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  1. As far as i know that isn't correct. I think the city of Hamburg is counting their deaths this way, but the RKI (Robert-Koch-Institut) that is responsible for the statistics for Germany as a whole counts everyone who died and was tested positive, even if he/she died from something else. For example look at the following case: In Heinsberg a 78-year-old man died of heart failure without having any problems with his lungs, but he was still counted as a corona victim (after testing positive). Also in two retirement homes in Würzburg and Wolfsburg about 30 patients died and all were counted as corona victims although, as you might suspect, most of them were pretty old (80+) and had at least one underlying condition.
  2. In case some people are interested about the situation in Germany: - Apparently Germany increased its critical care bed capacity to 40k and of those between 15k and 20k are currently free (which means roughly 34 intensive care beds per 100.000 people, compared to roughly 10 intensive care beds per 100.000 people in Italy/Spain/France) - Currently there are roughly 2200 patients with Covid-19 who need intensive care, 1800 of them need addititonal oxygen - The number of ventilators was increased to 30k - Over the last couple of days Germany always had roughly 6000 new cases and 100 - 150 new deaths (which suggests that currently one person statistically only infects one other person), in total there are about 95k confirmed cases and roughly 1400 deaths, so the death rate (which has been steadily increasing over the past couple of weeks) is now at about 1.5 % - The measures that were taken seem to be working and the doubling time is at 9 days currently, Angela Merkel said that only when the doubling time is at 14 days or so it will be time to consider lifting some of the restrictions - The current testing capacity is at roughly 100k tests per day and in total around 1.5 million tests were conducted so far, of which roughly 7 % were positive - Sadly (for all men) german doctors are also observing (like their colleagues from other countries) that men need intensive care more often than women Edit: According to Dietmar Hopp (main shareholder of Curevac) by this fall Curevac might be able to produce a couple houndred million doses of vaccine ... but the leading (german) virologists keep insisting that it will take at least 12 more months to get a vaccine. I would like to believe Hopp on this, but i fear that he won't be right.
  3. Sad. They did the same to Canada and France already. Will be interesting to see a) How Trump will act if/when the US will be first to produce a vaccine b) How Trump will react if Germany won't sell the US a vaccine (if Curevac will be the first to produce one) or ventilators (produced by Dräger)
  4. What a bullshit list... How can Hungary be on the list but not countries like South Korea or Norway?
  5. Does anyone have any idea how much a reusable FFP3 mask normally costs? I wanted to buy one on Ebay (in Germany), but at the moment they seem a bit overpriced ... 172,50 € (with more than half an hour to go until the auction is over) for ONE mask seems a bit high for me ... ?
  6. I don't see any chance for that happening ... you would have to test people to get confirmed cases and unfortunately i don't see testing as very high up on Bolsonaro's list of priorities ...
  7. You really have to admire China's guts ... first they bring this virus into the world, then they try to cover it up and then when it hits the rest of the world they earn a shitload of money selling their overpriced stuff ... that then turns out to be faulty ...
  8. I think the most important things are: 1) Asian countries have been hit by viruses multiple times over the last 2 decades, so they have much more experience dealing with this. 2) Asian people seem to have a different sense for hygiene (most of them wear masks (mainly due to air pollution) + disinfectants everywhere) 3) In Europe and the US it is too late to just get by with mass testing ... i doubt that this will be the solution when you have 50k cases or more already. Germany is at 400k - 500k tests per week already and plans to get up to 2 million tests per week by the end of April, but at this point i don't see any chance that "we" will be able to solve this problem with testing and contact tracing alone ...
  9. I hope for you that you didn't get the same "tests" as Spain and the Czech Republic, those with a 30 % accuracy ...
  10. Are you seriously saying that Italy getting in this situation was only Bad luck? Please tell me that this is Not what you are thinking?
  11. I guess thats what you get for helping other countries ... At least well informed italian people dont think like that ... Would you prefer it if Germany would send all the italian patients in a critical State that they already accepted back to Italy? Would you like to send back the 300 ventilators that Germany sent you? I cant believe that certain southern european nations blame other european nations for their own failures again and again, but i guess thats easier than admitting your own incompetence...
  12. Any predictions for the top 3 (number of confirmed cases when all of this is over)? My prediction would be: 1) USA 2) Germany 3) Spain Also: Anyone else worried about Sweden? Their strategy seems rather "optimistic" ...
  13. How do you know that? I always wonder why people for example take the brazilian or indian numbers seriously ... when you test noone you probably also won't find infected people ... I am not saying that this it the case in Ecuador/Burundi, but just because someone hasn't testes positive, doesn't mean that he/she isn't infected and might spread it. Personally i also don't know what should be done with a person like that? Where/how should they go into quarantine? What is the point of travelling to a foreign country when that country is in a lockdown?
  14. I don't get the point of closing the borders (between Germany and France/Switzerland/Austria for example), especially in countries that didn't even bother to quarantine people from China/Italy (initially). I think in many countries it is too late to stop the virus from spreading.
  15. Sorry, but to me this also sounds very "fishy". Weren't there millions of people who fled the Hubei region before the lockdown and therefore could have spread the virus all over the country? In my opinion there is absolutely no way that the problem is "solved" and that China won't have the same problems again in a couple of weeks/months. In my opinion the chinese government just realized that they can't shut down the economy forever and therefore they just decided to let the virus run its natural course (which is what all other countries should do too in my opinion).
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