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Everything posted by Werloc

  1. Surprised with some names that decided to skip this event. We're used to seeing hckosice, Bohemia, Benolimpique every time. Surprised that a lot of people from multi-juries decided to give this a pass (Italy, Brazil, France, Tunisia)
  2. Well, United States rules the music world, followed by the UK and I guess Australia. Countries like France, italy and Germany are in their own bubble, but that's mostly since they push music in their own language rather than English and that's the reason why they don't hit the global charts. Spanish music is really breaking into the charts along with South Korean music, but after that I would definitely go towards Scandinavia (primarily Sweden and Iceland, followed by Norway and Denmark), if I were to pick who's setting the pop trends across Europe. If you ever have free time, there's definitely a lot of Icelandic music that's worth a listen.
  3. They struck big with this one: But after that plummeted down in the music scene.
  4. I'm glad Iceland didn't choose Of Monsters and Men, because I would be biased as fuck. I bought a ticket to their concert before they even went up for sale with a purchase code that you had to contact the organisers to get Sadly, it got postponed from July 15th to 2021 July, so my watch starts anew.
  5. Hey, Iceland had a few more obvious choices than Hatari, if we're being honest.
  6. Yeah, I'm gonna throw out some world class Lithuanian artists that would put boys like Shawn to shame. Oh wait, we don't have artists popular outside of Lithuania
  7. Will we do user reveals like The Masked Singer every time a country drops out of the competition?
  8. I imagine how difficult it is going to be commenting on the event without hinting the nation you chose by accident
  9. T'was my second choice. Can't deny, was tempted to create a new account just to sneak Belgium in as well
  10. Yeah, groups of 3 would leave some songs less listened to, especially those unlucky songs that would drop out in the group stage with some jurors not even playing it, since they don't have to. I'd rather gamble on the groups of 5
  11. I'd rather have 8 than 6. The results are going to be surprising as it is, with different people judging different songs, so 8 opinions for me would be a bit more solid than 6.
  12. Is it going to be "Andorra 12" seeing as we're representing underrepresented countries?
  13. On the first day of athletics championships in Klaipėda, there were some good results in the discus throw. Andrius Gudžius with the 4th season best throw in the world, the result - 68.68m Another two men threw a 60+ And lastly, the Lithuanian U18 Discus Throw (1.75kg) record was broken by Mykolas Alekna with a throw of 60.57m The second day of events has started just now, so I'll see if there was anything interesting when the results are up.
  14. 24 is actually a very good number as you can play with the groupstages of 4x6 or 6x4. If we want a 25th user, we would need a 28th or a 30th then as well (though 25 could work for 5x5)
  15. He is probably bidding his time and waiting for a new independent country to pop up on the map.
  16. Yeah, how can we personally attack them through tags and direct messages??? I don't have enough resources to terrorise every single member of this forum.
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