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  1. I guess something that might slow the heart rate would perhaps help in rifle and pistol shooting. Not sure about the shotgun events though.
  2. Retiring British Olympians so far in 2019. Kat Copeland (Rowing) Gold 2012 Sophie Bray (Hockey) Gold 2016 Dan Purvis (Artistic Gymnastics) Bronze 2012 Jazz Carlin (Swimming) 2 x Silver 2016 James DeGale (Boxing) Gold 2008 Callum Skinner (Track Cycling) Gold & Silver 2016 Jon Schofield (Canoe Sprint) Bronze 2012, Silver 2016 Anthony Ogogo (Boxing) Bronze 2012
  3. I wasn't disputing the fairness of the result, merely the reason for the possible confusion about the outcome of the contest (see up thread).
  4. In fairness the Chinese and British shooters both hit 30/30 clays and so the result was determined by bib number.
  5. The difference between India and China is that the former is a democracy with other social and economic priorities, while the latter is a one party state which is able to direct it's resources in whatever direction it chooses in order to project itself in the world. According to China's own journal the Beijing Review the country has 85 million disabled people which is more than the entire populations of most of the world's nation states. This vast pool enables them to compete in almost every Paralympic class in each sport which other countries cannot do. China did very well. My only point is that it should not be surprising given the massive advantage they enjoy and it certainly isn't amazing as you described it.
  6. That's a surprising stat! I know Italy haven't done so well recently but I would never have guessed that they had been in the relative doldrums that long. I've been wondering why the big European countries like France, Germany and Italy haven't been performing as strongly at the Paralympics as they do at the Olympics in recent cycles.
  7. I don't think you should be too amazed! After all China's vast population means that they can find athletes to compete across many more classes than most other countries.
  8. Big thanks to hckosice and Gianlu33 for keeping us up to date with all the results during the past ten days. Despite the worries beforehand these Games seem to have reached the Brazilian people in a way the Olympics didn't and it was wonderful to see the way they revelled in the performances of not only their own athletes but those of the other competing nations. It is only when you watch the Paralympics that you realise just how many remarkable people there are across the world fighting to overcome huge barriers in their lives and achieving things that even many able-bodied people can only dream of. From a national point of view a great games for GB with 147 medals and 64 gold medals. The best since 1988 - 183 medals and 65 golds - when the programme was 40% bigger! Always sad when a multi-event games ends not least because it invariably sees the retirement of great athletes who we'll never get to see in action again. But sport goes on and new heroes emerge. Anyway can't wait for the next one!
  9. Dame Sarah Storey is GB's most successful ever female Paralympian with 14 gold medals in swimming and cycling. Afraid the Americans can't have her!
  10. Big congratulations to Kadeena Cox who had already won medals in two different sports in Rio (athletics and cycling) but has now turned that into two gold medals in different sports at the same games.
  11. Must be something in the water. The quad doubles bronze medal match has just ended after four hours and twenty five minutes which makes it the longest wheelchair tennis match in history.
  12. A great day for GB with 21 medals including 8 golds. Mind you China got 23 so it's all relative. ☺
  13. Another upset by a Thai athlete. Seems they have a great wheelchair programme.
  14. Wow, missed the athletics as I was watching the rowing. Shocked to see Fearnley and in particular Hug beaten.
  15. Fantastic guts by Rachel Morris winning a gold medal in rowing after doing the same in road cycling back in Beijing.
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