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  1. Dennis

    Athletics 2019 Discussion Thread

    I found a video on the site of the Dutch broadcaster where she's being interviewed. Seedo said she was born in , but pretty much has lived her whole life in . https://nos.nl/video/2272274-schippers-snelt-naar-indoortitel-seedo-maakt-indruk-op-nk.html
  2. Dennis

    Speed Skating 2018 - 2019 Discussion Thread

    Update on national records skated after the World Single Distances Championships in Inzell, which is the biggest update so far. Larissa Paes once more improved on her PBs and also a new NR for a Syrian skater. Furthermore some national records for more traditional speed skating countries such as Russia and Norway Looking forward to the Wold Allround Championships in Calgary and the World Cup final in Salt Lake City (9-10 March) where a lot of NRs will be improved. 500m women Vanessa Herzog 37,12 - 8-feb-19 - Inzell (GER) Kaja Ziomek 38,09 - 8-feb-19 - Inzell (GER) Victoria Rodriguez 39,02 - 9-feb-19 - Salt Lake City (USA) Ainoa Carreno 42,70 - 25-nov-18 - Tomaszów-Mazowiecki (POL) Tara Donoghue 43,10 - 5-jan-19 - Heerenveen (NED) Larissa Paes 44,47 - 9-feb-19 - Salt Lake City (USA) Andrea Cabrera 1.12,28 - 17-nov-18 - Groningen (NED) 1.000m women Tara Donoghue 1.25,18 - 19-jan-19 - Heerenveen (NED) Larissa Paes 1.30,08 - 1-dec-18 - Salt Lake City (USA) 1.500m women Ellia Smeding 2.04,38 - 5-nov-18 - Heerenveen (NED) Valentina Espinosa 2.06,41 - 9-feb-19 - Salt Lake City (USA) Larissa Paes 2.17,50 - 9-feb-19 - Salt Lake City (USA) 3.000m women Valentina Espinosa 4.25,94 - 15-dec-18 - Salt Lake City (USA) Larissa Paes 4.49,53 - 19-jan-19 - Salt Lake City (USA) 5.000m women Natalia Voronina 6:50,39 - 9-feb-19 - Inzell (GER) Gemma Cooper 7:42,40 - 10-feb-19 - Heerenveen (NED) 500m men Håvard Holmefjord Lorentzen 34,35 8-feb-19 - Inzell (GER) Marten Liiv 35,71 - 17-nov-18 - Obihiro (JPN) Rawad Ajameah 1:23,18 - 5-feb-19 - Arendal (NOR) 1.000m men Mathias Vosté 1:08,88 - 9-feb-19 - Inzell (GER) 1.500m men Ning Zhongyan 1:44,27 - 10-feb-19 - Inzell (GER) 3.000m men Viktor Hald Thorup 3:44,36 - 19-jan-19 - Salt Lake City (USA) Vladislav Bykanov 3.54,94 - 5-jan-19 - Heerenveen (NED) 5.000m men Sverre Lunde Pedersen 6:07,16 - Inzell (GER) 10.000m men Danila Semerikov 12:57,40 - 9-feb-19 - Inzell (GER)
  3. World Cup season 2018-2019 is over. Final World Cup classification per individual distance: Women's 500m: Natalia Maliszewska Martina Valcepina Lara van Ruijven Women's 1.000m: Suzanne Schulting Sofia Prosvirnova Alyson Charles Women's 1.500m: Suzanne Schulting Kim Ji Yoo Choi Min Jeong Overall World Ranking: Suzanne Schulting Natalia Maliszewska Kim Ji Yoo Sofia Prosvirnova Martina Valcepina Alyson Charles Choi Min Jeong Lara van Ruijven Ekaterina Efremenkova Yara van Kerkhof Men's 500m: Lim Hyo Jun Wu Dajing Samuel Girard Men's 1.000m: Park Ji Won Hong Kyung Hwan Shaoang Liu Men's 1.500m: Kim Gun Woo Steven Dubois Lee June Seo Overall World Ranking: Lim Hyo Jun Kim Gun Woo Park Ji Won Hong Kyung Hwan Steven Dubois Wu Dajing Shaoang Liu Lee June Seo Samuel Girard Hwang Dae Heon
  4. Krol and Pedersen both beating Nuis and Yuskov is a surprise to me. And I was going to say that China needed some hard work leading up to 2022 as all Chinese skaters seemed to perform worse than last year, but that 19 year old skated an incredible time for a junior.
  5. She decided to stop skating to focus on her studies. Wüst! Expected top 5, but these times are incredible!
  6. Final day tomorrow with both the men's and women's 1.500m and the mass starts Women's 1.500m: Dan Li - Nikola Zdráhalova Noemi Bonazza - Kali Christ Yekaterina Aydova - Roxanne Dufter Mei Han - Gabriele Hirschbichler Karolina Bosiek - Xin Zhao Valerie Maltais - Elizaveta Kazelina Natalia Czerwonka - Melissa Wijfje Nana Takagi - Ayano Sato Ragne Wiklund - Antoinette de Jong Yekaterina Shikhova - Ireen Wüst Francesca Lollobrigida - Miho Takagi Brittany Bowe - Evgeniia Lalenkova In my opinion, the medal favorites are Bowe, Wüst, Shikhova, Miho Takagi and De Jong. Men's 1.500m: Joel Dufter - Zbigniew Bródka Takuro Oda - Haralds Silovs Alessio Trentini - Connor Howe Sindre Henriksen - Antoine Gélinas-Beaulieu Sergey Gryaztsov - Mathias Vosté Zhongyan Ning - Jin-Su Kim Sverre Lunde Pedersen - Sergey Trofimov Masaya Yamada - Bart Swings Joey Mantia - Håvard Bøkko Thomas Krol - Denis Yuskov Patrick Roest - Seitaro Ichinohe Kjeld Nuis - Min Seok Kim The medal favorites are Yuskov, Nuis, Krol, Roest and Mantia, I think.
  7. Beckert losing out on 0,002 seconds after 25 laps.
  8. Impressive win by Bowe! Great podium overall with Herzog and Kodaira
  9. Sabilkova! 10th world title in a row on the 5.000m. Great time for Visser too.
  10. I missed that. Draw has just been adjusted. Will update my post.
  11. Draws for today: Women's 5.000m: Magdalena Czyszczon - Elena Sokhryakova Carien Kleibeuker - Lemi Williamson Nene Sakai - Claudia Pechstein Isabelle Weidemann - Esmee Visser Maryna Zuyeva - Natalia Voronina Martina Sáblíková - Ivanie Blondin Kleibeuker can always surprise, Pechstein didn't compete in the 3.000m and I'm not sure why that was, Weidemann has been doing great all season, Visser just skated a PB and Sáblíková and Voronina did great on the 3.000m. Could be the first individual gold for the Dutch with Visser winning. Men's 1.000m: Yuto Fujino - Jin-Su Kim Marten Liiv - Piotr Michalski Laurent Dubreuil - Kimani Griffin Denis Yuskov - Mathias Vosté Allan Dahl Johansson - Zhongyan Ning Masaya Yamada - Antoine Gélinas-Beaulieu Joey Mantia - Tatsuya Shinhama Tae-Yun Kim - Nico Ihle Joel Dufter - Ignat Golovatsiuk Håvard Holmefjord Lorentzen - Thomas Krol Kai Verbij - Viktor Mushtakov Kjeld Nuis - Pavel Kulizhnikov Yuskov in pair 4 already, which is definitely an outsider and could put the pressure on the rest, but the favorites are in the last three pairs. The 500m has shown that everyone can win as the level was insane. Women's 1.000m: Yu-Ting Huang - Sanneke de Neeling Anne Gulbrandsen - Noemi Bonazza Hyun-Yung Kim - Gabriele Hirschbichler Kimi Goetz - Heather Mclean Xin Zhao - Jingzhu Jin Hege Bøkko - Antoinette de Jong Natalia Czerwonka - Maki Tsuji Yekaterina Aydova - Qishi Li Jutta Leerdam - Yekaterina Shikhova Miho Takagi - Olga Fatkulina Brittany Bowe - Nao Kodaira Daria Kachanova - Vanessa Herzog Bowe, Takagi and Leerdam are the only three with a sub 1:14 time this year, but Kodaira is the WR holder. Shikhova and Li are outsiders for me. Herzog is usually better at the 500m, but the world title might have given her wings. Excited to see how this pans out. Men's 10.000m: Takahiro Ito - Ryosuke Tsuchiya Michele Malfatti - Graeme Fish Ole Bjørnsmoen Næss - Peter Michael Jorrit Bergsma - Alexander Rumyantsev Patrick Beckert - Davide Ghiotto Danila Semerikov - Patrick Roest The top 11 skaters on the 10.000m this year are all Dutch with Bergsma leading the world ranking, but his 5.000m was poor. First non-Dutch skater is Fish, but he skated his time on the fast track of Calgary. Beckert, Rumyantsev and Tsuchiya are next and could all challenge for a medal.
  12. Insane men’s 500m: 19 men under 35 seconds. And another surprising winner! Loving these championships so far. No Dutch winner on an individual distance so far.
  13. Nice surprises so far this tournament with Pedersen winning and Herzog beating Kodaira. Although I really like Kodaira, it’s good to see someone breaking her dominance.
  14. Herzog! Kodaira losing her first 500m since March 2016.