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  1. You need a minimum of 10 points to compete in mountain biking. Does he have that?
  2. I agree. One spot will likely go to Nauru (or Kiribati should one of their lifters fail). Assuming the previous report of tripartite quotas being true (3 quotas available for Oceania/Pan America) then things will get tough Micronesia, Palau and Tuvalu will be the most likely nations fighting for two spots. The results in the -62kg may be the deciding factor.
  3. That's only for the continental portion (single sculls and lightweight double sculls)
  4. Looks like the turmoil in Papua New Guinea's weightlifting federation has cost them a spot at the Olympics (I'm not even sure if the tripartite commission would award them a spot because of that). Overall six men's nations will fight for 5 spots while five women's nations will fight for 4 spots. For the men's events Nauru has the weakest team, but at the same time Kiribati has only brought six lifters meaning they all have to finish the event, if not Nauru will likely end up taking the spot. On the women's side New Zealand ended up with the lowest expected score, but it was only by 2 points which is easy enough to make-up. Also both Samoa and Solomon Islands brought 5 lifters which could be a factor if either nation has a terrible championship.
  5. Qualification for the single sculls and lightweight doubles sculls is for Europe (+CAN/USA/AUS/NZL) only while the others is for everyone.
  6. To be fair the US team wasn't that good. They got lucky against the Czechs and any team would have destroyed Canada given the way they played yesterday.
  7. Denmark's 1st Selection Men's 800m - Andreas Bube Men's Marathon - Abdi Hakin Ulad Women's 400m Hurdles - Sara Petersen, Stina Troest Women's Marathon - Jess Draskau-Petersson, Anna Sofie Baumeister
  8. RIP Canada's men's eights team. I really thought they would reverse their decision. We are also only sending 1 boat (men's quadruple sculls) to the final Olympic regatta.
  9. Brazil won the men's K2 200m. However, one of the athletes also won Brazil the quota in the K1 200m meaning the quota will be transferred to Cuba.
  10. I want to reiterate on how dumb the inter-continental tournament is. One of Colombia/Puerto Rico will qualify despite losing to Peru/Dominican Republic.
  11. The team quotas have been released, no surprises. They haven't released the reallocations yet, probably waiting for nations to accept the team quotas.
  12. lol, thanks. Completely forgot nations other than Brazil, Canada and Ecuador qualified through the world champs.
  13. The results have Argentina defeating Brazil in men's K1 200m. Also technically Cuba gets first choice on whether they will take the C1 200m or C2 1000m. Mexico will likely get a quota though since Canada will likely keep the C1 1000m quota.
  14. For the second Olympics in a row Thailand just missed the mark.
  15. Tripartite quotas have been announced. Men’s Laser – Angola and Bermuda Women’s Laser Radial – Cayman Islands and Saint Lucia Interesting choices since both Angola and Bermuda are qualified in other events. Cayman Islands was pretty bad in qualifying though to be fair there weren't a lot of options. Saint Lucia was the only one that seems normal. Also the document states Canada has rejected its women's 470 quota.
  16. Continuing from yesterday; China has again declined its men's singles quota won by Xu Xin. The quota was reallocated back to China to Zhang Jike which was accepted. China has accepted its women's quota while South Korea has accepted all of their quotas. Hopefully the team quotas and the reallocation of the extra athlete quotas will be officially released.
  17. The Pan American qualifiers started today too. Only 1 Olympic event today. Cuba took the men's C2 1000m quota.
  18. CAN vs USA FIN vs RUS Pretty good rivalries in the semi-final.
  19. Yes, not wanting to search through Japanese sites I found this article. It doesn't clearly explain why, but at least Yoshimura will compete in the team event
  20. I imagine that there must have been some kind of internal qualification among eligible athletes.
  21. To keep things correct China has declined its men’s (Fan Zhendong) and women’s (Liu Shiwen) singles quotas obtained from the world rankings it has been reallocated to China’s Xu Xin and China’s Ding Ning respectively. Oddly enough China did not accept the quotas. Similarly Japan declined its men’s singles (Maharu Yoshimura) quota causing it to reallocated back to Japan’s Koki Niwa. Japan has accepted the quota. Overall China and South Korea have yet to accept their quotas.
  22. Unless they pass the A or B standards (and get chosen by FINA) the selection will be between two female swimmers since they're the only ones that competed at the 2015 Aquatic Championships which is a requirement for a universality spot.
  23. I'm happy for Alex Rose, I thought his chances were over when Dodson qualified in the 200m. He's won multiple medals for Samoa at the Oceania Championships and Pacific Games. He also reached the final in the Universiade Games.
  24. The top 4 boxers in each weight class will qualify, the world championship has priority so if an athlete has already qualified through the continental tournament the quota will be reallocated to the next best nation from the continental tournament.
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