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  1. it’s settled. The opening day will be 23rd July 2021. The most agendas will remain the same.
  2. Chinese think he has a perfect way of answering. Hahaha. But to be honest, if the question is not that political, he could answer in a direct way instead of political way.
  3. Seriously? What if it causes difficulty in breathing during the labor?
  4. It's a good signal. The death is developing from confirmed-mild-severe-death, it takes a long time. These two number don't share the same trend and time line.
  5. Really???This man died after being beaten up these police?? It looks really like some eye catching fake news.
  6. Tokyo mayor submitted an application to Tokyo Olympic Committee to make use of the Olympic Village to be a temporary hospital for mild symptom coronavirus patients and quarantine facilities for oversea passengers. Will this terrify the athletes? Source in Chinese
  7. This thing is very tricky with a lot of stories behind. It's hard for me to explain the whole background of Korean society and current atmosphere towards sexual harassment in English. But one thing is easy to say. That is the competition in the Korean team is very tense. So Chinese fans think the victim Hwang Dae Heon intentionally made this issue big and not forgave Lim so Lim would lose his position and chance. Otherwise no one would know what happened in a NT training session. But to be clear, Hwang is very unpopular in China but Lim is relatively better, so people would think it that way.
  8. Chinese media all quote and translate from Korean media, so I give u the original Korean source, a Korean main stream media Chosun Ilbo.
  9. Not sure how it counts. I guess the two year probation is allowing him to participate Beijing 2022 and 2021 WCH? Anyway the suspension is understandable, but if counts guilty, lots of youngsters would be sent to jail.
  10. OMG Lim Hyo-jun the Korean Olympic champion will be sentenced to one year imprisonment after two years' probation for taking off male teammate's pants in front of female teammates in a national team climbing training session. I thought one year suspension in national team is harsh enough, it turns out he will be sent to prison!!! It totally goes too far, the unification of Korea seems one step closer.
  11. When China suffered from the virus most, there always rumors spreading every now and then saying XXX is an effective medicine and causing people panic buying that medicine. While doctors clarified some medicines are effective for some patients but not a single one medicine is a universal functioning one. All medicine is helping your immune system and other direct damaged organs, at last it still counts on yourself.
  12. I would never have a chance to listen a Lesotho or Yemen song out of this forum.
  13. Here comes my second recommendation. The only popular Myanmar song in China , no one understands the lyrics but makes you warm and touched. Myanmar July Tun - For ma
  14. I would like to present one of my favorite K-Pop groups and their new song. No MV released yet and I would like to invite you to watch the live with multiple languages lyrics choices. South Korea Blackpink - Don't Know What To Do
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