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  1. https://apnews.com/18e69c4e242b711c4c2e04592202a6c9?utm_source=Twitter&utm_medium=AP_Sports&utm_campaign=SocialFlow&fbclid=IwAR2H--jLRsNGA9vUe9aYMDArfP50HgOOxJo-Lyagyo92XD4bdi06axioigQ damn you CoronaVirus!!
  2. Well as long as this will not be from those “started as a virus between animals/amoebas and then somehow found its way to humans...” So anyway coronavirus seems to create quite a mess...
  3. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-7994747/amp/Mysterious-new-virus-unknown-origin-emerges-lake-Brazil-leaving-scientists-puzzled.html Apparently diseases are coming at the same time or not at all...
  4. Congratulations @dcro can’t wait for Israel debut in Rijeka and of course learn about Croatia and Rijeka
  5. It has been written in the media that the guy who hacked and exposed Man’ City is now being jailed and he want to be released and says he did nothing wrong. Nevertheless, it’s a huge hit for the English club and European competition since it’s done well by promoting the idea of the new European super league which will be like the European euro league where all the big teams play constantly every year with no elimination/relegation of one of the founding members
  6. I thought that there is a banning threat against Russia due to those Cases
  7. let's just hope that we will enjoy this games in tokyo without any problems what so ever...
  8. i wonder if the schedule will be chanded due to the CoronaVirus outbreak? and if so when they will announce those changes...
  9. key word is confirmed since no one really know how many people are actually dead or got infected China is managing the information that come and go a thing that makes world wide Uncertainty
  10. fyi:Coronavirus has got a new name: COVID 19
  11. well.. at least now for china they are 100€ reicher... the thought was good well done Comoros
  12. canedian maple syrup and vasek pospisil name better duo i'll wait
  13. You can call it half time action! i thought that cheerleaders supposed to cheer up not beating down...
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