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  1. "Flower of Scotland" which replaced "Scotland the Brave" fairly recently.
  2. 1/ 2/ 3/ However, if it were not for the restrictions I would go for which manages to be both beautiful and stirring and always brings a tear to my eye even though I am not from that country. Like a number of others I also have a soft spot for despite what it represents.
  3. doesn't have an official anthem nor does it have an NOC. The closest thing to an anthem is probably "Jerusalem" which is a call for social justice and doesn't glorify anything apart perhaps from the English countryside.
  4. Thanks for your reply which is much appreciated.
  5. Hi Benolympique, Have you finished inputting the figures from the rowing world championships?
  6. Precisely why it is best left unchanged as the present gold medal table is recognised by all but a handful of countries. However imperfect this is probably as close to consensus as we're likely to achieve.
  7. If we have to place a value on such things then nine golds have to be rated more highly than ten bronzes, so it has to be by gold medals. If not, I'd look at a points based table which has been mooted in various fora in the past.
  8. Apologies. The site I sourced the information from has now been corrected.
  9. The top five in the olympic rankings for each of the eight weight categories in taekwondo have qualified for the games as of this week.
  10. Great performance from Asadauskite coming through from 6th. She always seems to do well when when she competes in the UK. Has to be one of the favourites for gold in Tokyo. Also great strength in depth from GB with three athletes in the top eight. That should mean a fifth gold medal for GB from seven events at this championship.
  11. The top two placings were a repeat of last year's World Championship.
  12. The riding and laser run in the men's final have been delayed due to high winds. They are now scheduled for 5pm (GMT) and 7.15pm respectively.
  13. That the ninth place finisher will get a quota if finishing behind Choong or Asadauskaite is the part that I'm certain of. It's the other element I'm uncertain of.
  14. I should add that the reason that I'm uncertain whether excess quotas won at these championships will be reallocated is that in the last cycle if countries won more than two quotas they kept them and the selectors then chose which two athletes they sent to Rio. If that still applies then I guess you can only win a quota if you finish in the top eight or nine depending on the performances of Choong and Asadauskaite.
  15. Choong and Asadauskaite have already qualified in the men's and women's events respectively so if they finish in the top eight the ninth placed athletes will win the quota. No country can take more than two athletes to the Olympics in each event, so any excess quotas will presumably go to lower placed athletes at these championships, although I am not certain of this.. Finally no athlete can win more than one quota for his country and the individual who wins the quote gets the place in Tokyo. Hope that makes sense.
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