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  1. Team with the worst record (and that will obviously be the Knicks) can get no lower than 5th pick. Don't really know how they calculated it, but these are the chances for each team to win the lottery (drawing will be on May 14th): Team > Odds at No. 1 Pick Team 1 > 14.0%Team 2 > 14.0%Team 3 >14.0%Team 4 > 12.5%Team 5 > 10.5%Team 6 > 9.0%Team 7 > 7.5%Team 8 > 6.0%Team 9 > 4.5%Team 10 > 3.0%Team 11 > 2.0%Team 12 > 1.5%Team 13 > 1.0%Team 14 > 0.5%
  2. They play like that all the season. Never really liked it, but still have to admire Harden's numbers.
  3. He was obviously obssesed with serb-ottoman wars in 14th century... He also included the names of several Serbian military figures, such as Milos Obilic, an apocryphal knight featuring prominently in accounts of the 1389 Battle of Kosovo against the invading Ottoman Empire, the Islamic superpower of its day, who was alleged to have assassinated the Ottoman Sultan. Tarrant made reference to the Serbian Prince Lazar Hrebeljanovic, whom Obilic served and who was killed in the Battle of Kosovo. Other names inscribed on Tarrant's weaponry included Bajo Pivljanin and Novak Vujosevic, each of whom led uprisings against the Ottomans during later periods and were considered heroes within their communities, as well as Montenegrin general Marko Miljanov. Also inscribed on his guns and ammunition were references to the 1683 Battle of Vienna, in which Christian forces defeated the Ottomans, and 1571, an apparent reference to the Battle of Lepanto in which the Empire suffered another defeat. Music was playing in the car in the background of the video of Tarrant's attack, one in the Serbian language, and one in German. The Serbian song references the "butcher of Bosnia", Radovan Karadzic, a convicted war criminal and the political leader of Bosnian Serbs. "Wolves are on the move from Krajina. Fascists and Turks, beware. Karadzic, lead your Serbs, let them see they fear no one," the lyrics say. It was not immediately clear whether Tarrant was involved in far-right neo-Nazi groups in Australia. However, imagery from Tarrant's now-removed Twitter profile bears striking similarity to those used by a extreme-right, anti-immigration group called The Dingoes. In his writing, Tarrant echoed views expressed by Anders Breivik, the Norwegian right-wing terrorist who killed 77 people with a van bomb and gun massacre in Norway in 2011. He specifically mentioned Breivik by name, claiming he had "brief contact" with the mass murderer and had received a "blessing" for his actions from Breivik's associates. The dossier also praised United States President Donald Trump as "a symbol of renewed white identity and common purpose", and addresses grievances about the left's "march through the institutions".
  4. Juve, City, Barca and Liverpool are definitely favorites here.
  5. Ramos legitimately fucked Madrid with that yellow card, they were horryfing in defense tonight.
  6. LeBron tried to trade almost all of his teammates, and they return him for that by losing 40 to Pacers without Oladipo
  7. Interesting moment in San Antonio last night, with the bat (!!) flying around the arena, and a guy in Batman uniform catching it
  8. [hide] Final Round January 25th - January 27th, 2018 8 Nations, Placement Matches, Semifinals, Bronze Medal Match and Gold Medal Match Bronze Medal Match Date & Time (GMT +1) Nation 1 T1 T2 Nation 2 January 27th 2019, h. 14:30 France 1 Germany Gold Medal Match Date & Time (GMT +1) Nation 1 T1 T2 Nation 2 January 27th 2019, h. 17:30 Denmark 2 Norway [/hide]
  9. Well, that's one thing we have in common. I've always liked his style of play, ever since I first saw him in Orlando. He really hasn't had luck with injuries in his career so far, hope he'll be able to recover from this one completely.
  10. Oladipo injured his right knee and will miss the rest of the season...
  11. [hide] Final Round January 25th - January 27th, 2018 8 Nations, Placement Matches, Semifinals, Bronze Medal Match and Gold Medal Match Semifinals Date & Time (GMT +1) Nation 1 T1 T2 Nation 2 January 25th 2019, h. 17:30 Denmark 1 France January 25th 2019, h. 20:30 Germany 1 Norway [/hide]
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