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  1. 1 hour ago, Olympian1010 said:

    For as much of a name as Andorra has made for themselves in international 3x3. They’re really not that good, or at least they’re struggling against France’s B team.


    The ranking system rewards nations for having more players. A nation with 100 players with 1 point each would be ranked higher than a nation with 4 players with 24 points each, despite the latter would crush the former in any match-up.

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  2. 5 minutes ago, Monzanator said:


    Japan & China have looked pretty bleak in this tournament, Netherlands have some weaknesses at the back and Italy are doing much better than expected tbh. If Canada beats Sweden, they'll still have to go thru Germany in QF. The closest QF could be Norway vs England for de facto Olympic spot. Netherlands vs Italy could be really close too.


    Yeah, it doesn't look too good for France, I guess they'll have to just straight up defeat the United States. They'll be underdogs, but are capable of winning.

  3. So looking at the bracket, France will probably be hoping one of Australia/Canada/Japan sneak into the semi-finals to force a European play-off for the last Olympic spot(s). Sadly, things don't look so great for Spain, it's hard to see fewer than 3 European teams advancing to the quarter-finals. England and Germany will be heavy favourites to advance while France will be the favourite against Brazil and even then it would require all of Norway, Italy, Netherlands and Sweden to lose their match as well.

  4. If they took the Africa-South America play-off quota and either give it to Europe or have it like before where the host quota is subtracted from the continent and then have that continent have a play-off with Europe it would be fine without needing an extra tournament.

  5. 4 minutes ago, Olympian1010 said:

    Damn! You did Mike dirty. He’s my guy (after you of course, you are the czar of Olympic qualification :p)


    It was probably an honest mistake :p


    Archery, karate and table tennis can be a bit complicated to write due to all of the possible scenarios while shooting was just a typo. The other sports give points for world rankings (or qualification standard for athletics) so they are rather simple.

  6. 5 hours ago, Edvid said:

    A quick reminder of what EG sports will factor in Tokyo 2020 qualification:




    For anyone interested, that article also includes a detailed explanation as to why canoe sprint isn't one of those sports, despite its previously being designated as such.


    Poorly written. There will be 12 shooting events, not 11. Table tennis includes the teams and mixed doubles as qualification events.

  7. If we get USA > Sweden and Netherlands > Canada tomorrow then the eight European teams will face non-European opposition, meaning they will likely have to defeat a non-European team to keep their Olympic hopes alive. Of course, the possibility of Netherlands/Sweden or Sweden/Spain in the round of 16 remains

  8. 22 minutes ago, dcro said:

    Why are the lower weights given more quotas? It literally doesn't make any sense to give -52 division more quotas than say -75.


    Maybe it's to compromise the fact that the lower weights went from 5 events to 3.


    Though that doesn't explain why the women's flyweight has six more than the others. It would make more sense to have the bottom three weights to have 22 athletes each if you look at the numbers at the 2018 World Championships

  9. 39 minutes ago, Monzanator said:

    If New Zealand beats Cameroon by 2+ goals and there is no draw in the Scotland vs Argentina game then Nigeria is OUT and hence Italy would play China. Nigeria must hope for draws in either Scotland vs Argentina, Cameroon vs New Zealand or in both if Chile beats Thailand by 3+ goals which is still probable. All in all there's like 75% chance Italy plays China and only 25% they play Nigeria.


    It's still a good quarter to be in. Depending on how today's matches go we could have Argentina finishing second in their group and Italy essentially avoiding the top teams until the semis. To be honest, I wouldn't be afraid of Canada/Netherlands if I was Italy, they are both winnable matches.

  10. 5 hours ago, Olympian1010 said:

    Kenya has started to branch a little though. They have Julius Yego in Javelin, and of memory serves they have some decent athletes in the 400m Hurdles and 200m


    True, but I feel Jamaica has done a better job at going from specialists to more general. Regardless both nations should be among the 10 largest teams.

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