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  1. Yi Siling shooting very poorly. Looks like it will be between USA and Russia for gold
  2. The young American jumps into the lead!
  3. Wow, Thrasher neck and neck with the defending champion
  4. Can someone post a stream to the final when they find one?
  5. Cool moment: Turkish rider falls and a fan on the side of the course helps him gather up some food that fell out of his pocket.
  6. The Dutch are shooting exceptionally well so far. Gonna be tough for Spain
  7. Easy win for the former gold medalist Drysdale
  8. Unbelievable views from the rowing venue
  9. Looking forward to starting off the day tomorrow with rowing heats and the men's road race. Canada plays in women's basketball and soccer later in the day, and one of our beach volleyball teams goes off in the morning, not to mention the rugby sevens in the afternoon. Excited to catch some of the gymnastics qualifications, team archery and judo in between. Then to finish the night off with the swimming finals and some more beach volleyball.
  10. There's like 10 people in the crowd.
  11. Thought it would be a good idea to have one of these threads where we can share what events we plan on watching for each day in Rio.
  12. I'll take Saint Lucia as my first choice, as I had a chance to visit the beautiful country last year and loved it!
  13. I don't agree with that. The point is being able to cheer on your countrymen in Rio, regardless of the result
  14. Incredible first person view of the Rio mountain bike course. Looks crazy! This is going to be a spectacular setting for the sport.
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