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  1. As always, Lithuanian athletes forget everything that they've learned about biathlon when you start calling the race a relay........................................
  2. Yeah, but a bit off-timing when I read the replies heavily discussing the Slovakian relay issues
  3. Is this a relay start list? Edit: Okay, before I did this, I haven't read the other comments saying that Slovakia won't be starting a relay at all. Hoping Paja gets better as soon as possible.
  4. Might be trying to peak her form for the Olympics
  5. Would be cool if Danas can keep this up till the Olympics and doesn't burn out.
  6. Herrmann didn't look too good today on the skis, could have been a waxing problem for Germany or just not at her peak right now. Roeiseland on the other hand looked like she is going to be very dangeous if she can keep this pace up.
  7. Thank goodness there are no bystanders behind the shooting range. Eckhoff might have gotten them during that stand.
  8. Hoegberg is two points away from leading the IBU cup. Can't wait for her to not get start in the world cup this entire season AGAIN. FFS
  9. Good luck getting on the French team, with the worst performer with a miserable and shameful 21st place. Really solid race for Bormolini. Kuehn looks to be leading Germany this year, Peiffer probably out with a cold since he didn't start today, Schempp will need some time and Doll is as coinflip as ever.
  10. Not enough power on the last lap for Kaukėnas, but still a very respectable effort. And Lithuania is on the board Looking forward to the men's individual. Also, very excited for the women's sprint, just not for Lithuanian reasons
  11. Finally, a season start to be proud of.
  12. Kaukėnas is trying out a new tactic. He is not starting this biathlon year with 5 excuses already prepared.
  13. Terrible start for Karol, but Vytautas is still going fairly well. Edit: nevermind
  14. so glad that the relays are over for now, because anything with Lithuanian women in it is already un-enjoyable, so the men's sprint is what I'm looking forward to, although only Strolia seems to be ready to challenge for a top 40.
  15. With Lithuania having a huge selection of two entire women for biathlon world cup, Kočergina will have the privilege of starting in both of the relays
  16. Are they no longer doing nation cup points for the IBU cup? Or are they just that slow at updating everything today?
  17. Rastorgujevs wants to feel good about himself, before going to the big leagues.
  18. Okay, the conditions are probably becoming a bit easier :D
  19. Okay, so if our best shots are going for 6 and 7 loops, I wonder how our worst shot/ex cc skier is going to do.
  20. There's a good chance Jada can still get kicked out of the points, a lot of the race is still going on and he's dropping off with 2+ minutes.
  21. And Serbia is looking to finish in a good position for points with Rastic.
  22. Yeah, I was ready to flame the Lithuanians for not being able to hit targets, but it seems that it's not easy today.
  23. I personally thought it was a cool idea to have the arms in yellow and red, leaving green in the middle as a fun way to represent the flag.
  24. Happy to see Hammerschmidt back on the snow Let's hope for good results so she can find her way back into the A team. Also, only four Lithuanians starting tomorrow, that's pretty sad. We are definitely capable to put 4 in the men's race at least, don't know why we didn't.
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