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  1. Malik

    Men's Football FIFA World Cup 2018

    I can't watch WC without Italia
  2. Malik

    Men's Football FIFA World Cup 2018

    2018 FIFA world cup 2017 African Basketball Champions 2017 African Volleyball Champions Next step, 2018 African Handball Championship
  3. Malik

    Men's Football FIFA World Cup 2018

    Yes we did it !
  4. ATP 1 Mohammed / Ahmad 2 Aziz 3 Amine 4 Firas 5 Karim 6 Yassine 7 Rayen 8 Adel 9 Ayoub 10 Youssef 11 Oussama 12 Anis 13 Omar 14 Marwan 15 Salim 16 Adam 17 Daly (Mohammed Ali) 18 Iskander 19 Mehdi 20 Ziad WTA 1 Mariam 2 Fatima 3 Sara 4 Syrine 5 Imen 6 Nadine 7 Hana 8 Hela 9 Amira 10 Sabrine 11 Leila 12 Arwa 13 Rim 14 Marwa 15 Lamia 16 Ines 17 Mouna 18 Rania 19 Sihem 20 Sinda
  5. Malik

    Basketball 2016 Discussion Thread

    FIBA, they must be insane
  6. They are eligible at least for me go Sahrawi Republic I'm behind you all the way
  7. Palestine Backup: Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic Comores
  8. Malik

    Tennis 2016 Discussion Thread

    This year i was not so able to watch any major tournament, just few matches in AO, but i was surprised with the performance of Aga she really impressed me again after a series of failures!
  9. Except for Africa I used to spend so much time looking for results and the overall informations about venues and timning because most events without any official or reliable source!
  10. Well to put results in spoilers that means results are no so important for us which is not the case. But i do agree with you about the flags, tabels and big fonts that sadly the page goes down so i guess it is better to adopt more suitable formats in posting reslts in order to optimize it for smoother page loading.
  11. I voted for 1 without even reading other alternatives.What made this forum so special was detailed results so let's not relinquish this privilege.
  12. Malik

    Tennis 2016 Discussion Thread

    Andy Murray: Maria Sharapova deserves ban Andy i hate you
  13. Malik

    Boxing Qualification for Summer Olympic Games 2016

    Tomorrow 11/03 starts the African qualifying tournament in Cameroon Entry list
  14. I got used to the previous one , it was easier for me to get access to results but there was a lot of disadvantages for instance it runs very slow and sometimes the page does not load at all! so far i have never had those kind of bugs in this new forum! Besides, here we are able to appreciate and evaluate others participations, we do have an ignore or black list and so many other features.. Therefore i vote for the new one for the reasons that i had listed above .