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  1. Wow, our men's foil players beat reigning world champion and vice-champion
  2. I really can't remember but surely it's my first time here in this year
  3. OMG!!!!! FINALLY! I've been waiting so long for medal in fencing WCH It lasted 8 years I am so happy...
  4. What about "Events of the Week"? I really miss it and now I completely don't know what's going on in sport without this thread
  5. Soooo successful champs for us !! 2 medals, 4th place in individual sprint and 3 main and important aims (men's team sprint, women's team pursuit, women's omnium) are completed
  6. Oh yes !!! We have men's team sprint in Rio, so we have done 1 of 3 aims of these champs. Another 2 will be very tough to make, but I believe in us So far, generally our olympic qualifications look really great, we didn't have many spectacular failures like in Road to London
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