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  1. 1) It is not the beginning, we had many major competitions over there before (for example cycling or artistic gymnastics world championships) and i hope this development will stop. 2) Very unlikely that more sport fans will be willing to travel halfway around the world to a country where it is almost impossible to find alcohol (at a reasonable price), where women are treated like shit and where you basically cant leave your hotel room without risking your health. 3) Please god prevent any official from being stupid (corrupt) enough to give a (major) competition to Saudi Arabia ... whats next ... giving a world championship to North Korea?
  2. Not sure about Eugene ... how big is the stadium and what was the attendance for the US trials this year for example?
  3. Womens long jump was below level when Mihambos winning mark was the best female performance of the whole competition (based on IAAF points) ... ? Also what makes womens long jump worse than mens 200 m, mens 400 m, mens 5000 m, mens 110 m hurdles, mens 400 m hurdles, mens discus throw, mens hammer throw, mens decathlon, womens 200 m, womens 800 m, womens shot put, womens hammer throw or womens javelin throw?
  4. Really sad to see how far Germany has falllen, even Spain and Switzerland are better now ... With more than 80 million people Germany should always be easily top 8.
  5. I think based on the individual times Jamaica should have won silver. Polish relay is pretty old, so they got a lot of experience.
  6. Congrats, silver for Poland is very surprising, but i dont know why you didnt predict a medal for Jamaica?
  7. I am very surprised by this result, i thought that Jamaica would easily win silver, but Poland never fails to surprise in events like that.
  8. It is great to see that you havent lost your humor, but which athletes exactly are supposed to win medals for you in Tokyo?
  9. Cool, but does anyone really care nowadays? Its not like he is a legend like Stefan Holm, Javier Sotomayor or Ivan Ukhov.
  10. I have heard of him before, but didnt know about his country. In general i try not to follow doped up events without german participation.
  11. 6 medals is a really disappointing result for Germany. Germany should have won at least 9 medals and 5 of them in gold. I hope that german athletes will perform better in Tokyo.
  12. Never heard of that country before, so i just assumed it was in Africa.
  13. Another sensational medal for Africa in javelin throw after Yego and Walcott. I hope this motivates the german athletes for Tokyo. Looking at the past 2 seasons only 1 bronze is super disappointing for Germany.
  14. Very disappointing session for Nigeria, only 1 bronze instead of 1 silver (by Brume) and 1 silver/bronze (by Amusan), also Okagbare and Oduduru were pretty disappointing. Their athletes seem like even bigger chokers than the german athletes.
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