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  1. Really sad to hear about the polish guy. He was caught before and shouldn't be allowed to compete. I really hope that he will never (again) win anything, although even that wouldn't be a consolation for all the people he has already stolen from. If guess if officials keep handling his doping samples the same way in the future, then he sadly has nothing to fear. Some nations/athletes just don't have any shame. It is a crazy thing to say, but in my opinion even Romani is less suspicious than the polish guy.
  2. Thanks to the retards who thought that those weight classes would make sense ... The division into -60, -67, -77, -87, -97 is absolutely ridiculous, something like -60, -66, -74, -84, -96 would have made much more sense. Noone can seriously think that it makes sense to have the same difference between the 2nd and 3rd lightest category (-67 & -77) and the two heaviest categories (-87 & -97).
  3. Sure, all his successes so far have been gifts ... everyone else is just too stupid to do the same ...
  4. Great result for Argentina with a team that isn't even among their most talented in recent memory and certainly isn't top 10 in the world when it comes to individual talent, but they played with a lot of passion and that was enough against a french team that clearly didn't have the same intensity as in their game against the US. I feared that the french players would lose their focus after their win against the US and that is exactly what happened. I think everyone can be happy about this result at least a bit. Argentinian people have enough sorrows at home and this result certainly will cheer them up for a while.
  5. Great tournament for both teams, very encouraging for Australia to see that they can compete even without so many NBA players (Simmons, Exum, Maker, Bolden, Broekhoff and so on). This might be the last chance for this spanish generation to win a major title, so they should be extra motivated in the final.
  6. Yeah, by that logic Slovenia also is better than Spain/Serbia/France ... Everything came together for your team last year, but Dragic clearly declined since then and noone can seriously doubt that Latvia has more talent than your team.
  7. Congratulations to France, finally they were able to play as a team. They always have amazing players, but normally they don't work very well as a team. Also i think that it is good for basketball that the US can't win with a C team, next year they will be dominant enough. France has a great future with guys like Ntilikina, Hayes, Doumbouya, Maledon, Wembanyama, Hoard, Cazalon or Begarin. They clearly have the 2nd best talent pool in the world, ahead of Australia and Canada. Overall this is an amazing year for french sport, first their massive overperformance at the judo world championships and now this ... Not sure if France can be considered the favorite now? I think France and Australia have been more impressive than Argentina/Spain, but if they battle it out in the semifinal, then Spain might profit from that in the final. I think France could become the 3rd country in history to hold the world title in football and basketball at the same time. Brazil did it in 1958/1959 and 1962/1963 and Spain did it in 2006/2010. France could also become the 4th country to win world cups in both sports, the other nations that did it are Spain, Brazil and Argentina.
  8. Wow, i never thought that Argentina could even get close, but i guess that the match against Spain broke Serbia. Now i would consider Serbia the biggest disappointment at this tournament, ahead of Greece, Germany and Turkey. I can't help but feel as if all the talk about how great this team is and how they could beat the US got to their heads. In my opinion something similar (at a lower level) happened to the german team here. When everyone tells you how great you are, then maybe some day you start believing it and this might lead to you not giving your best effort in some situations. This serbian losso pens up a huge chance for France and especially the Czech Republic. If the US beats France, then the Czech Republic is only 1 victory away from qualifying for the olympics! I also see some similarities between this and the 2016 european championships/the 2018 world cup in football. I think after such a long NBA/Champions League season most of the top players are very tired, so a lot of the matches are much closer than they should be and we get surprising teams (Portugal/Wales at the 2016 european championships in football, England/Croatia at the 2018 football world cup and now Czech Republic/Argentina here) going very deep.
  9. What do you mean? I think both days the first events started at 7 pm local time. When should they have started in your opinion? I agree that this way the competition doesn't make much sense, it should be held in years with no world championships/olympic games and if the IAAF wants to continue this competition, they will have to find a way to make this more attractive for the best athletes.
  10. Probably, i think the following performances were especially remarkable: - 2.35 m for Nedasekau in men's high jump (world leading mark) - 80.71 m for Fajdek in men's hammer throw, only he himself (3 times) and Nowicki (1 time) have produced better marks this year - 22.35 m by Hill in men's shot put, this now ranks him 4th in the world for the year - 4.85 m for Sidorova in women's pole vault. She now is the only athlete this year who has produced 4.85 m or better more than once and only she herself (4.86 m) and Suhr (4.91 m) have produced better marks this year
  11. Technically you are right, but obviously that wasn't the point. I was talking about players who are actually good enough to play in the the national team. For Germany the best roster (in my opinion) would be one with only players who will play in the champions league this season. I am not sure this is true for any other nation. How many nations could field an entire roster of players who play in the champions league this season for teams that play in one of the top 5 leagues (France, Spain, England, Italy, Germany)? This would immediately eliminate Russia, Belgium, Portugal and the Netherlands. For example it is rather unlikely that Spain will play a major tournament without players from FC Sevilla, Real Sociedad, Arsenal London or Milan. Also England always has at least some players from Everton, Leicester or Aston Villa. I think apart from Germany only Brazil, France and maybe Spain could field a competitive squad consisting only of players who will play in the champions league this season. If we look at overall strength of the squad then Germany is at least top 6 in the world right now (alongside France, Brazil, Spain, England and Belgium/Argentina), possibly even top 4.
  12. I don't see any chance for Northern Ireland to qualify (directly), it should be between Germany and the Netherlands. Many people are talking badly about german football, but the main problem is Joachim Löw. With Jürgen Klopp, Thomas Tuchel, Jupp Heynckes or Julian Nagelsmann as head coach, Germany would still be one of the main favorites at the next european championships. Germany is actually able to field a roster of 23 players only with players who will play Champions League this season, i am not sure how many other nations are able to do that?
  13. Amazing job by the Czech Republic! I don't think anyone would have bet anything on them making it out of the 2nd group stage ahead of Brazil and especially Greece and all of that even without Vesely. I guess that the main reason for them making it out of the 2nd group stage was Giannis clearly underperforming, but if you look at their individual quality, then Greece still should have beaten them comfortably. I never considered Greece as strong as many others, but i still thought that Giannis would lead them out of the 2nd group stage and that they then would have a 50/50 match against France/Australia. Looking at the greek roster, i don't see nearly as much individual quality as on the spain/french/serbian roster and i think it might also have something to do with greek teams performing worse and worse every year in the Euroleague.
  14. Do we already know how the draw for the world qualifier next year will work? If the following nations all compete with their best players, then those 4 tournaments could be extremely good: Serbia/Spain/France, Greece, Lithuania, Slovenia, Croatia, Italy, Turkey, Germany, Brazil, Canada, Dominican Republic Before the start of the tournament i considered Greece and Lithuania as the 4th/5th best european teams behind France, Spain and Serbia, but they were pretty disappointing here, so right now i would only consider Serbia/Spain/France clear favorites to qualify for Tokyo. If all nations play with their best players, then my guess would be that Serbia/Spain/France, Greece, Lithuania and Canada will qualify, but if Canada will miss their NBA players again, the question of who gets the 4th spot will be completely open and will mainly depend on the draw. I guess all teams will hope not to be drawn into the group with Serbia/Spain/France.
  15. 1) Just noticed that Pinto isn't on the start list anymore (https://www.european-athletics.org/mm/Document/EventsMeetings/General/01/28/90/76/TEAM_LISTCOMBINED_Neutral.pdf) 2) I don't think that the start lists prove that the level of participants is very good. In my opinion the US will compete with their best athlete in only 10 out of 34 individual events (Men's 1500 m, men's 3000 m SC, men's high jump, men's javelin throw, men's hammer throw, women's long jump, women's shot put, women's hammer throw, women's javelin throw, women's discus throw) and Europe will compete with their best athlete in only 13 out of 34 individual events (Men's 200 m, men's 800 m, men's 110 m hurdles, men's high jump, men's long jump, men's pole vault, men's javelin throw, men's hammer throw, women's 100 m hurdles, women's high jump, women's pole vault, women's discus throw, women's hammer throw).
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