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  1. This is the first time since 1993 that neither China or Japan managed to win a gold medal. Very surprising so close to Tokyo.
  2. I didn't know that they could use a replacement. Is that a new rule? In the past they were not able to do so.
  3. I meant they are not replaceable during the event unlike say a bicycle during the road race or time trial. I just wonder if we'll all be saying it is entirely fair if a nation gets through the cross country phase with three clear rounds and is comfortably leading the competition but is then forced to withdraw following the intervention of the veterinarians. As I say I'm just playing devil's advocate as I don't believe it is directly comparable with other sports. In any event there are are other events where an individual can perform poorly and still get a medal and I'm thinking particularly of all the other team sports.
  4. On the downside it means that you are dependent on all three horses getting through unscathed as all have to count. It means there is now a greater element of luck involved. Perhaps the reason the equestrian events were different to events like the athletics relay is that you are dependent on another living creature rather than a replaceable piece of equipment. Just playing devil's advocate but I suspect that there will be at least one leading nation loses out on a medal after being forced to withdraw an animal after the cross country element.
  5. That's a brave prediction given they'll go into the Games with at least three or four strong contenders. I actually think KJT would have beaten Thiem even if she had been fully fit and if she continues her improvement in the two throwing events if will be very hard for the latter to beat her. In the men's sprint relay it is difficult to look beyond GB and the US at this stage - maybe an inspired Japan - and GB have a much better record at getting the baton round the track than the US in recent years. Nothing is guaranteed but saying they are unlikely to top the podium is I think being overly negative.
  6. On what basis would they appeal against the GB squad. Having watched it in slow motion I can't see any infringements.
  7. Great Britain have announced the selection of their first athletes for a Tokyo in sailing. Men RS:X - Tom Squires Laser - To be announced Finn - Giles Scott 470 - Luke Patience & Chris Grube 49er - Dylan Fletcher & Stuart Bithell Women RS:X - Emma Wilson Laser Radial - Alison Young 470 - Hannah Mills & Eilidh McIntyre 49erFX - Charlotte Dobson & Saskia Tidey Mixed Nacra 17 - To be announced
  8. Only one county (Durham) has been elevated to first class status in nearly a hundred years so I'm afraid you're almost certainly correct.
  9. Okay, I'm going to try again. Not only did I get my flags wrong but also my genders and events. In fact I think it's the women's C-1 where the US competitor who finished 6th in the 2nd run is missing! 🤞
  10. Apologies I see you've included her. Don't know how I managed to miss the flag despite looking three times! 🙄
  11. I think there was also an American competitor who qualified in 6th in the 2nd run.
  12. I think there may be confusion between Chi (Chile) with 4 cases and Chn (China) with 7 cases.
  13. Thanks. This information is useful although they have missed out the women's 71kg category unfortunately.
  14. Wasn't it Japan rather than Russia that won a quota?
  15. "Flower of Scotland" which replaced "Scotland the Brave" fairly recently.
  16. 1/ 2/ 3/ However, if it were not for the restrictions I would go for which manages to be both beautiful and stirring and always brings a tear to my eye even though I am not from that country. Like a number of others I also have a soft spot for despite what it represents.
  17. doesn't have an official anthem nor does it have an NOC. The closest thing to an anthem is probably "Jerusalem" which is a call for social justice and doesn't glorify anything apart perhaps from the English countryside.
  18. Thanks for your reply which is much appreciated.
  19. Hi Benolympique, Have you finished inputting the figures from the rowing world championships?
  20. Precisely why it is best left unchanged as the present gold medal table is recognised by all but a handful of countries. However imperfect this is probably as close to consensus as we're likely to achieve.
  21. If we have to place a value on such things then nine golds have to be rated more highly than ten bronzes, so it has to be by gold medals. If not, I'd look at a points based table which has been mooted in various fora in the past.
  22. Apologies. The site I sourced the information from has now been corrected.
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