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  1. when the new rankings come out, it would be really helpful if someone who knows the intricacies of the UCI track ranking could do up a little preview of the World Championship and what possible qualification scenarios exist I realize it's probably far too much work though!
  2. TEAM is now 47 as Stephen Scullion is added to the list having finished 5th in the IAAF gold label Houston marathon. Our "track and field" team is now up to 6 with only one track qualifier, and no field qualifiers
  3. it might be that they won the last race. Hilarious set of circumstances though. I presume everyone outside of Australia wants American Samoa to win too
  4. Similar to Britain the Irish Sports Personality of the Year is awarded by State broadcaster RTE The 2019 awards went to Sportsperson of the Year - Shane Lowry (golf) Young Sportsperson of the Year - Rhys McCleneghan (gymnastics) Team of the Year - Dublin (Gaelic football) Manager of the Year - Jim Gavin (Gaelic football)
  5. As of 2 January 2020... 46 quotas earned in 11 different sports Sports with quotas earned in alphabetical order: Athletics - 5 Ciara Mageean (1,500m) Alex Wright (20k walk) Brendan Boyce (50k walk) Fionnuala McCormack (marathon) Paul Pollock (marathon) Others that would get place by virtue of their current ranking would be Thomas Barr, Mark English and Phil Healy. Of the highly rated juniors; high jumper Sommer Lecky and heptathlete Kate O'Connor have the best chance of making the early step up. Canoeing - Slalom - 1 boat (men's C1) Ireland are unlikely to qualify any more boats in canoeing with our best sprint canoeist being Jenny Egan who specializes in longer (non-Olympic) distances. Robert Hendrick qualified the boat but himself and Liam Jegou are set to fight for the ticket to Tokyo. Cycling - Road - 3 Men's Road race (3 quotas) Men's ITT (1 quota) With several riders at world tour level, the fight for Olympic spots will be on next year. Equestrian - 9 Eventing (team with 3 individuals) Dressage(team with 3 individuals) Show jumping (team and 3 individuals) Finally a full Irish quota! Gymnastics (artistic) - 1 Rhys McClenaghan Rhys's bronze medal performance in the pommel final at the world championships was enough to earn him a spot. Megan Smith is first reserve on the womens side Field Hockey - 16 Women's team The women's team have qualified for the first time. Could they repeat their amazing World Cup medal winning performance from 2018? Modern Pentathlon - 1 Natalya Coyle Natalya will be hoping for her third top 10 placing in the Olympics in Tokyo. Arthur Lannigan O'Keefe could medal if everything goes right but he struggled with injuries. He needs to have a great start to 2020 to shoot up the rankings. Rowing - 7 Women's Single sculls - w1x Women's pair - w2- Men's double sculls - m2x Men's lightweightt double sculls - lm2x Whoever is with Paul O'Donovan in the lightweight double sculls will be a medal favourite in Tokyo. Paul has won the last two world championships, one with his Rio medal winning brother Gary and the other with newcomer Fintan McCarthy. Sanita Puspure is double world champion and only injury or horrendous luck will stop her from medaling in Tokyo. The men's double won silver this year and are improving all the time. Ireland will try and qualify a women's 4 next year. Sailing - 1 Laser Radial Aisling Kelleher won the quota but Rio medalist Annalise Murphy has dropped her 49er FX plans to try and get in the Radial boat for Tokyo. The 49er crew and a couple of Laser individuals have one more shot at qualifying this year. Swimming - 2 Darragh Greene (100m, 200m breast) Shane Ryan (100m back) Irish swimming is one of the only sports that have stricter rules than the IOC for qualifying so neither of these may actually go. Greene achieved his time at the worlds so has to get close to it at the Irish nationals in 2020 to validate it. Everyone else, including Ryan, has to earn the OQT at the Irish nationals. Brendan Hyland and Mona McSharry look the two most likely to add to the team in individual events but swimmimg Ireland is aiming to bring a 4x100m medley relay team and is currently OK in the ranks Taekwondo - 1 Jack Woolley After being so close in 2016, Jack qualified through the olympic rankings and is consistently in the top 10 in the world. Likely/possible quotas in these sports Badminton Nhat Nguyen is currently in a rankings spot. The mixed doubles of Sam and Chloe Magee are outside the top 16 but may sneak in. Boxing Traditionally our strongest Olympic sport. Ireland will be hoping to have at least 8 of the 13 quotas available next year. Our women's team is particularly strong and they'll hope to win medals next year. The European qualifiers start in march Cycling On the track we may qualify 2 women (madison rankings) and maybe one man (omnium). The qualification criteria is complicated and there are a couple of world cup events to go. Diving Oliver Dingley and Clare Cryan have hopes for next year through the world cup series. Golf Ireland will qualify 4 for golf next year with McIlroy and Lowry being medal contenders on their day in the men's. Leona Maguire and Stephanie Meadow will go in the women's event Judo We currently have 2 judoka in ranking positions; Ben Fletcher and Megan Fletcher. Nathan Burns is just outside the cut off in the rankings Triathlon Russell White and Carolyn Hayes are our best hope of qualifying for Tokyo and both are just inside the quota spots at the moment. Hayes was 6th at the European Championships in May and is a relative newcomer to the sport. She'll easily shoot up the rankings list with performances like that. The ranking period ends in May 2020. It's unlikely we'll have qualifiers in other sports but maybe the rugby sevens team can surprise us or someone new comes along next year!
  6. Just to be clear, I meant that they had everything the needed to qualify I wasn't suggesting there was anything untoward Happy to see Woolley qualify as he was very close to doing so for Rio
  7. For Ireland, although 2 athletes have obtained the OQT, neither have been confirmed by Swim Ireland. They have their own qualifying criteria. All athletes must obtain the OQT at our national championships in April. The only exception is if the OQT was previously achieved at the World Championships (as is the case with Daragh Greene), they must achieve a slightly easier mark at the national championships https://www.swimireland.ie/news/2020-olympic-games-nomination-policies-released
  8. That’s great. Thanks for the clarification lads.
  9. Am I right that with Dell’Aquilla winning, Woolley is now confirmed?
  10. is on 131 for the 49er class too. (Technically still in it, even if they only have a tiny chance)
  11. Preview from an point of view. They don't seem that optimistic about securing a quota https://afloat.ie/sail/olympic-sailing/tokyo-2020/item/44771-irish-49er-skiffs-face-big-test-for-olympic-qualifier-in-new-zealand As it stands Ireland have qualified one sailor for Tokyo. The 49er and Laser categories are our only remaining chances
  12. Just posting to say thanks to @dcro for all the posts in this thread. Really incredible work.
  13. Seems Valencia was quick (all praise Nike!) because Paul Pollock ran 2:10.17 to qualify too
  14. We can now add marathon runner Paul Pollock to the list. He ran 2:10.17 to easily make the quota we now stand at 46 in 10 sports. 5 in athletics
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