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  1. The remainder of the UIPM 2020 Pentathlon World Cup season has been postponed until May due to the Coronavirus pandemic. bit.ly/33m07wk
  2. Acording to Laura Asadauskaite on facebook,upcoming penthatlon competitions, i m guessing the world cup ones in sofia, will be pushed back at least a month.
  3. Yeah that happened with Ruta meilutyte too,after rio, in a movie about her , there was even thoughts of suicide
  4. I understand you but that s not something i m personally concerned about,the results are anounced, my problem is when the penthatlon comentators can t remember results from competitions not too long ago, there are way two many times i feel like facepalming at something said that is not true and most of the time they don t even realize.
  5. This is not something that penthatlon has ever done, also the numbers that they are starting with are visible and using the uipm website you could look at the leaderboard and know who the athlete is, i m not sure a graphic is really nescessary.
  6. I don t mean to be offensive but do you not know who most of these athletes are ?
  7. happy for all of the medalist , marosi especialy, it s been forever since he s got on the top of the podium, the shooting seemed to let Kinderis down, but the speed looked fine which i m happy with, and six place is a pretty great start to a season.
  8. And the frenchmen is eliminated, but france still has two very strong penthatletes coming up
  9. right after that a british rider had two refusals and two falls and also got eliminated , there are so many refusals, even at the final fence,and it s not even the halfway point of the riding yet.
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