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  1. That’s great. Thanks for the clarification lads.
  2. Am I right that with Dell’Aquilla winning, Woolley is now confirmed?
  3. is on 131 for the 49er class too. (Technically still in it, even if they only have a tiny chance)
  4. Preview from an point of view. They don't seem that optimistic about securing a quota https://afloat.ie/sail/olympic-sailing/tokyo-2020/item/44771-irish-49er-skiffs-face-big-test-for-olympic-qualifier-in-new-zealand As it stands Ireland have qualified one sailor for Tokyo. The 49er and Laser categories are our only remaining chances
  5. Just posting to say thanks to @dcro for all the posts in this thread. Really incredible work.
  6. Seems Valencia was quick (all praise Nike!) because Paul Pollock ran 2:10.17 to qualify too
  7. We can now add marathon runner Paul Pollock to the list. He ran 2:10.17 to easily make the quota we now stand at 46 in 10 sports. 5 in athletics
  8. It's 3 years residency for rugby, and it's changing to 5 years next year. Still a ridiculous situation of course
  9. I don't think I realised before now that women's basketball doesn't have continental quotas. Unless they put Mozambque and Nigera in the same group to ensure one African team is represented
  10. have qualified for the Olympics Congrats to them. They'll play in the final here but with Japan already in, they take the Asian quota available
  11. Are you seriously suggesting that pro boxing isn't in even worse shape? Ha ha ha
  12. Oh I know why. I was just wondering about examples when the Pacific islanders managed the upset! (Rugby doesn't count as Australia won the mens qualifier lat time and both Auz and NZ qualified through the world spots for women)
  13. I'd love to see a list of Oceania continental qualifiers from countries that aren't or when those countries didn't already have a qualification spot (i.e. the qualifying teams/competitors finished ahead of Aus and NZ!) There can't be too many. in football last time out was an obvious example (and of course not a straight up win for Fiji either). Presume weightlifting? Maybe Judo/Taekwondo?
  14. TEAM is now at 45 with the addition of 16 women hockey players! First ever women's team to qualify in hockey First ever women's team to qualify in any team sport
  15. No real controversy this time. The Canadians wanted to query one of the 8 second rulings (when Ireland scored) and they said it couldn’t be checked. Irish TV checked it and it was 7 seconds so all good anyway Anyway... So happy to see our women’s team qualify. They’ve been so close in previous qualifiers and finally got over the line! Now we just need to 0-0 (shoot out win) to a medal in Tokyo 😀 So proud of the effort from these girls
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