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  1. Or rather many have not participated in Short course recently at all
  2. The timings in Short course are generally way faster than Long course.
  3. Shooting starts and India clean sweeps all medals in 10m air rifle women - Team gold and individual gold, silver and bronze. Mehuli Ghosh wins the gold with a world record final score of 253.3 which is 0.4 more than Apurvi Chandela's current world record of 252.9.
  4. Is Deepika in the olympic qualifier or not?? https://www.newindianexpress.com/sport/other/2019/oct/15/olympic-setback-for-deepika-2047597.html https://www.olympicchannel.com/en/stories/news/detail/asian-archery-championships-preview/
  5. I am seeing n sius http://results.sius.com/ShootEvent.aspx?Championship=6694e7ea-eb53-43bb-91b4-766d8f993c37&ShootEvent=RFP
  6. Vijayveer Sidhu scored 586 in Mqs in 25m rapid pistol. He would have gotten a quota otherwise
  7. Both Adarsh Singh and Bhavesh Shekawat had below par First day in 25m pistol with bothin 11th and 13th among 22 shooters. Anish yet to shoot.
  8. Looks like Deepak kumar is the only one making the final. But may be all 3 Chinese will be there and with that he needs to in top 3 of the other 5.
  9. No Indian in top 8 in 10m air rifle right now....This is bad!!! Hope Ankush comes back up
  10. Well, you guys discussed so many things and completely ignored one point the IOA cheif said https://indianexpress.com/article/sports/cwg-waste-of-time-india-should-withdraw-altogether-ioa-president-6025737/ Now this can be considered a serious question. You have a country which is largest, population wise (Funnily even if you add all the other common wealth nations population it doesn't even add up to India's population.) and is not represented any where.
  11. Momota was not injured but he was already a spent force by the time he reached quarters which was quite obvious in round of 16 itself.
  12. Because he fell over 2 times due to an other athlete. AFI contested it and he is allowed to contest in finals. The rules does say if an athlete is seriously affected by obstruction the referee may allow him into the next round.
  13. CWG waste of time, India should withdraw altogether: IOA president https://indianexpress.com/article/sports/cwg-waste-of-time-india-should-withdraw-altogether-ioa-president-6025737/ No Indian in 13 committees.....wow. TBF I support the decision to completely come out from the CWG. Except few events the level of competition is so low and except for some bragging rights it's not at all useful.
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