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  1. To be fair, that was AIBA's fault for not doing gender equality properly. The IOC fixed that
  2. The top 4 continents in the K4 need to be represented. This is done through the World Championships The three best continents (minus Europe) will get a spot to qualify in the K2/C2 events at their respective continental qualifier For K1/C1 events all continents will have a qualifier at the continental level.
  3. No because they can only qualify two athlete quotas, though an athlete which qualified in the C2 can compete in C1
  4. I think Japan keeps its quota unless it qualified in one of those four events. This is different than 2016 where any qualification would cause the removal of the athlete quota from that boat type.
  5. No, double athlete quota obtained in both K1 events will be reallocated to the smaller distance. The pool is only used for athletes which qualified in different boat sizes (K1/K2/K4)
  6. I think this was Belgium's first team title at the European championships
  7. A clear for France and a fence for Italy for their first rider makes things less likely for an upset.
  8. vs in both genders for the Olympic quota Not surprising.
  9. They can start in the K2 as double starters. Basically the point of the boat quota is that the nation must also start in that event (eg. they can't qualify four athletes in the K4 and not compete in that event at the Olympics)
  10. Yes provided that they did not qualify in the K2 event. They can qualify only one athlete quota (or decline the K1 quota) and are not allowed to use any of the five athletes that qualified previously.
  11. Yeah, it's a bit confusing, but I think it's written so a nation won't automatically get four athlete quotas due to the whole one athlete, one quota mantra. At the same time it would be unfair to force a 200m athlete to compete in the 500m event.
  12. While true, they mean they are filling the K4 boats. So lets say the next highest ranked boat had an athlete that already qualified a spot in the K1 event so they would only use three quotas to fill the boat, but should that K1 athlete not compete in the K4 they would be given four athlete quotas
  13. Yeah, so basically, if all five of those nations qualify in the women's K2 and K4 events then two more boats will qualify in K4.
  14. That's what happens when a nation wants to maximize its athlete quotas. Though it may have worked for China (if they finish in the top 6)
  15. China has had a great qualification period. They already have 19/24 individual quotas and unlike the United States who has 21/24 this was all done without the need of the continental qualifier. The down side of course is that they have yet to qualify anyone in men's skeet, but they are in good position in Lahti after day 1 and besides they should qualify at least one athlete at the Asian qualifier.
  16. Good start by France who essentially have a one fence advantage over other nations trying to qualify to the Olympics.
  17. Maybe they were planning to have more than one, but too many nations withdrew? At the very least they get to decide which nation gets lane 4.
  18. I don't see why number of quotas needed would trump ranking.
  19. ICF has been pretty bad at keeping us updated in the past. If they are anything like 2012 or 2016 we probably won't know until just before the Olympics. There are two ways the athlete quotas are reallocated If the same athlete qualifies in both K1 events the athlete quota will be given in the longer distance and the other athlete quota will be given to the next best ranked nation in the 200m If the same athlete qualifies in different boat classes (K1, K2 and K4 or C1 and C2) then the additional athlete quotas will be pooled in four groups (men's kayak, women's kayak, men's canoe, women's canoe) and given to the next highest ranking K4 boat (then K2 then K1 if not enough athlete quotas remain) and C2 boat (then C1 if not enough athlete quotas remain)
  20. No because it's possible nations may have to decline quotas if they qualify too many athlete quotas.
  21. That's why they are trying to have sprint be its own event in 2024 and only have a combined lead/bouldering
  22. Yeah, for canoeing you have boat quotas and athlete quotas. To add more confusion is the six athlete maximum in kayak events so we may have to wait for later until we figure out which events nations will choose to compete in.
  23. Pretty much, though one more can be added through host quota reallocation.
  24. I think South Africa only has 2 riders currently, though I imagine a third should be able to reach the minimum based on recent results. Only China and Thailand in eventing don't have a full team with MER right? Edit: And Brazil in eventing too.
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