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  1. We are gonna watch really good matches Usa Brasil China Serbia Italy Turkey and Japan will fight for the medals. Russia is weaker than those. Japan is at home. But Usa Brazil China Serbia Italy Turkey will fight well. Im impatient to see these matches. Group B is like a death pool. We will see. I can't estimate which one will be champion. There will be surprised in ranking in my opinion .
  2. New World ranking senior women. Sorry for Serbia.
  3. You should review your volleyball knowledge. Supporters are really important but some of teams can play in everywhere. It isn't related to the supporters sometimes.
  4. I wasn't surprised about Turkey. It is realy hard to estimate what they do. They could beat Serbia in front of the huge crowded. Both teams were deserved. Boskovic, Egonu and Karakurt are my favourite in these days. In olympic qualification in China, no doubt Turkey will get it. Netherlands Poland and Germany aren't in good shape. Maybe Poland little bit closer to Turkey. Just wanna see their matches but too far
  5. What a great match. Turkey beat Italy by 3-0. Egonu can't prevent Ebrar Karakurt. I like this Turkish volleyball team in this tournament.
  6. I don't like this VNL 2019 without best players. Again Usa and Turkey will play in final in my opinion.
  7. Good luck to for qualifiers round. They represent Europe. 👏👏
  8. Hey i will be in Ankara in Turkey for this championship. I will be with our bleues 😄 they are weaker. Anyway i will support them. Pool A is really hard for us.
  9. Last 3 EuroBasket tournament we were second but this tournament i hope we'll get it.😄
  10. I admit that our women is weak ok but men ? Why do we join only with one man team in Cev Champs. Really annoying.
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