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  1. If we want to go by nations with the most athletes with MQS by event here are the top three nations.


    Men's 10m Air Rifle

    :KOR - 17

    :RUS - 16

    :IND - 14

    :USA - 14


    Men's 50m Rifle 3 Positions

    :USA - 15

    :RUS - 14

    :KOR - 13


    Men's 10m Air Pistol

    :KOR - 18

    :CHN - 15

    :RUS - 13


    Men's 25m Rapid Fire Pistol

    :CHN - 11

    :KOR - 11

    :GER - 10

    :IND - 10


    Men's Trap

    :USA - 16

    :ITA - 14

    :CHN - 12


    Men's Skeet

    :USA - 16

    :ITA - 14

    :CHN - 12

    :CYP - 12


    Women's 10m Air Rifle

    :KOR - 20

    :GER - 18

    :SGP - 14

    :USA - 14


    Women's 50m Rifle 3 Positions

    :USA - 18

    :CHN - 14

    :GER - 13

    :KOR - 13


    Women's 10m Air Pistol

    :KOR - 22

    :CHN - 15

    :IND - 15


    Women's 25m Pistol

    :CHN - 18

    :KOR - 13

    :RUS - 13


    Women's Trap

    :ITA - 14

    :USA - 14

    :CHN - 10

    :GER - 10

    :GBR - 10

    :IND - 10

    :RUS - 10


    Women's Skeet

    :RUS - 11

    :USA - 11

    :CHN - 10

    :GER - 10

    :IND - 10



    Also here's the top 10 in terms of total number of MQS spots (note athletes are counted for each MQS they achieve)

    :CHN - 155

    :USA - 151

    :KOR - 147

    :RUS - 141

    :IND - 129

    :GER - 126

    :ITA - 111

    :CZE - 90

    :FRA - 78

    :UKR - 78


  2. 18 minutes ago, phelps said:

    frankly I don't know why they still keep this event in the program...once it's been thrown out of the Olympics, it was clear that it was dead and gone...


    fuc*in' IOC and ISSF! :zip::redcard::thumbdown:


    Considering how the other two cut events are still surviving (though badly beaten) I think it was the right decision in the end. An event should in theory be able to survive without the Olympics.

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  3. 5 hours ago, dcro said:

    Some exciting news... :PAK Usman Khan finished 15th at an eventing competition in Werribee, Victoria, and thus secured his first ranking points.


    And actually, as of today he provisionally holds Group F individual quota. :yikes:


    I had to double check that Pakistan was in Group F. I'd imagine they would have been in Group G along with the other South Asian nations.

  4. Just now, ofan said:


    Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment. They own the Toronto Raptors and have done lots of work with Canada Basketball. They're a bunch of cheap fuckheads though, so I doubt they do anything. 


    They also own Toronto teams in ice hockey, soccer, Canadian football and e-soccer

  5. 2 hours ago, ChandlerMne said:

    Btw, those 4 tournaments in 2020 will be so strong.

    Italy, Greece, Lithuania, Germany, 3 teams from WC 1/4 final, Slovenia, Russia, Turkey...


    They were always going to be strong, it's essentially the world cup minus a few top teams.

  6. My only concern with a 3 horse team is that it may turn the event into a lottery (especially in eventing) where winning a medal is more about out-lasting your opponents rather than being the best. In reality, it'll likely be more similar to relays in athletics where one, maybe two major contenders get disqualified, but that's part of the event.

  7. As far as I can tell :JPN (no name was said) won the quota in the men's 3m springboard. :MAS Chew Yiwei and :MAS Ooi Tze Liang won silver and bronze respectively. No scores were listed. If anyone has more information it would be helpful.

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  8. Just now, Olympian1010 said:

    I thought that was in an event, not per sport...


    They changed the rules for 2020, only nations with no quotas are eligible and eligible nations can only receive one quota.


    Add in the maximum of two quotas per event and we're pretty much guaranteed that not all tripartite quotas will be used.

  9. Just now, phelps said:

    10 Things to Know about the 2019 ISA World Surfing Games


    Highest Ever Country Participation at 2019 ISA World Surfing Games



    what the hell! this time this is really the top event of the sport...we're going to have for the first time ever the best of the WSL world and the best of the "other surfers" facing each other...:cheer:


    that's the Olympic magic, a miracle made possible only by Surf's inclusion in the Olympic program...


    Quite impressive, considering that for most of the WSL athletes the quota place would be decided at the WSL or even the 2020 Surfing Games for the small handful that fail. It however may make it harder for athletes to grab the continental quota (they must finish in the top 30).

  10. Yeah, just like Europe in women's football, relying on results against nations from other continents to determine a continental Olympic quota is ridiculous. Even if they didn't want to have an additional tournament they could have extended the qualification round until 1 or 2 teams remained.

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