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  1. I prefer this to be the best solution, only 4 regions(Asia pacific, Europe, Africa and Pan America) each with one quota, and all the rest will go to global tournaments(and several invitation quotas). It's much more fair and competitive, good both for athletes and audience.
  2. HUGE competence gap between two groups( like what happened in Rio again). No.1 seed for Host Country is so not fair for World No.1 & 2 and other countries with them. I think China and USA don't care about it too much, but Russia, Italy and Turkey must struggling with this grouping.
  3. Good chance for China after winning Qatar 3:1, especially watching the game between Iran and South Korea so close. It's very energy consuming for Iran.
  4. When could we know if Ukraine and Qatar are fine? assuming it should be finalized but just not published?
  5. Great news for Australia and China. It seems South Korea will assure no.1 in Group A then, so whichever team from Group B get no.1 will avoid meeting South Korea on the final stage. Hope China will get the 1st place in home
  6. Even if Qatar and Ukraine want to meet MER through 5.1, should they do that before 31 Dec or next year would also be fine?
  7. Li Na(tennis) won the French Open in 2011, sleepless night for me.
  8. For China definitely goes to Li Na the tennis player. She is not an Olympic medalist but won 2 grand slam titles, becoming the first asian ever to achieve this. She is very popular among Chinese fans and sponsors. Top1 influential and profitable athlete during the early decade. And thanks to her, the tennis sports improve fast in China and becoming a popular one. There are lots of high level professional tennis events held in China now. For the team goes to National Women's Volleyball Team. they won 2 time World Cup and the gold medal in Rio with several breath-taking games with Brazil, Netherland and Serbia, the process is very nervous. this is widely considered as the most important gold won in past two Olympics. BTW there will be two biographical films releasing next year in China respectively for Li Na and Women's Volleyball Team. these also are the only two sports biographical films until now, quite a privilege.
  9. Male sportsperson of the year: Rafael Nadal (runner up Caeleb Dressel ) Female sportsperson of the year: Simon Biles Team of the year: Men's Basketball Team (runner up Women's Volleyball Team) Junior sportsman of the year (under 20 years old at 1/1/2019): I don't know Junior sportswoman of the year (under 20 years old at 1/1/2019): Bianca Andreescu Greatest moment of the year: Novak Djokovic vs Roger Federer in Wimbledon Final Biggest idiot of the year: a little offensive and disrespectful, Roger Federer missed two match points and lost the Wimbledon Final
  10. I like 2019 very much and a pretty good year for me. Tennis My favorite athlete of all sports Rafael Nadal won two Grand Slams and ending the season as No.1. The Wimbledon Final between Djokovic and Federer and the US open final between Nadal and Medvedev are truly extraordinary and epic game for audience. I'm more than satisfactory as a tennis fan during 2019. Winter Sports I like figure skate and curling. Chinese players Sui/Han won WCH and the grand prix final in pairs. Chinese men/ladies single and ice dance are also improving fast. A new star Nathan Chen is born winning over Yuzuru Hanyu in 2019. I really like his style to perform and become a fan of Chen. Women curling team almost grabbed a medal in WCH but failed. it still was a good result during past few years though. Athletics Swimming Gymnastics Chinese Team did a quite stable job in WCH of athletics and swimming, no surprise and no new stars, winning 3 gold medals respectively, being stable is good enough for me. Artistic Gymnastics WCH is a disaster, first time 0 gold medal for past 26 years (some good players absence for winning more Olympic quotas, still optimistic for 2-3 golds in Tokyo 2020). Other Sports Very happy to see the progress of rowing and slalom canoeing winning several WCH gold medals, women volleyball won the world cup and back to world no.1. But also some terrible moments, men basketball first time ever to lose Olympic qualification in home field FIBA World Cup since rejoin the 1984 Olympic, Judo 0 medals in WCH, Badminton WCH only 1 gold medal and surpassed by Japan. With lots of happy and sad moments in 2019, overall it still a very good one for me.
  11. Liang lost the semi final and failed to grab the quota. Congrats to Woolley.
  12. Thanks Olympian1010, this forum is awesome and I am gonna love it.
  13. The withdrawal of those qualified are quite understandable. But Woolley is quite confusing, maybe he thinks the Europe qualification event is more easy and confident for him while the qualification system of Grand Slam is random and energy-consuming. He still has a great chance to get the quota after all.
  14. To be honest, the draw itself suggests something has been done by China Federation. I think the draw is too good to be true for Liang. The first round is bye, QF against a Chinese and SF 50% against Chinese and 50% against some foreigners ranking lower than him. Then he will reach the final. Hope he grab the chance.
  15. 3rd day draw released. http://www.worldtaekwondo.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/12/Draw-Sheet20-DEC-2019-Day-3-With-Contest-Number.pdf Yushuai Liang has a perfect chance to win the Grand Slam Olympic quota as long as he gets into the final. I think it not that difficult as it sounds according to the draw. Hope he win it.
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