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  1. (TP women) By my calculations, Belgium lead France by 130pts. The difference in pts between 5/6 6/7 7/8 for Worlds is 150pts. 2 more competitions left. In Brisbane,Two sub 3:49 in Men TP Poland women TS greatly improved. Double Colombian delight in Keirin. (TS men) With back to back wins in NZL and AUS, Japan closing in for 8th place. Australia in danger of missing out..2moro, a much clearer picture will appear as UCI rankings will be updated
  2. Difficult to maintain physical shape for two straight weeks. Some teams play incredible level one week, then the next week are done and dusted. England choose right when to peak. Their women side is a dark horse for next Olympics.
  3. After Manu (NED title in Handball), here's another frenchman success as Frank Boidin's work with Japan pays off with a podium. A first medal since 2007 world cup as reported by their fed.
  4. It remains to be seen what happens if he delivers another title in Tokyo. Extension? On Beinsports, there's talk he's the successor to Krumbholz for the home Olympics. We'll see..anyway enjoy the celebrations.
  5. I'm surprise Batini didn't play any part today considering yesterday's performance. Is Italy's trio already decided?
  6. No, hosts need to qualify by rankings
  7. In Women Foil : Hungary are the big winners of the day concerning the European quota.
  8. Obstruction that stopped an attack. You've to let the goally throw
  9. As I can see, Prescod and Ross (USA) are no longer involved in team competition for women's foil.
  10. In some In some way or another, IJF's poster boy will be at the Olympics.
  11. Crazy transfer! Saeid Mollaei will fight for Mongolia https://judoinside.com/news/3765/Saeid_Mollaei_gets_Mongolian_passport
  12. She's a giant specialist but the federation put her on start list so as not to look ridiculous without anyone. After Worley it's pretty dire for the future.
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