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  1. I was alluding to the whole programme of sports, not just the team sports.
  2. In most sports Australia has the easiest Olympic qualification route of any country as part of Oceania. In most cases their only significant opposition is New Zealand. European countries usually have the toughest route to qualification as in many of the sports the continent has the greatest strength in depth. So I'm sorry, but I really can't find any sympathy for your argument.
  3. There's a pattern emerging in this race with one country sweeping the medals every three years. The French in 2011, the Belgians in 2014, the British in 2017 and now the Belgians again in 2020.
  4. Deaths of Olympians in January Aleksandr Manechinsky, 61 - Swimming Roman Monchenko, 55 - Rowing (1×B) Harvey Reti, 82 - Boxing Bill Hobbs, 70 - Rowing (1×S) Charles Oguk, 55 - Hockey Mike Wheeler, 84 - Athletics (1×B) Jaime Monzo, 73 - Swimming Karl Saitl, 95 - Weightlifting Bergljot Sandvik-Johansen, 97 - Gymnastics Guido Messina, 89 - Cycling (1×G) Maurice Moucheraud, 86 - Cycling (1×G) Carlos Giron, 65 - Diving (1×S) Sophie Kratzer, 30 - Ice Hockey Rhona Wurtele, 97 - Alpine Skiing Kazim Ayvaz, 81 - Wrestling (1×G) Larry Amar, 47 - Hockey Robert Archibald, 39 - Basketball Duje Bonacic, 90 - Rowing (1×G) Kobe Bryant, 41 -Basketball (2×G) Jos Bernard, 95 - Gymnastics Mike Dancis, 80 - Basketball Blagoja Georgievski, 69 - Basketball (1×S) Kobe Bryant's sad death has been discussed widely in this thread and he is one of three athletes who passed away this month who competed at the Games within the past decade Robert Archibald (39) competed at the 2012 Olympics, while Sophie Kratzer (30) who sadly died of cancer took part in the 2014 Games. Among the other athletes who died in January perhaps the most notable was Guido Messina of Italy who won a gold medal in cycling's team pursuit in 1952. He was the individual pursuit world champion five times between 1948 and 1956, but unfortunately had retired by the time this event was introduced into the Olympic programme in 1964. There have been a number of deaths in the past year of champions from the last Games to be held in Tokyo in 1964. The most recent is Kazim Ayvaz of Turkey who won the gold medal in the lightweight division of the Greco-Roman wrestling.
  5. I wonder what the other 63+ million people in the UK think. In most of northern England - Newcastle may be an exception - rugby union isn't even the most popular form of rugby. If football is the UK's national winter sport, cricket is the national summer sport.
  6. Deaths of Olympians in December Miguelina Cobian, 77 - Athletics (1×S) Zvonimir Vujin, 76 - Boxing (2×B) Mike Lindsay, 81 - Athletics Stig Sollander, 93 - Alpine Skiing (1×B) Sir Peter Snell, 80 - Athletics (3×G) Roger Midgley, 95 - Hockey (1×B) Jorge Hernandez, 65 - Boxing (1×G) Yuri Belyayev, 85 - Football (1×G) Bernard Lefevre, 89 - Football Karin Balzer, 71 - Athletics (1×G, 1×B) Abdullah Khodabandeh, 83 - Wrestling Jagdev Singh Rai, 50 - Hockey Roland Matthes, 69 - Swimming (4×G, 2×S, 2×B) Stefan Angelov, 72 - Wrestling (2×B) John Simonian, 84 - Hockey Giacomo Bazzan, 69 - Cycling Roma Cuyas i Sol, 81 - Administrator Vilhjalmur Einarsson, 85 - Athletics (1×S) Giovanni Paliaga, 88 - Cycling Peter Snell is probably the most distinguished athlete in this month's list and has been commented on earlier in this thread. There are some other notable individuals. Stig Solander of Sweden was a forerunner of the legendary Ingemar Stenmark and his bronze in the slalom at the 1956 Winter Olympics was his country's first in alpine skiing. Roman Matthes of the former East Germany achieved the double in the men's 100 & 200m backstroke in both 1968 and 1972. Vilhjalmur Einarsson won Iceland's first ever Olympic medal in the men's triple jump in 1956 and one of only four overall to date.
  7. The 1st Test match between South Africa and England from Centurion followed by some domestic rugby.
  8. Tough question. The greatest Olympic moment of the decade - David Rudisha winning the 800m in a new WR with two NRs and four PBs from the athletes who followed him home. Greatest British Olympic moment - We have been fortunate to have a lot of those but for me Nick Skelton winning the equestrian jumping gold medal at the age of 58 at his seventh Olympics after being told he would never ride again after breaking his back was very emotional. Greatest Paralympic moment - The enthusiasm of the capacity crowds for the 2012 Games which took the Paralympics to a whole new level. Then four years later attendances at the Paralympics surpassing those at the Olympics. General international sport - 2012 Ryder Cup or "Miracle in Medinah" when Europe's golfers went into the last day trailing the USA 10-6 and came back in the face of hostile crowds to win 14.5-13.5. Domestic sport - I'm not a football fan but even I got caught up in my home town club Leicester City winning the English Premier League at odds of 5,000/1 in the 2015/16 season.
  9. A true Olympic great. He won the 800m in Rome in 1960 and then completed the 800/1500m double in Tokyo four years later. He is one of only five male athletes to complete the double and the only one since 1920. The others were Edwin Flack in 1896, James Lightbody in 1904, Mel Sheppard in 1908, and Albert Hill in 1920.
  10. When people do stuff like that I always think back to Mekhissi-Benabbad's disqualification from the 3k steeplechase at the 2014 European Championships after taking his shirt off to celebrate winning before he crossed the line. Athletes work incredibly hard to achieve success and then inexplicably some choose to put it at risk because of their egos.
  11. Five of the six individual winners were retaining titles they won last year which is pretty unusual. I do wonder whether we need an U23 age group race. It spreads the talent pretty thinly between that race and the senior race, particularly in the women's events where the fields were a bit sparse. Surely U20 and senior races are sufficient together with the mixed relay.
  12. Race walkers are a durable bunch. Don Thompson the 1960 Olympic champion in the 50 km walk wore his country's vest for the last time at the age of 58 in 1991.
  13. Sadly, I was slightly premature and there was one further death on 30/11/19. Petr Malek, 58 - Shooting
  14. Deaths of Olympians in November Elio Locatelli, 76 - Speed skating Alain Porthault, 90 - Athletics Bengt-Erik Grahn, 78 - Alpine skiing Zoltan Domotov, 84 - Water polo Mireille Cayre, 72 - Gymnastics Bridget Adams, 91 - Figure skating Sandrine Daudet, 47 - Short track speed skating Fiorella Negro, 81 - Figure skating Irina Cermakovic, 80 - Field hockey Maximilian Raub, 93 - Canoe sprint Irma Cordero, 77 - Volleyball Fabrizio Nassi, 68 - Volleyball Uwe Rathjen, 76 - Handball Vaclav Pavkovic, 83 - Rowing George Breen, 84 - Swimming Tsvyatko Pashkulov, 74 - Wrestling Bohumel Tomasek, 83 - Basketball Michael Fray, 72 - Athletics Jacques Dupont, 91 - Cycling Eli Pasquale, 59 - Basketball Gerry Carr, 83 - Athletics Sigvard Ericsson, 89 - Speed skating Dimitri Vasilenko, 43 - Gymnastics Stuart Fitzsimmons, 62 - Alpine skiing Istvan Szivos, 71 - Water polo Luciano De Genova, 88 - Weightlifting In addition, two deaths from this summer of medallists from the Tokyo games in 1964. Ken Matthews, 84 - Gold medallist in the 20 km walk Basil Heatley, 85 - Silver medallist in the marathon
  15. Do you know if the Frenchman who qualified today is related to the one who qualified at the WC?
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