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  1. 20 hours ago, Maxim Fastovsky said:

    Every day makes me fall in love with Trump more and more.   Hopefully in 2024 his son runs.   There really shouldn't be any other president in America that doesnt have the last name of Trump


    Ok, this is the post. You're definitely trolling. 

  2. 2 hours ago, Maxim Fastovsky said:


    Oh i'm not triggered, i'm never triggered, i'm not a liberal. We control the white house, the senate, have great economy, we are enjoying life under trump. No reason to get triggered really. 


    This is funny since Donald Trump is the most easily triggered man in America. He freaked out just a week ago because a Canadian television channel cut his cameo from their broadcast of Home Alone 2. 

  3. 3 minutes ago, Maxim Fastovsky said:


    I could care less how he talks.  I care about his actions.  And the amazing actions and policy for the american people that put america first.   That's what I care about. I dont always agree with his twittering.  Or the way he talks.  But I agree with his policy, his economics and all he's done in the past 3 years


    You can think that. But remember, 50 years from now, no one will care what level the stock market was at under Trump. All he will ever be remembered for is that he was impeached. 

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  4. What a historic moment. Even though he will likely be acquitted in the senate, finally this serial criminal and despicable man is facing the consequences of a lifetime of breaking the law and putting himself before others. I only hope that Americans will be smart enough to remove this monster from office in November. 


    No matter how you try and spin it, Trump's legacy will forever be tarnished as he becomes one of just 3 presidents to ever be impeached. A very fitting legacy.  



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  5. 3 minutes ago, Olympian1010 said:

    I find it enjoyable, and quite literally have nothing better to do until “Watchmen” comes on in an hour, so I have to do something to kill the time. While I agree that I won’t change any minds tonight, it’s always worth a shot. I don’t dislike @Maxim Fastovsky as a person, so there’s nothing wrong with a spirited argument, especially when there are so few republicans around in California.


    For the record, I obviously don't dislike him either. I just don't think Trump supporters are worth discussing politics with, as they're too far gone of the deep end. That's why sports exist for friendlier debate instead :d 

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  6. 3 minutes ago, Monzanator said:


    It's a huge problem for the left-wingers Trump is the most Jewish-friendly president USA has ever had. You'd love to throw him under the racism bus however you can't because the Jewish people would grill you. And let's face it, getting the Jewish votes in USA is way more important than Muslims votes.


    Yeah, the truth being that he doesn't actually give a shit about Israel - it's purely for votes, as you mentioned. Look no further than his casual bigoted remarks a few days ago in front of the Israeli American Council that many saw as bigoted. 

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  7. 1 minute ago, Olympian1010 said:

    The founding fathers also thought that slavery was fine, women and black people didn’t need to vote, and the natives were “savages” that need “education”. Some undocumented immigrants have never known any country but this country. What about them?


    This. Something I never understand about Americans is why you worship a document drafted by men who all had syphilis and owned slaves.  

  8. @Olympian1010 I would just cut your losses. You're debating against someone speaking verbatim from a Fox News comment section. It's not worth it. As you yourself have admitted, you are left-wing and I don't totally agree with everything you say, but at least your side does not peddle in conspiracy theories and falsehoods like these Trumpists do. For that reason, like I said, you're talking to a brick wall by trying to debate with this guy. 

  9. 21 hours ago, JoshMartini007 said:


    I'm not so sure about that, especially with some of them playing in the NBA play-offs, but the fact we're hosting means our federation will be pushing hard for them to play.


    I don't buy this, as any player who doesn't make the NBA Finals will have around a month between the end of the playoffs and the qualification tournament. There only player who might face a quick turnaround is Chris Boucher. 



  10. 1 hour ago, Olympian1010 said:

    Someone clearly hasn’t read their teams fan base properly :wacko:



    Or read into what that hat represents and what people who wear that hat think of people who look like Suzuki.

  11. 48 minutes ago, NearPup said:

    Not just that but I fear that this is as good as the Canadian team is going to get. Field Hockey Canada just can't afford to run both a men's and a women's program at the level required to qualify to the Olympics. A lot of the players live in Belgium.


    I think most of the funding will go to the women. They're on the rise, and I remember Field Hockey Canada saying a few years back that the goal was to become a medal contender in women's by the 2020s. 

  12. 5 hours ago, George_D said:



     Now there is going to be a coalition government? 


    Likely not. It will probably be a Liberal minority for as long as they can keep support, with the NDP and Bloc holding the balance of power. There's never been a coalition before. 

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  13. 2 hours ago, Olympian1010 said:

    From what I read the big winner last night was The Bloc. Also, quite a few political pundits saying that Quebec may leave Canada, and Alberta and Saskatchewan may leave Canada. 

    Overall, Trudeau stays PM, but with weakened power. I’m also happy to see that the PPC did terribly. The Greens also got a mighty 3 seats :p


    None of these provinces are going to leave Canada - but I predict that a right-wing populist party from the West could emerge. People in Alberta are even more insufferable than those in Trump-land in the Southern US. 

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