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  1. I'm currently in Zagreb, and it was a quite strong one, threw me out of my bed at 6:30 am. Luckily no serious damages.
  2. But Euro and Copa America are now moved to the summer 2021, meaning the season will have to finish as early as the beginning of June 2021, so they will probably have to start in August. Also, transfer window is very active during July and August, many players will be busy with that.
  3. This is a massive blow for us, our best players are already veterans.
  4. Arsenal's manager and Chelsea's player got positive tests, I can see EPL cancelling all the games today.
  5. Well, to be honest, he could have transmitted the virus just by talking into the mics.
  6. With Rugani getting coronavirus, I doubt there will even be any more UCL game played this season.
  7. It is kinda disrespectful towards Drummond, but that's the business. I think the Pistons will now try to get rid off Griffin and his big contract, and have a chance to completely rebuild a team with a lot of cap space.
  8. It's not that simple. You can't delete a contract in the NBA. Drummond has a player option at the end of the season and he can join whatever the team he wants, the Pistons could have lost him for nothing.
  9. Yeah, they killed the Packers with the running game, I supposed they would lean on that tactics.
  10. My favorite player back in the days, I still can't believe it... RIP Kobe
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