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  1. Interesting today. Is it time for Johannes Thingnes Böe to win an individual event or perhaps another frenchman to win? Loginov or someone else?
  2. Currently following a docu serie..no one saw a thing. Regarding the unsolved murder of Ken Rex McElroy in Skidmore,Missouri.
  3. Point is though that Sanders is too far to the left to really be electable.He is like Jeremy Corbyn.Great enthusiasm amongst his supporters.Problem is that they are way too small in numbers and the vast majority is allienated from his politics. I predict that Sanders will be the democratic partys presidential candidate and I expect Donald Trump to beat him with some ease in November 2020. I am from Scandinavia,and I am national conservative.
  4. Wolves shafted by VAR yet again against Leicester. Stockley Park will end up costing us a Champions League placement it seems. All together now...WE HATE VAR. It ain´t football any more.
  5. Mondo DuPlantis jumps again tomorrow in France. 6,19 perhaps?
  6. Öberg won the distance cup with her placing fourth today. A little bit of comfort I presume.
  7. Looks like Biden is dropping in pace in SC..and I predict that Sanders will manage to catch up and come out on top. Warren can really pack it in..she ain´t getting support from anywhere it seems.
  8. Well;I did find todays competition as exciting as any other distance..and then some. The distance biathlon competition ain´t broken.Only a fool would try to fix something like this. I don´t want any more sprints or any more mass starts.Actually,if one cannot follow a competition like distance biathlon then it´s the personal IQ that needs fixing me thinks.
  9. They are talking about scrapping the distance event in the future and for OGs in 2026. Some of the people in power thinks it takes too long a time and is too complicated for spectators. Personally,I think it is BS. The distance competition is for me the most fun of all to watch.
  10. Swedish press is reporting that Daniel Ståhl has thrown longer than Gerd Kanters indoor world record in training.
  11. Anna Swenn Larsson in the lead with 0,50 to Nina Haver Löseth. Didn´t see that coming,even with Schiffrin not participating. Still,Kranjska Gora is traditionally good hunting grounds for us since back in the days of Ingemar Stenmark.
  12. Looking at the jump it is quite a margin as well. Looks at least 6,25.
  13. You beat me to it Grassmarket..:-) Armand DuPlantis with another WR. 6,18...barring injuries there is more to come this season.
  14. I´d simply put a time limit on world records. They stand for say 20 years(or some other remotely reasonable time limit)and then they get erased so the race for setting WRs can start again. A 20 year time limit would erase most of the dreadful so called world records.As a Swede I am particulary annoyed that the legendary Carolina Kluft never had a chance to set the official world record. Everyone knows what really went on in the 80´s and 90´s.It has continued into the 2000´s(I wont Farah name names Bolt)..but the most awful one´s is from the 80`s in particular. A time limit would erase Kratochvilova and Koch and others to the scrapyard of history,where they belong.
  15. As title says,what to do regarding names like Florence Griffith Joyner,Jackie Joyner Kersee,Jarmila Kratochvilova,Marita Koch and so on? Everyone that can put one and one together realises the non value in those so called World Records. Are mankind going to die out before those are erased?
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