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  1. In some In some way or another, IJF's poster boy will be at the Olympics.
  2. Crazy transfer! Saeid Mollaei will fight for Mongolia https://judoinside.com/news/3765/Saeid_Mollaei_gets_Mongolian_passport
  3. She's a giant specialist but the federation put her on start list so as not to look ridiculous without anyone. After Worley it's pretty dire for the future.
  4. I can't find these times..You used a timer for the minutes or it's written somewhere in the results section?
  5. Europe vs China in men singles and men doubles for the title in 2019 junior World champs. SWE/CHN in MS RUS/CHN in MD Allez les Européens!! live at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yp6gOjSULrY
  6. Is taekwondo going to fight based on height categories in the future?
  7. What a sad way to lose your Olympic dream considering this is a club competition with no pts allocation (Champions League I think).
  8. Interesting from Russia, they introduced junior fencer Borodachev for all their matches today. If Asia puts two within top 4 of Olympic ranking then the Olympic champions may missed this event. Egypt dilapidated its advance in first world cup but should stay in top 16.
  9. Samoa is a threat but indiscipline here at Oceania7s (yellow turned into red) cost them the qualification. As for Ireland, rarely seen them on the world circuit so unknown.. Need our 2 Fidjiens present for better chance.
  10. At Oceania7s, Samoa lead 12-0 at half-time but Australia make big comeback and win 19-12 to qualify for Tokyo. So the main rival for Ireland and France is Samoa for the last chance qualification tournament.
  11. I think you mean getting back timing events because elimination race of Omnium involves sprinting. Van Schip likes it right now.
  12. The World Cup format competition is also different. Sprints are done in a single day whereas Omniums are done within 2 hours.
  13. The splits start as of 3500m right? A different type of tissot timing this season..
  14. https://www.olympicchannel.com/en/live/video/detail/day-1-uci-track-world-cup-minsk/ try USA in HOLA
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