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  1. In this sense, I think the Olympics and the European Championship participant numbers should be "reversed": with 12 teams for the Olympics (same that the number for the men's tournament), and 10 teams for the ECh. IMO there aren't 12 competitive teams in Europe in the women's field (see the results of some ECh group stage matches), but there are enough internationally.
  2. I do agree that it's not South Africa's fault that The Netherlands or Hungary did not qualify earlier. But does anyone know what prompted SA to change it's long-standing policy of not accepting the quota for the African continent? Genuinely curious to know I checked last time, there were several times since the women's tournament was introduced in 2000, that 2 teams of the European "Big Six" (ESP, NED, ITA, RUS, GRE, HUN) did not qualify - so exactly this will be not a novelty.
  3. Indoor athletics WCh (Nanjing, China) postponed for 2021. Source: https://www.insidethegames.biz/articles/1089858/world-athletics-indoor-champs-postponed Hungarian sports media says that all auto-motorsport competitions in China have been cancelled until 1 April (which includes the Formula E China race, due on 21 March), and cancellation of F1 China GP is being considered.
  4. I am not following Badminton, but if said tournament is to take place in Wuhan city itself, its 100% that it will be moved as the city is under lockdown/quarantine (and probably will be for the foreseeable future) Whether or not it will be moved out of China altogether will probably depend on how this situation evolves in the coming weeks
  5. For the moment I only found this: https://www.wpnews.eu/asian-water-polo-championship-in-kazakhstan/ But will post if found something else.
  6. Funny enough, according to the Hungarian TV commentator this was the first ever bronze medal match between HUN and NED Looked it up, it seems true. BTW, HUN actually winning a semi final against ESP would be something new for me too LOL
  7. Anyone has more info on the olympic qualification tournament? In particular, how many teams are going to take part and from that how many from Europe? Hungarian sports media says it is a 12 nation tournament (as in 2016) with 5 places for Europe (this would be NED, HUN, ITA, GRE and FRA based on the ECh 2020 results), on the other hand Wikipedia says (with no source) a 15 nation tournament with 8 places for Europe. This latter seems suspicious, as the number of participants in those tournament used to be an even number Who will publish the participants of said tournament? The FINA?
  8. Interesting tournament so far. Last year's was a bit like the Formula 1 lately, with Kobayashi starring for Hamilton/Mercedes Go NORWAY, go Lindvik!
  9. Üdv, Akkor most kapott vagy nem kapott kvótát Lucz Dóra? Ma volt a NS-ban egy interjú a szövkappal és ott megint 12 kvotáról írnak... A pótkvaliról van vmi bővebb infó? Azon túl hogy mikor van (pl hány kvóta van az egyes számokban még megszerezhetően) Női K-ban nyilván meglesz a 6. kvóta, férfiban valószínűleg, a női kenu esélyes még az alapján amit láttunk.
  10. How many golds out of that? In my book, around 5-7 (canoe/kayak 2-3, swimming 2-3, fencing 0-2, plus any surprises or other sports I'm not familiar with - such as I don't know how strong the mentioned ppl are in Sailing) All in all I think what the HOC person (secretary general or whatever) said the other day is more or less accurate : less golds than Rio and London but more than Beijing
  11. Maybe you read this interview with him (in Hungarian): http://www.nemzetisport.hu/kajak_kenu/kajak-kenu-vb-a-hires-tongai-olimpikon-szegeden-is-elindult-2717665 Here he says that in his childhood he used to fish using a canoe but did competitive type kayaking for the first time 6 days (!) before the championship began (here in Szeged with a Talent programme of the ICF)
  12. Hi Admittedly I am lost with this reallocation system but Hungarian media wrote this yesterday about Dora Lucz (k-1 200): https://www.origo.hu/sport/egyeni/20190824-kajak-kenu-vb-szeged-lucz-dora-olimpiai-kvota.html (in Hungarian) Basically, they qoute the national team coach, Csaba Huettner, who says that in reallocations the 2- and 4- boats and longer distances are prioritised and to his knowledge there will be no reallocation this time in favour of K-1 200 competitors (Lucz in this case) He adds that in his estimation they might be about 10 reallocations in women's kayak (the whole quali not only the Szeged Wch) so there might be ample opportunity for Lucz to qualify later.
  13. Yes this is the case, so this is the first-ever Athletics world title, both indoor and outdoor
  14. First-ever world title in Athletics for Hungary! Wohoooo!
  15. First of all, I enjoyed this Games too, even though I was not able to follow as intensively as the last one. For the scheduling issues, let me point out, not really the Koreans are to blame here (from an European perspective), apart from having a 8 hours timezone difference, haha, but rather the IOC and their buddies at NBC&NBC Universal Fortunately Eurosport Player and the re-watch feature of my cable TV provided me enough means to catch up (do not really do anything on public transport, so it was a good way to spend the time watching re-runs of Olympic events) Favorite moments (some of): - Hungary gold (even though I did not follow it live, as I didn't want to be disappointed if we dont win - I'am already trained on this from summer olympic canoe-kayak runs, haha :D) - The amazing final of mens halfpipe at snowboard (which I was able to watch live) + the slopestyle from mens snowboard - Some of the luge races (like Loch flop in the last meters of the race or surprising Gough win) - LEDECKA - Canada-USA and Sweden-USA curling (even though I do not watch this sport generally) Disappointments: - The Liu's were so unlucky in the individual short track events - Latvia was also short of luck, particularly in bobsleigh Upsets: - Most of them were written down already, so just only one: LEDECKA
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