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  1. Well, that's it. I gave everything I could with what I had. I am glad for today's race. I don't care about my position, just about what I did, and have finished the race with my face straight on the snow, needing to be cared by the IBU doctors to rest in a bed for quite good minutes while they were checking on me and giving me medicines to help me to breathe and feel better makes me sure that I gave everything I could. This is a good feeling for a last biathlon race, helps me on feel better in a moment like this (I still love biathlon). Thanks to everyone who was cheering for me, thank you for all the kindness and support. Now it's time to focus on the fight for the cross country Olympic ticket. P.S.: this is an old photo. But fits well for this moment 😉
  2. Yes, I confirm. Even though I know it's all messed up after today's Sprint race 🤦🏻‍♀️😅
  3. Right name for her then. She is very thin 😅😂
  4. Honestly, I don't think so. There are many things to improve so I can at least have some tiny chance. But I've decided I am going to stop with biathlon after the Sprint race here in Martell. There are many things going on and this way it's impossible for me to perform well. I need to take a time for myself, set my goals for the fight for the Olympic ticket on cross country and go for it, otherwise it's gonna be like it was in 2018 and I really don't want that to happen again. The federation has its priorities and I am not willing to keep going its way, putting my career in second so they can keep on working for marketing, as it has been. That already costed an Olympic ticket once. Mentally, that has been sicking for me and I can clearly feel and see its effects physically, on my performances. So, I think I should stop with biathlon at least for now, focus on my fight for the ticket on cross country and also make myself ready to afford the structure for the next season because there is a big chance that the federation won't support me (due to their marketing plans, great support goes to the other athlete, no matter if she is doing cross or mtb, because she is the biggest Olympian, and also due to my decision of stopping with biathlon and this way also stopping giving them many equipments - skis/ski boots/poles/bindings/waxes/clothes/gloves and a lot of money (750€ per each stage of IBU that I have at least one start in and over 50.000€ for the points in the nations ranking) everything gotten from IBU). Honestly, I am tired of that. Ask me how much we get from this... Nothing. Ask me how many training camps do we have to prepare for the season... None! And still they want us to perform well. How can I shoot well if I don't train anything for that? And you have no idea how stressful it is. So much pressure for nothing. I simply can't keep it, sorry.
  5. [hide] Nation Captains NOR Tiril Eckhoff FRA Martin Fourcade Nation Women SWE Hanna Oeberg FRA Julia Simon GER Denise Herrmann ITA Dorothea Wierer Nation Men RUS Alexander Loginov NOR Johannes Dale GER Benedikt Doll ITA Lukas Hofer [/hide]
  6. So stupid (and dangerous) 😬 But I believe it happens so often because, like me, two seasons ago, the athletes are so stressed about the problem in their rifles and trying to solve the problem as quick as possible that they forget about the danger on doing it... For example, when I did that, I really didn't notice what I was going and how big risk I was taking of shooting myself. Only after the race I realized what I did, when you came to talk to me about your heart attack 😬 Sorry 😶😅
  7. I don't know exactly what I could write about them. But if you want any specific informations, I think I can help
  8. [hide] Nation Captains NOR Tiril Eckhoff FRA Emilien Jacquelin Nation Women SWE Hanna Oeberg FRA Julia Simon NOR Marte Olsbu Roeiseland ITA Dorothea Wierer Nation Men RUS Alexander Loginov NOR Johannes Dale GER Johannes Kühn FRA Martin Fourcade [/hide]
  9. It's kind 😊 The plan is to work on making my points lower for qualifying within 2 years.
  10. Nah, better focus on a single mixed team 😅
  11. Probably we are going for DNS then 😬😅
  12. By the way, I heard they are going to Livigno for two weeks with their mom. But I won't be there to train with them, at that time I will be in 😜
  13. Then @heywoodu and I can race with them so our team is complete
  14. [hide] Nation Captains ITA Dorothea Wierer FRA Martin Fourcade Nation Women SWE Hanna Oeberg FRA Julia Simon AUT Lisa Theresa Hauser NOR Tiril Eckhoff Nation Men RUS Alexander Loginov NOR Johannes Dale GER Johannes Kühn SWE Sebastian Samuelsson [/hide]
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