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  1. Sport je izgleda bas nepredvidiv. U 2018 skoro u samom vrhu u turu a onda ih nema nigdje. A Velja je ocekivao normu u aprilu ali evo,izgleda bas daleko. Steta
  2. So,qualifing tournament is lowest division. I always wondered why there arent IIIA or IIIB.
  3. Montenegro will again have 2 teams,women's handball and men's water polo.
  4. Normal circumstances are where both teams play with best players,without injured ones.
  5. Fair enough but Serbia is much stronger than Poland,in normal circumstances i cant see any scenario in which Poland can beat Serbia.
  6. I cant find exact system for EQT but i am positive that Croatia will have at least a chance for EQT. But indeed,opponents are tough,to be best European team at EQT is unlikely for Croatia. Italy,Russia,Netherlands,Belgium,Germany,Turkey,Serbia,just to name a few.
  7. I have read rules when they came out and i think that nation CAN compete both times. So,if Russia doesnt qualify at WQT, they will have another chance.
  8. Could be wrong but rafoo probably asked what if nation doesnt qualify via World tournament,are they eligible to compete again on European tournament?
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