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  1. I am currently studying Java c++ and c# but some friends of mine are more into HTML and so they bought some online courses so what i am trying to say is that i guess there are planty of those on HTML and basicly on anything and some may be a good source for learning
  2. In Israel our minister of health and his wife were found positive for Coronavirus..
  3. Ian Kinsler has officially joining Israeli Baseball team for the Olympics, that great news for the team let's go!!
  4. Isn't everyone busy fighting the Coronavirus?... (JK thought the competition is canceled..)
  5. Just finished with my votings tbh i never thought it would be so hard to choose there were so much good songs that now I've got a new Playlist, and it's a Damn good one!
  6. BARUCH DAYAN EMET Éva székely 1952 Olympic gold medalists swimmer has passed away today at the respectable age of 92 she won Gold in 1952 and silver in 1956 at the 200m breaststroke she represented
  7. i happy because we will get to see the czechoslovakia Derby and after the last time i reckon we(Israel) and Scotland after the last time could play and beat France and lose to Gibrlatar on the same week.. It's going to be good group
  8. Israel has officially chosen its Entry Eden Alene- Feker Libi
  9. Still depending on whether or not The teams decide to give the players the option or keep them on the roaster, hoping that in LA 2028 it will be possible that all MLB players Could and would be in
  10. Yes but it’s according to 35% of votes and this time they deliberately decided to check every vote slowly and then update, after last time with Shaked and Bennet
  11. I’ll guess we will wait to find out...
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