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  1. I have bean in a parade of nations in 2012, when i was one one of team nurses for Morocco.
  2. Rember i dont whant to live in an liberal western european countries, because the liberal prejudice against women who were the hijab like me.
  3. And mr Jones has nice and thrustworth easy, i dont know what he does, he sounded to be the first politician who taked to people and not above them, i dont knew but he sounded like the first american who doesnt whant steal the oil in the mideast.
  4. what proof, that dr Adams is a conspirationsteorist, if he is that, so am i in that case, i dont trust the world elit, because i am an arab and a muslim.
  5. A person is not a consperationteorist only because you dont like what person says, you must provit, and Mike Adams is a kind of a doctor.
  6. Dunadan where in Italy do you live, does Italy needs help from Africa.
  7. Mike Adams Natural news he had nice eyes mr Jones, and i trust him, he is far more inrtelligent then the usal americans.
  8. dr Mike Adams talked to the president, and the host was some kind of politician from texas,
  9. The corono is a man made virus, for the first i belive an american president, because they have strings who is plausibel fore a influensa virus, little of this, little of that, impossibel, and he seams so sweat, the president and young.
  10. you must question this mans results cut 22 minutes in one time.
  11. Hopfully Morocco and 11 athoer African qualifies this weekend, and hopefully no one get injured, so i can watch.
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