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  1. Are you sure this is correct? I may have misunderstood but I believe these spots are reserved for the two highest placed representatives of countries that do not qualify via the Olympic rankings. The rankings will be determined on 12/5/2020 and only then will the two World Championship qualifiers be determined. Ultimately only the Chilean is likely to qualify via this route.
  2. I think the flags are the wrong way round for the gold and silver medallists in the -67kg category.
  3. Wales have won the last four meetings between the two sides so I think you can be reasonably optimistic.
  4. My apologies I misunderstood your meaning. I thought you meant that France and Georgia were southern nations whom you could not support. My reply was driven by the unpleasant and offensive tone of your own hence my reference to Trump.
  5. I understand the feeling. I always support the US's opponents in any sporting contest. Like Donald Trump your knowledge of other countries is impressive. I had no idea France and Georgia were in the "south".
  6. Our friend from Argentina has a short memory. For years the other rugby countries in the south - in particular NZ - could hardly be bothered to play the Pumas let alone let them play in the Rugby Championship. It was the European countries who actually gave them much more support in terms of reciprocal tours to keep the sport alive and growing in Argentina. He also decries wealthy European clubs but it was their money that allowed Argentina's best players to become professionals in the modern era and undoubtedly improve their fitness and skill standards. Once the Argentinian rugby authorities dropped their ban on players based in Europe we saw a rise in the level of the Pumas' performances in test rugby.
  7. Yes, the southern hemisphere rugby countries tend to think they are the only ones who can play the game properly and often belittle the game as played in the northern hemisphere. An all northern hemisphere final will be a real shock to the system for the southern hemisphere countries and lead to a lot of soul searching.
  8. Given how badly the Pumas played I'm not surprised you feel this way.
  9. I have a sneaking suspicion this Welsh side will do it. It would be great to have the first ever northern hemisphere final and a real boost for the Six Nations.
  10. SA v Wales should be another great semi-final.
  11. New Zealanders must be sick of the sight of England after this and their knife edge defeat in the final of the Cricket World Cup earlier this year.
  12. 10-0 to England at halftime and the first time for 28 years that the All Blacks haven't scored in the first half of a test match.
  13. I prefer Scotland the Brave which is really jaunty (and plenty of bagpipes). I particularly like it when it is linked to the Black Bear. I find Flower of Scotland a bit of a tedious dirge, but then we all have different tastes.
  14. This is the first time since 1993 that neither China or Japan managed to win a gold medal. Very surprising so close to Tokyo.
  15. I didn't know that they could use a replacement. Is that a new rule? In the past they were not able to do so.
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