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  1. +1000 deaths in Netherlands, quite a lot.
  2. Exactly. I knew what was going to happen but i didnt expect THIS. Plus, as someone who works with those patients, i must say that i have never seen such brute force. Patients are literally suffering in every possible sense, and thats not an exagerration.
  3. We will have 1 million cases next week. In just short of 4 months. 18% deaths of closed cases. Dystopian future has become present.
  4. First cases in British Virgin Islands and Saint Kiits and Nevis.
  5. France 1000 cases less than yesterday.
  6. Virus=mutation. Every RNA virus has great potential for mutation. Mutated strain can cause reinfection. Those reinfections are usually more benign than first one, but ocassionally can cause serious clinical presentation. Same goes for Covid. Reinfections will sporadically occur and will usually be not as serious. You are right. Antibodies do recognize antigenes that virus cary. Mutations alter those antigenes so immune system cant fully recognize attackers.
  7. 700+ deaths so far. If Italy continue with declining trend from yesterday, we could reach no more than 1500 deaths which is possible sign of improvement.
  8. Some english language media didnt include them in the list of countries without COVID, plus i made a mistake thinking that DRC is North Korea. They are actually PRK.
  9. You said it nicely. Cmon, 4000 deaths in 30 days, and people in Italy still dont get it? Stay at home, is it so difficult to understand??? I feel so sorry for Italy because i like it so much. And i am angry because this could have been avoided. On the other hend, Italian and Montenegrin are same. Mentality is similar. I also see that my countrymen are doing the same.
  10. I would dare to say-idiotic right not to be confined, not to endanger freedom. Idiotic in these circumstances.
  11. According to worldometer, they do have 18 cases. Must correct myself, Greenland also has 2 cases.
  12. Just 12 or 13 (if we consider Greenland as a country) countries without Covid-19.
  13. I watched that convoy. More than scary. I also watched scenes from Bergamo hospital. Havoc.
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