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  1. It's not legal, but it's tolerated as long as you have less than 5 grams on you for personal use. Coffee shops here aren't allowed to sell more than 5 grams per person per day and cannot have a trade stock of more than 500 grams. Coffee shops can be prosecuted if they do not meet strict standards. People having more than 5 grams on them and/or partaking in illegal trade get a fine and/or a prison sentence. Hard drugs are always illegal. So yeah, this would also be very illegal over here too.
  2. I would say that if Germany would start with their very best team, they would be better than the best team of GB, mainly because of the stronger field events. The same goes for Poland. I once made a ranking based on the best results per country per event in 2018 according to the website of European Athletics, where I converted everything to points. Without the relays, the results would be as follows: The reason France is so low is because they don't have a lot of athletes that scored exceptional results in 2018. However, they have a lot of depth in their national selection, so when their best athlete doesn't take part, they can easily be replaced by a number 2 or 3 who is of a very similar level. The Netherlands on the other hand is dependent on a small number of athletes, such as Sifan Hassan and Dafne Schippers. If they don't take part or if they're not in great shape, we would lose so many points that we would definitely finish dead last in any Super League. Same goes for Turkey and Sweden, and Italy to a lesser extend. Based on that ranking, not including Russia and having each country participate with their best possible team, I would love to see the following leagues. Super League: ESP, FRA, GBR, GER, ITA, NED, POL, SWE First League: BEL, BLR, CZE, FIN, GRE, HUN, NOR, POR, ROU, SUI, TUR, UKR Second League: AUT, BUL, CRO, CYP, DEN, IRL, ISR, LAT, LTU, SLO, SRB, SVK Third League: ALB, AND, ARM, AZE, BIH, EST, GEO, GIB, ISL, LUX, MDA, MKD, MLT, MNE, MON, SMR
  3. I didn't know here story, but as someone who battled with depression and constant suicidal thoughts, this inspires me so much. Thank you for the links!
  4. My predictions were quite off. The large gap between the top 6 and bottom six was correct, but everyone could have predicted that. Biggest positive surprises for me were Italy, Spain and Ukraine. I expected Spain to finish with quite a gap to the number 5 but in the end there were only 8 points separating them from Great Britain Italy did a lot better than I expected mainly in the women's field events. I didn't expect them to come this close to the podium, not even with Great Britain not really taking this seriously, as I thought Poland, Germany and France would be much further ahead. Ukraine turned out to be the number 7 mainly because of higher finishes in the men's track events than I expected, such as the relays and the middle distances. Biggest disappointment for me was Germany. It's not that the whole team underperformed and they also had some bad luck, but even with this team it shouldn't have been this close with France. They had the team to actually win here, I think, despite some of their best athletes not taking part. I enjoyed these Championships a lot. Congratulations to the Polish team! Can't wait for the Super League!
  5. finishing 0,02 sec behind and 0,05 sec behind
  6. Aah, I forgot about . They can still finish higher than
  7. What can go wrong now? I think they're safe now.
  8. I hadn't seen that just moved up in 9th place in men's javelin.
  9. These might be the most important 0,03 seconds for in this competition.
  10. can still pull this off with some solid relays.
  11. Dutch pole vaulter probably no score. This day is getting worse and worse. After being one of the favorites prior to the tournament, we now have to settle for 4th. EDIT: and just when I hit 'Post' he actually made it in his third attempt.
  12. I know. With the relay points, we would have quite easily scored the win here.
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