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Everything posted by mihamiha

  1. nikola mirotic signed with barca who is making very good team
  2. its gonna be intereseting season,now we have more teams for finale
  3. good tournament for our boys to get in top8,but usa were too strong
  4. so lakers after kemba walker or kawhi
  5. great tennis in first 2 sets,then as expected
  6. its the last day,so they are too tired to do more.roglič got more then minute in first time trial against landa in 8km, but he cant catch nibali,cause he is too good. too bad for rogla that he was ill and he was the only favourite without helpers almost in all stages
  7. so,rogla is now in battle for 3rd place. time trial is short,but he should go past landa
  8. we did it, jjjjjjjjjjjjjuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu 6th throphy really glad for klopp
  9. some fans doesnt know how to behave,disgrace
  10. it looks like half of slovenia is in this giro.hundreds of fans
  11. rogla is healty now,but the gap is too big to get victory
  12. now is clear that roglič has stomach problems from saturday, now is little better
  13. yeah,maybe he made mistake shaping his form,cause he was winning all first part of the year
  14. bad day for rogla. i just hope it was a bad day,cause if not,he will have problems to keep top3 place. movistar is a machine,rogla lost his best 2 helpers long ago
  15. Juvan lost after tough match, Bedene has 1:1 in sets
  16. now we gonna watch bedene-corić
  17. Polona Hercog just won
  18. lucky loser 18 year old Kaja Juvan won first set
  19. congrats to finland,best defence won
  20. when rogla needed new bike,there were no car of his team near,because they had to go to toilet (20km until end). amateurs
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