've only ever watched this sport for 5 mins right now but Canada was very bad here.
  6. Hopefully this provides some good lessons for her and the whole team next year.
  7. Oleksiak has looked on form as well for the first time since 2016 - I maintain the scratch for her in the 100 free was a mistake.
  8. Smith's backstroke record was impressive but as a Canadian I can't help but feel a bit fearful about Masse's gold chances in the 100m.
  9. That was quite the session for the Canadians especially impressed with Thornmeyer.
  10. I was thinking about the women's 4x100m medley.
  11. TBH Australia doesn't have a great breastroke leg either, but maybe Canada goes with Pickrem....
  12. That was a National Record for Canada in the relay right?
  13. I honestly don't think the Canadian teams were mentally prepared for the tournament and I really think that falls on the federation for not preparing them enough. I'm also perplexed to how the teams brought coaches from the national team as opposed to their own coaches, but that may be me not understanding curling culture.
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