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  1. The federation wants to qualify as many nations to the Olympics. It's also unfair that Canada and US can't compete here (or Australia and New Zealand in Asia/Oceania).
  2. That's good, it makes sense that Caribbean nations would take an interest in rowing, especially former British colonies.
  3. It's not formally rejected, New Zealand can still give the quota to someone else
  4. Hopefully Canada can upset Greece or Spain and finish at least third in the group. Fourth place is no good and even third would put us as an underdog.
  5. I decided to do a comparison between this format and the 2012 format. As a reminder the continental qualifiers gave Africa 50 spots (+2 tripartites) to be used across the 10 men's events (some events got 6, others 5 and others 2), for every athlete qualified in the respective event from a different event one less would go to the continental qualifier. Algeria qualified two athletes outside of the continental route therefore Africa had 48 quotas. For 2016 Africa received 30 quotas, 3 per event. 13 different nations qualified here while 19 qualified during the 2012 qualifiers. If you adjust for the quota difference 16 would have qualified assuming everything was equal. Uganda and Lesotho qualified athletes after failing to qualify in 2012 while Ghana (4) and Gabon (2) were the nations which qualified multiple athletes in 2012 yet failed to qualify in 2016. One thing that surprised me is that I thought the top nations would retain their quotas better while the lower nations would suffer from the lower quotas for the continent, but after adjustment the only top nation which did better was Algeria (qualified 5, 2012 adjusted was 4) while Morocco, Cameroon and Egypt stayed the same.
  6. We were talking only about the continental qualifiers, Algeria qualified two out of those seven men in other categories.
  7. The formula would be... (8/8*6/7*4/6)^5
  8. Correct. So there isn't really a fair way to do this. Also Morocco is the only nation majorly benefiting from the current format as all of the other African/American nations have not qualified more than 5 men/2 women (~50%, like in taekwondo). Seems like a lot of work just to lower quotas for one nation (maybe there might be a couple more for Europe/Asia)
  9. 6.1%, not likely, but still possible I guess.
  10. If you allow all of them to participate in the qualification tournament then you won't get an idea on who actually deserves to go. Weren't we complaining about South Africa competing here despite knowing full well they wouldn't compete in the Olympics? At least in taekwondo only two athletes compete in the qualification tournament.
  11. I disagree, why should an athlete be not only the best at their event for their nation, but be better than someone in a different event? It opens up corruption (how can you measure whether someone is better in the light flyweight vs. the bantamweight?), weakens the overall field and could shrink the interest of the sport in some nations.
  12. Overall it was a good day for Japan, winning 3/4 available quotas for them.
  13. Congrats to Honduras and Trinidad and Tobago for qualifying. Also congrats to our girls, hopefully one of them can pick up a medal at the Olympics.
  14. Do you know if times also change nationalities? The main issue is that he reached that time as an American.
  15. Defeating Mauritius' boxer was always going to be tough. There's still the third place match though
  16. The UCI has it wrong the Czechs should have two quotas in men's sprint and Colombia should have one (Americas have a maximum of two in that event) Same thing in men's keirin, it should Italy with one and Japan should be reduced from two to one as Asia has a maximum of two in that event.
  17. They aren't, in reality this will essentially be a world qualification tournament with four available quotas.
  18. Will we include athletes whose nation decided to pick someone else for that event?
  19. The Latin America regatta will also be a good place for tripartite nations to make their case to be given one of the single sculls places. Overall we have Bermuda, Bolivia, Honduras and Paraguay competing in single sculls events. Bolivia will compete in only the men's while Bermuda will compete in only the women's. Paraguay will be the favourite to finish first among these nations and will probably end up winning either a men's or women's tripartite spot (assuming they don't qualify from this event)
  20. Our boxers are dropping out like flies. Four men remain and two of them haven't even had their first match. At least the women are doing well though it's a shame that the bracket makers made the top two boxers (CAN and USA) fight in the quarterfinals in the -60kg. We should be the favourite in the other two events to qualify, but we'll see.
  21. I'm not sure if this is true. Neither athlete participated in the African qualifier or the 2015 World Champs, this is not a requirement, but usually athletes with active participation will get priority. It is also unlikely that a nation will get two spots in the same sport (especially a competitive one like taekwondo). I'll keep an eye on it.
  22. Interesting. Julie lost the fight to qualify in the laser to his compatriot. The finn class is a bit different, yet similar enough that a person can transition to it. If he had more time to train I would call him the favourite. I guess we'll know once the races begin.
  23. Loving the crowd at BC Place. The expectation was to get 20k people per day, but in the end 30k came. Canada needs a huge win against Russia in order to reach the cup quarters though.
  24. Thanks, sometimes athletes that could qualify drop out due to lack of funds.
  25. Will there be a third place match or will the loser to the winner just qualify?
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